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 Xiao Wen helped Yiren by removing the excess amount of alcohol from her with the regeneration ability she had, but that's all she could do. She couldn't stop Xuefeng from doing naughty stuff with Wuying even if she wanted to even more than Yiren. Xiao Wen wouldn't mind if he let them join though.

The problem wasn't that he did so, but that Yiren was still at the banquet with many people present. Xiao Wen and Yiren even considered leaving until everything was over but just at that moment, Red Rose who was busy socializing with other big investors, finally found time to approach them.

Seeing there was no Xuefeng with them, she behaved much more casual and asked, "What's up? Where is Young Master?" She would be much more respectful if she knew Xiao Wen's origin but Xiao Wen wasn't in a mood right now to argue with her.

"He left for a moment, he should be back in a bit," Xiao Wen informed shortly, pouring herself another glass. Even if Yiren had to stop, she didn't plan to. With her body metabolism, it wouldn't be long before the alcohol was extracted from her body on its own.

"Oh, that's fine. I came here to invite you guys for the auction which is going to start in fifteen minutes. I already prepared the best seats for you," Red Rose did not delve deeper satisfied with such information and asked, "Do you mind following me?"

"Sure, Xuefeng can come later. Lan, take your brother," Xiao Wen nodded, thinking it would be better to actually sit down before Yiren's legs give in.

Wu Lan also acted quickly pulling her brother away from the food which created many complaints from him but when he saw there was someone else in their group, he stopped, knowing it wasn't the right to protest. It was Red Rose's food after all and he ate most of it.

They slowly walked towards everyone, passing by those who still were talking with the wine glasses in their hands, but they could not escape from receiving a few weird glances at Yiren's red face. Of course, their thinking was that she got drunk already so they did not think too much about it.

There were only a few circular sofas right in front of the glass at the lowest level with the best view to the auction stage. Red Rose didn't lie when she said she prepared the best place for them.

With the high back of the sofa which supported their heads, they had some privacy here which was what they needed the most now. It was also big enough to fit all six of them. There was also a table right in front of them where they could place drinks and food which was really convenient.

Red Rose gave them a small green crystal before saying, "If you need anything just call for a servant and they will bring you what you need. I need to go prepare as I am the one directing the action. Tell Young Master that he can buy whatever he wants if he is interested in anything. He just needs to pour his Spirit Qi into the crystal and the object will be his. Also, the sound from the auction will be transmitted after it begins."

Xiao Wen knew exactly what it was as she had many of those. It was just a close distance information crystal, which was enough for communication in the same building. She just nodded accepting the crystal not bothering to think more into it. Xiao Wen didn't expect any treasures to come out in the auction.

As Red Rose left them alone after giving them a calm smile, she walked towards the exit of the banquet, thinking it was time to prepare but she was stopped by a young girl she recognized as the daughter of merchant Qin.

"Miss Rose, did you see Young Master Xuefeng? He promised to drink some wine with me but I can't find him," Ning asked without beating around the bush. She wanted to use the time of the auction beginning to steal him away from his women, but he suddenly vanished from her field of view.

"Oh, he left from the banquet with his lady for a moment. He will be back shortly, don't worry. Excuse me, I need to go prepare. Have fun at the party." Red Rose didn't think too much blurting out the truth before passing her, leaving for the auction as well.

"Thank you, good luck Miss Rose," Ning didn't mind such behaviour as she thanked her for the information. It was exactly what she wanted to know. Seeing her father already moving towards the front rows, she didn't follow after him and instead sneaked out from the banquet just after Red Rose left.


"Ah, since when did you become so good..." Xuefeng asked panting as his hand moved onto Wuying's head, helping her lightly with her movements. The last pleasure service she gave him was great, but this time, she was completely overshadowing her previous performance.

"Hehe, I don't know what you mean... I was always this good," Wuying pulled away from him and giggled while teasing the tip with her tongue. With enough motivation, one could create wonders.

To prove that her words were true, she slowly widened her lips, swallowing deeper and deeper until the whole shaft was gone inside of her throat. She didn't forget to tease his base with her tongue before finally drawing it out, returning to strong sucking with additional hand strokes.

"See, I can go all the way without problems," Wuying said proudly as continued to stroke with her hand while standing up and sitting on Xuefeng's lap again. She didn't wait for his words as she launched an attack on his neck with was stretched back as if already prepared for her kisses.

She had the urge to bite it and suck some of his blood, but Xuefeng's scolding face appeared in her mind, blocking those thoughts.

"The auction is probably going to start soon. We should finish soon..." Xuefeng informed her reluctantly, wanting to stay with her whole evening like this.

Wuying sealed his lips with her small hand before he said anything anymore and whispered while biting onto his ear, "I'm not done yet... I need to make you plead for more after we are done..."

With these words, she reached out and pulled her pants down while still keeping her hand on his lips, forcing him to stay silent. He started licking her hand to force it away but she didn't mind that at all.

"Just stay like that, you should be close to finishing. I will make you feel good." Wuying smiled playfully at his games and aimed his hot staff with her hand, before pushing it right inside of her with one push of her bottom.

"Aaah, just like that..." Wuying moaned softly feeling the tip biting her deep inside of her. Just like always, Xuefeng could fill her up completely.

Quickly switching her hand with her lips, Wuying started raiding on top of him up and down, pleasing not only him but herself as well. She didn't need to ask and Xuefeng already began helping her with his arms.

Her shirt was taken away from her as he slid upwards on her body, revealing her cheery breasts which only he could touch and play with his tongue as he wished.

Which her top gone, she quickly wrapped her arms around his head as she pressed his lips against her erect nipples while her waist continued to slam against his lap with stronger force each time.

Feeling his manhood raging inside of her while twitching and hitting against her walls, she suddenly dragged him to the side, forcing him to lie on the sofa. With her lips still connected with his, she resumed her battle without giving him a chance to take control over their moment.

"Mhmmm!" Suddenly Xuefeng exclaimed as if he noticed something and pulled her lips away, calling out quietly, "Someone is coming..." He released his Spirit Awareness earlier and it happened to be a good idea.

Unfortunately, Wuying did not care about that and continued to work with her bottom, making Xuefeng feel that his limit was near.

"Ah! Don't worry about that! We are so close... Let's reach it together..." Wuying moaned loudly as she hit him on the chest and pleaded while giving him kisses one by one.

He could feel someone approaching but with Wuying like that, he couldn't reject her and Xuefeng knew he was too close to the final burst to stop now.

'Fuck, there is someone in front of the doors, trying to listen through the doors...' Xuefeng cursed in his mind and held only Wuying's head so she wouldn't pull away from him a moan anymore.

"Mhmmm!" That didn't stop her from giving out suppressed sounds as Xuefeng finally burst inside of her, releasing his seeds with each thrust. At that moment, the handle of the doors moved downwards as if someone trying to open it, but fortunately, they were locked.

Just as Xuefeng thought the person will give up, they heard a young female voice calling out through the doors, "Who is there? Miss Rose can't be here."