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 "Am I a good girl...?" Wuying whispered sweetly as she finally pulled her lips away from Xuefeng. They have been connected for a little while already but they still didn't separate from each other knowing that there was someone waiting outside the doors.

Her waist was still firmly attached to his body and she didn't look like she planned on going anywhere anytime soon. Her insides were slowly absorbing his nutrients while enjoying the hardness firmly hugging her walls.

"Shhh..." Xuefeng shushed her gently and lifted himself up with her in his arms. She didn't want to let go, firmly hugging onto him while sucking on his neck.

"Can I have a reward? I have been nice... Just a little bit will be enough..." Wuying asked quietly as she licked his neck, showing her desire to taste some of his blood.

"Sigh, but only a little bit..." Xuefeng couldn't help but sigh, not actually enjoying the feeling of his blood being sucked away, but still ended up agreeing. If that could help improve her powers then what was this little sacrifice.

"Okay... Just a bit..." Wuying nodded happily and didn't wait anymore, biting lightly on the skin which created a small cut. Xuefeng thought that she will suck his blood like a vampire but she actually looked cute, sucking little amounts while licking the wound with her tongue.

Just as he relaxed, feeling the blood gently flow out of his body, Wuying pulled away and sealed the wound with her finger, whispering cutely into his ear, "I'm done."

"How come you are done so fast?" Xuefeng could not help but ask curiously.

"I'm saving it for later. Can I get small amounts but more often? I just wanted to calm down my craving," Wuying explained as she finally stood up, sitting next to him while glancing at him warmly. He somehow got a feeling as if she was treating him like a blood container but he couldn't get mad at her.

Xuefeng agreed as he patted her head, "Fine. But you have to ask me first each time," before adding as he noticed that the lady began leaving, "She is leaving. Let's get going too as the auction probably started already."

He stood up to pull up his pants but Wuying reached out to stop him and suddenly his manhood once again felt her warm tongue. After a few gentle licks, she smiled playfully pulling the pants for him and said, "Now that you are clean we can go."


As Xuefeng and Wuying returned to the banquet hall from their little fun time, they saw that everyone was sitting at their seats, watching the auction which already started. They could even hear Red Rose voice presenting various artefacts and items at the main stage.

They quickly found their group and walked up, trying not to block anyone's view, but it was hard to be done knowing that they had to pass through everyone's seats to get to the front. As Xuefeng sneaked forward while holding Wuying's hand, he noticed someone was watching him and found out it was the lying girl from before, Ning.

He didn't really think much about her and turned his gaze away asking the girls as he reached the front sofa, "What did we miss?"

"Xuefeng!" Yiren exclaimed when she saw him and it alerted everyone around them, but she didn't care and pulled him to sit down next to her.

There was only space for one person to sit down on this side but Wuying did not mind, sitting next to Xiao Wen instead. She already had some time with him and Yiren deserved some on her own.

"You didn't miss much. There are only toys being sold on this auction. If you want better artefacts I can always get one from my family. Let's just see for how much your pills will sell and get back to our room for the night..." Xiao Wen replied to his question with her face still rosy under the effects of wine but she still had full control.

Xiao Wen already understood that she wouldn't be able to get him the way she acted so she decided to change her ways. She had some time to think it over while he was gone and already figured out a good plan which she could carry out later.

"Alright, I'm sorry you had to wait." Xuefeng nodded and turned back to Yiren, kissing her on the head, apologizing sincerely.

Yiren only hugged into his arm tighter and pleaded quietly, "Take me with you next time, okay?"

Xuefeng actually felt bad for her, and promised himself to give her more attention in the future, "Okay, I promise."

"Two hundred thousand low-grade Spirit Stones for the last time- and sold to the gentleman with number two hundred and ten. Congratulations on winning the Rank 5 Black Frost Sword," As Xuefeng focused on the stage he heard a medium-sized black sword being sold. He didn't think much of it and just focused on talking with his ladies instead.

Only when the time came for his pills to be finally sold did he try to listen. He knew that someone from this banquet would buy them knowing that they were actually really precious here in the Eastern Region.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce our finest treasure that we were entrusted by a special customer to auction today," Red Rose quietened down the whole hall with her hands as six pretty servants entered caring two small chests with each hand before placing them on prepared platforms.

Opening one of the chests, Red Rose pulled out a Storage Ring from inside and introduced the treasures as she started pulling out bags of pills, "Inside each chest, there is a Storage Ring that contains one hundred and twenty pills, each being rank 5 of perfect quality."

She paused for a moment letting that introduction sink into everyone's minds and continued, "Each bag contains ten pills of the same type and we will be auctioning all ten sets." Suddenly, she waved her hand and the bags opened, bursting with an aroma which quickly spread around the whole auction hall, surprising everyone.

"As you can probably smell, the pills are real and they were tested by me personally. As a five rank alchemist, I can confirm that the pills are completely authentic," As Red Rose spoke, the crowd began nodding, confirming her words. Everyone was eager to bid for the pills until they heard Red Rose next words which killed their enthusiasm, "The starting price for each set will be one hundred high-tiered Spirit Stones."

Someone in the crowd shouted right away, clearly upset with the outrageous price, "One hundred! Did I just hear right? Is that a scam? It's one million low-tiered Spirit Stones! One can definitely live a luxurious life with such money."

Even with the shout of the man, there were still many who knew that such price was normal and even below the market so they didn't complain. Until they heard Red Rose next words, "Also, the pills types will be hidden. One will only know them after a successful purchase."

"Are you joking me? Such a high price but we don't even know what we are buying? What is this bullshit?" Another person cried from injustice and more followed.

Red Rose only smiled mysteriously and called out, "Let the bidding begin!"

Inside the banquet, a servant approached the seating area from the side and announced, "If anyone would like to bet, go ahead and shout your bets. I will quickly pass them towards Miss Rose."

One of the merchants in the banquet clearly didn't know the price of a Rank 5 pill as he quickly blurted out loudly so that everyone could hear him, "Who would pay one hundred high-tiered Spirit Stones for unknown pills? He must be ill on the head."

Unfortunately, Ning's father didn't have the same opinion about it and called out the first bid, shutting up the crying merchant, "I bid one thousand."

"One thousand bid from the Banquet Guest right from the start. Anyone would like to- two thousand from another guest! Anyone else would like to compete with- Two thousand one hundred!" Red Rose reported the first bid to the crowd, showing that there was an interest just like she expected, but before she could end, another two followed one after another.

It not only shocked the crowd of small merchants but also the big shots in the Banquet. There were two people bidding against each other, pulling in such a big sum that they instantly thought the two were up to something.

They knew the price for a pill was one high tiered Spirit Stone, but not everyone had the knowledge about the lack of supply from a massive family. Only those who had connections had such information. One was Ning's Father together with his partner and another being a fat merchant.

Even the man who earlier complained became suspicious commenting, "Either there is something wrong with their heads or they know something..."

As everyone was thinking about what it could be, the battle continued and the first set was sold to Ning's father with the price of two thousand five hundred. Everyone had wide eyes when they heard the final bid and their eyes only widened even more after the next sets were instantly being auctioned with the same starting bid as the one it was bought for the first time.

"Hehe, already five sets were sold for two thousand five hundred each. I guess it wasn't a bad idea to stay. What do you think?" Xuefeng grinned knowing he just earned over twelve thousand Spirit Stones. He could exchange for the same number of Fate Stones after he passed it to Nuwa which made him very ecstatic.

"Don't be so smug. You will have to pay for everything from now on with this money. I'm definitely buying a lot of wine with it." Xiao Wen smirked and quickly claimed the ownership of a part of his money, but Xuefeng had no problems with it.

He still had about nine times more of those pills which he could always sell to get even more. The future painted itself brightly in front of him.