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 "Wuying, wait a moment, where are we going?" Xuefeng called out to Wuying who was still dragging him through the corridor after they left the banquet. She didn't stop so they can figure out the action plan, looking as she already knew her destination and what she wanted to do.

Hearing no reply from her, he followed her patiently, increasing his walking speed to match hers. Seeing that Xuefeng stopped resisting, Wuying also increased her pace and soon they end up running at the hallway. The floor of the banquet was very quiet with no one other than them running together.

They could hear many voices of the many people on the lower floors meaning the people attending the auction were already allowed to enter the venue. After one minute of casual running, Xuefeng finally realised where she was leading him.

It was the same route they took when Red Rose was leading them to her private room and apparently, this was Wuying's goal.

"Wuying, we can't enter there without permission," Xuefeng said, knowing that Red Rose closed her doors last time and it would be rude to break in like that but as if an answer for his question, his surroundings turned grey. All the colours lost its pigments and Xuefeng quickly recalled what was happening.

Wuying used her Shadow Guard abilities to make them invisible and allow them to pass through the walls. She didn't use it for so long that Xuefeng even forgot he asked her to teach him that. In this state, they quickly skipped through the walls and reached Red Rose's study, appearing once again.

"Wuying-" Xuefeng wanted to say something about it, but Wuying finally turned around to him and pushed him onto the sofa, making him push it back a few centimetres from the hit.

"Sit down and don't talk..." Wuying finally spoke, gazing at him with her cold, red eyes. Her look was like that of a hunter who would stare at their prey, cold and filled with desire for slaughter. If Xuefeng didn't know her better, he would think she planned to kill him just now.

After she said her last words, she jumped on Xuefeng lap with her legs spread apart to both sides and her lips sealed his with power. Xuefeng was obviously shocked, first time seeing Wuying this hungry for blood. Her hands held his head as she sucked on his tongue after only two short kisses of foreplay.

She started playing around in his mouth like a dog chasing after his ball toy, where Wuying chased after Xuefeng's tongue. He actually did not find her actions weird, but today she wanted to dominate him completely, the opposite what would usually happen.

Normally it would be Xuefeng doing what he wished, so he felt a bit out of place at the start but Xuefeng quickly started enjoying it as well, hugging her waist before sliding them onto her firm bottom he missed since yesterday.

"Mhmm!" Suddenly Xuefeng exclaimed, feeling a slight pain in his mouth before noticing a familiar liquid filling it. The culprit turned out to be Wuying who bit on his tongue and it immediately started bleeding extensively. On instinct, Xuefeng wanted to stop it with Ling's help but then Wuying started absorbing the blood as she sucked on the wound.

"You are so tasty..." Wuying admitted as she licked her crimson lips after the wound finally closed and there was no more blood for her.

She didn't want to waste any more time and decided to proceed further sliding from his lips onto his neck, but Xuefeng suddenly pulled her back, scolding, "No biting!" He now could not allow her to go lower on his body unless she promised else he would not be able to relax, knowing she could bite him on the neck and such his blood like a vampire.

Instantly after his shout, Wuying's eyes softened, no longer cold and she said softly while cuddling onto his hand, "I'm sorry... You were so tempting, I couldn't stop myself..."

"Promise me you won't bite me anymore," Xuefeng demanded while staring at her sternly. If she actually asked for permission, he wouldn't say no, but she acted on her own which he couldn't tolerate.

"I promise..." Wuying got worried as she looked at his facial expression and quickly agreed, but then she thought about it again, she pleaded for more asking softly, "Will you give me some later if I behave nicely? It was so tasty..."

The moment her body felt Xuefeng's blood, she suddenly felt an urge to bite him and she couldn't stop her body from doing so. As the blood started flowing her tongue moved on her own and wrapped the oozing blood, absorbing it right away on touch. Feeling it wasn't that efficient, she started sucking on his tongue getting more and more urges pushing her to do so.

It tasted so delicious her brain exploded with pleasure. It was her first experience like that as she never felt this way when she absorbed the other people's blood. The energy was overflowing from her body right when his blood entered her. The colours all around her brightened as if she was actually drinking a drug and she could feel that she wanted more.

"Wuying, we talked about it. Weren't we supposed to take control of your powers? How are you feeling right now?" Xuefeng sighed while asking, not knowing if taking his blood could actually help.

"Yes! I feel great right now. Your blood gave me so much Blood Qi that my dantain is overflowing right now, look!" Wuying called out excitedly right away before releasing all of her blood Qi around her which quickly filled up the whole room to show him how good his blood was.

Just after Wuying pulled back her Blood Qi into her body, Ling also shared her thoughts, 'To be honest, she won't find better blood out there than yours as far as I am concerned. My regeneration ability is one of the top and the quality of your blood is top notch because of it. I wouldn't be surprised if she can create a monstrous amount of Blood Qi from it. It would also probably be easier to control her powers if she had such good supplement.'

"Okay, fine. But I will control when and how much. You are not allowed to bite me on your own just like you did just now," Hearing Ling's opinion, Xuefeng decided to trust her, knowing he won't die from this anyway. As long as he could help control her power, he didn't mind losing some of his own blood.

"I promise!" Wuying agreed right away with a happy cheer and kissed him deeply to seal the deal between them before she took his jacket off, whispering alluringly into his ear, "I will make you feel good... Just sit down and relax."

After Xuefeng put his one of a kind jacket back into his ring, he planned to do the same with his other clothes, but he happened to be too late this time. Wuying grabbed the edges in the middle and ripped the shirt apart, making it burst with the buttons flying everywhere.

With her hands skimming down on his muscular chest and toned abs, she reached towards his pants and started gently rubbing on his crotch. Her lips at that moment moved from his lips onto his neck and started also slowly sliding downwards, creating a path made of bloody kisses.

With Xuefeng's staff reaching the desired firmness, it started pushing against his pants and Wuying quickly accepted it's pleading by pulling Xuefeng's pants down before swallowing it whole without hesitation. She already slid to the floor with her hands wrapped around his legs which allowed her to please Xuefeng better.

Xuefeng could feel she was much more passionately with her actions right now compared to all of their previous fights as he was raging hard after only a few licks together with her tongue wrapping tightly around the gentle head.

"Huuu..." He felt pleasure just from her tongue crazily dancing to the point he leaned his head over the couch, breathing out deeply and leaving everything to her today.


Meanwhile, at the banquet, Yiren who was convinced by Xiao Wen to drink with her already had her face all flushed not only from the wine she had just now but also from Xuefeng's connection, sharing his pleasures at the same time as he did.

"Ah..." Yiren supported herself on Xiao Wen's shoulder as she moaned lightly into her ear. They both looked at each other right after and their faces flushed even more. Xiao Wen already knew about Yiren's and Xuefeng's connection so she could understand what was happening.

The both of them thought at the same time, 'Xuefeng, you dummy...'