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 'They are just rank one Spirit Artefacts. Although they are rare, you don't need to look at them.' Ling checked out the Artefacts and said.

After the lights hovered in front of him, he could finally see their shapes. There were 4 in total, one sword, one spear, one weird looking plate and a ring.

'What is this plate?' Xuefeng asked interestedly. It was his first time seeing a Spirit Artefact that wasn't a weapon.

'It's a formation plate. Not every Spirit Artefact came from killing a Spirit Beast. There are some skilled masters who specialize in creating Spirit Artefacts. This formation plate looks like a normal rank 1 barrier. You throw it on the ground and it emits a barrier that can save you from the danger.' Ling explained.

'This one is rare because not only it creates a barrier, it can also attack the opponent.' She explained further after another glance.

'Isn't it cool then?' He asked surprised at the new information.

'There will be much better Formation plates deeper in the space. This one can protect you from Rank 1 beast, but if you encounter Rank 2 or Rank 3 then it would be useless.' Ling then looked at the ring and said before he asked her a question 'This ring was also made by a Formation master. If you wear it and pour your Spirit Qi inside it, you can create a Rank 1 spell. You can try If you want'

Hearing her, he grabbed the ring and put it on his middle finger. He felt his Spirit Qi and commanded it to enter the Ring. He only used a little and the ring instantly lit up.

'Now, make a fist and straighten your arm in the direction you want to spell to go.'

Xuefeng did as she commanded, and a small red fireball escaped from his fist. It flew for a few meters before it disappeared. Space absorbed the attack with ease.

"Wow..." Xuefeng exclaimed excitedly. He left like a Harry Potter.

'Don't get excited, it's just a Rank one Fireball. Spirit Grandmaster can cut it in half with a swing of his sword. It might only be effective versus beasts.' Seeing him excited she poured a water on his head.

'Go further, we will meet better Artefacts later.' She said.

'Okay.' He took off the ring and started hovering in the air again.

As he left the place, the four artefacts turned into white starts and flew into their original spots.

Xuefeng walked on the illuminated road, and each step he took, there would be various stars flying towards him. He was surprised about the amount of Artefacts Liu Clan has, but that was understandable. They were after all one of the biggest forces in the country.

After about a hundred steps, he arrived in a space where mostly Rank 4 and Rank 5 artefacts were placed. To be sure that he attracts the best artefacts, he asked for Ling help.

She used some of her Fate Qi and mixed a little bit into Black Spirit Qi shield around his body. Instantly, many new Spirit Artefacts arrived near him.

Currently, there were around 30 artefacts hovering everywhere around him and many more were coming. Rank 5 artefacts were really rare, so there were only a few of each kind.

After scanning each Artefact, she selected a bunch for him to choose from.

'There are two Rank 5 Swords which are of a great quality, you can choose one from them. There is a Rank 4 Storage Ring, you can take that one as well. Take this Spirit 5 armour and Rank 5 Defence Spirit Aura."'

Xuefeng chose a nice-looking Red Sword with black flames surrounding it and grabbed the other three.

'Okay, so that's four I was supposed to get. I forgot to ask Elder Ming, how do I move them into my dantian.' Was he supposed to move with the items in his hands?

'It's easy. Those Spirit Artefacts who you attracted, already agreed to acknowledge you as their master. You just need to will them to enter your dantian.' Ling instructed.

Xuefeng closed his eyes and imagined the artefacts in his hands entering his dantian. Just as he did, the items disappeared. He also felt that his Spirit Qi was being sucked by the three Artefacts greedily. Only Spirit Storage didn't take any.

'Later I can move them into my space, but for now, you have to feed them.' Ling informed.

'Is this normal? At this rate, they will suck me dry in a day.' Xuefeng panicked a little.

'What? You thought that Rank 5 artefacts are so easy to handle? They are just one rank away from creating a Life Spirit. Normally, cultivators get one rank 5 artefact when they are Spirit Kings. You already have three before you even started cultivating seriously. Unless you have a Rank 5 Storage Artefact it is hard to feed them. You should be happy you have me. If I was strong enough, I could even take the whole Spirit Treasury with me.' Ling said proudly.

'You are great. Do we take any other Spirit Artefacts or leave?' He asked after praising her.

'If we don't take too much, no one will realise. The Life Spirit here only has a mind of 5 years old. It will be easy to trick.' Saying that she started checking their surroundings again and chose a few more artefacts.

In the end, Xuefeng took Rank 3 Sword, so he could practise at ease later, Rank 4 Movement Spirit Aura and Endurance Spirit Aura, one rank 4 and one rank 3 Formation Plates and a two pretty necklaces.

He planned to give them to Wuying and Princess Shan. It will help him get a Fate Fragment from the Princess and he got one for Wuying, so she won't be mad. Their main function was to increase cultivation speed.

While he was going back to the same spot he arrived, he also got a bunch of Rings of different ranks with spell formations on them.

For every token, he could stay in the Spirit Treasury space for 10 minutes. It has already been 30 minutes after he arrived in the exit.

'I feel bad for taking all those Spirit Artefacts. It's like I'm stealing.' Xuefeng told Ling his filings as he felt bad for taking so much.

'I disagree. You are the Young master of Liu Clan, the son of Clan Leader. Of course, you are bound to get more benefits than others.' Ling disagreed and tried to convince him.

'Sigh, it's not like we can give them back now, we are too late.' Xuefeng looked at his hand where four tokens lied and sighed.

They started to lit up and he was surrounded by a white light, making him unable to move.

He felt like a weird energy was scanning his dantian trying to find something. Unable to find anything against the rules, he was sent back into the real world.

He didn't know, but his every action was being monitored by one person. No one knew this, but the Spirit Treasury was Clan Leader Liu Xiaobei Spirit Artefact. He could see everything that was happening inside it, even if he was far away.

When Xuefeng appeared again before everyone, Liu Xiaobei opened his eyes, confused.

"What are you hiding, my dear son."