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"Young Master, how about a glass of delicious wine?" As Xuefeng and the rest talked casually, awaiting the auction, one of the servants came up to them and offered them some fine wine. When Xuefeng turned to the servant girl, it turned out to be the very same one he talked on the corridor and the one he offered his cloak to.

"Sure. Everyone, do you want to drink too?" Xuefeng nodded seeing the wine and picked two glasses, giving them to Wuying and Yiren. They already tried it earlier with him on the dinner so they didn't worry about drinking with him. He can always use his ability to heal them later.

"Xiao Wen, how about y-" Picking another two glasses of red wine, Xuefeng called out to the last mature lady in his group, but he didn't expect Xiao Wen to just take both glasses from his hands and gulp them down one by one without break.

"Woa, no one is taking them away from you. You don't need to drink so fast..." Xuefeng exclaimed, confused at Xiao Wen behaviour but she only shrugged, picking the last glass of wine from the tray and said while squinting her eyes, "I just felt like drinking it fast. Problem?"

"Not at all. You can drink as much as you want," Xuefeng replied with a smile, before turning to the acquaintance servant and requesting, "Would you mind bringing us a whole bottle and one clean glass for me?"

"Of course, I will be right back," The escort girl smiled at him and nodded happily, skipping towards the storage to bring him a while bottle. After all, her life got quickly changed because she met Xuefeng so she was happy to do anything for him.

After the girl left, Xuefeng turned to Xiao Wen thinking there must be definitely something bothering her else she wouldn't act like that and asked calmly, "Are you upset about anything? If there is an issue, we can talk about it."

Hearing his voice filled with concern, she felt like gulping down her 3rd glass right away as well but stopped herself as that would only prove his theory that she was upset about something. She blushed a bit, feeling that she acted too fast causing her to be misunderstood and said pouting, "I'm not upset... Can't I just drink how I like? You know me, if I'm ever dissatisfied with something, I would tell you right away..."

"Alright, as long as there is nothing wrong," Xuefeng smiled knowing she was okay and asked to tease her a bit, "Did you like the wine? How is the taste?"

She blushed even harder as she didn't even have the opportunity to taste it properly and said quietly after taking a small sip of her new glass, "It's good..."

Thinking that he was blaming her for taking his glass, she offered it back to him, "Do you want to drink too? I only took a sip from this one so you can have it... I will wait for the bottle to arrive."

"No need, you should just keep it for yourself. As long as you guys are happy, I can patiently wait for my turn," Xuefeng shook his head declining as he pushed her hand away only to see that the servant girl is coming back, adding, "See, the bottle is coming already. You don't need to worry."

"Fine. I will drink it if you don't want it..." Xiao Wen pouted, not looking at Xuefeng anymore. As she took another sip of the wine, she realised her behaviour was really childish right now, but she couldn't help it. She also wanted to be spoiled by him as he does to Wuying and Yiren.

"Young Master, here is your order," The girl passed the bottle gently and asked him while holding a small knife in her hand, "Should I open it?"

"No need," Xuefeng shook his head and suddenly the cork in the wine popped on its own just as he took the bottle into his hands. He used his Spirit Qi to push it out, as it wasn't this hard for him anymore.

"Young Master is great after all. I won't trouble you anymore. If there is anything just call for me. I will return to serving others," The young girl cheered for Xuefeng while clapping and decided to leave right away after picking her metal tray.

"Actually, I want to ask something. When will the auction start?" Xuefeng asked before she left.

"There is still about one hour till the start. Young Master can relax for now. The best seats were already prepared for your group," The young girl replied gently, before asking, "Anything else?"

Xuefeng glanced at the seats near the window with the view at the auction hall, thinking of asking for a special private room for them, but he didn't want to be too greedy. Hoping that Red Rose prepared something nice for them, he didn't trouble her any more, "No, thank you. You can go do your job."

With the servant girl leaving, Xuefeng poured himself the glass of red wine, before filling up what the rest have already drunk, before raising his glass into the air. Wu Lan who still didn't have anything in her hands, quickly approached the table and poured herself a glass of juice and raised it into the air as well.

He couldn't help but laugh at her and say to others, "Let's drink this glass of wine as a toast of our love and friendships. I hope we will have a great time adventuring together." He bonked the glasses together with the ladies and drunk the whole glass in one gulp. The others also followed his actions and drank glass for a better future.

Especially Xiao Wen, who couldn't wait for her version of the future to come. As she finished the third glass, she could already feel that the strong wine was affecting, but she didn't use her regeneration ability to get rid of the alcohol. She actually felt good under such effects, making her think less about the whole situation.

They shared another round of wine together, drinking while joking around and even asked for another bottle after they quickly gulped the first one down. It wasn't a big bottle, but they all had about three glasses with Xiao Wen being the exception of having five in total. When she felt the buzz in her head, she finally started slowly getting rid of the excess alcohol, keeping it at a certain point she liked.

Knowing that they still had about thirty minutes before the auction, Wuying suddenly approached Xuefeng while smiling with her slightly flushed cheeks and whispered into his ears as she hugged him, "I want you to take my body right now..."

She didn't know why but each time she drank, her sex drive which she kept in control was skyrocketing each time she glanced at Xuefeng. After the third glass, she didn't want to wait for the night anymore.

Xuefeng quickly realised what she wanted and didn't find a reason to say no to her. Just as he wanted to ask Yiren to join them, she added, "I want you to be the only mine this time... Just like the first time..."

Xuefeng sighed internally. He knew that it was hard for them being in the relationship where they need to share their love with someone else, so he understood her. I also wouldn't like to have other guys playing around with his women.

Xuefeng patted Yiren who was next to them on the head and asked her, "Yiren, will you stay with Xiao Wen here for a moment? I need to go somewhere with Wuying. I will tell you about it later." He knew she will feel everything with her connection, so he would have to compensate it to her later.

"Okay~ I will stay with sis~" Yiren nodded happily as she hugged Xiao Wen arm and continued to drink with both of her hands on the glass. She was also flushed from the alcohol already so Xuefeng didn't want to leave her alone, caring for her equally.

"Xiao Wen, I'm leaving Yiren and the kids in your care. Don't do anything naughty with them," Xuefeng also reached out to pat Xiao Wen on the head as he reminded her that she is in charge when he is gone. She accepted his gentle smile and pats with a pleasant shiver, causing her mind to almost melt under his touch.

She obviously knew what they are about to do as it wasn't hard for her to listen to a whisper this close to her, yet she couldn't do anything about it. Should she ask him to stay? Should she ask him to let her join? Or maybe ask she will do it instead of Wuying?

She couldn't ask any of those questions yet. The risk of losing the only chance she had with him was pretty high and she didn't want to lose him. Xiao Wen could sense it from him that she wasn't without any chances.

Feeling his hand gently rubbing on her head, brushing gently her hair, she didn't want him to stop, but after a moment of prolonging, she had to do it else it would be suspicious of her.

"Mhmm, I will take care of them. Go and do your business," Xiao Wen finally replied as she looked at him with a warm smile before demanding, "But you owe me a good wine. You promised me earlier."

"Cough, yeah, we will be right back. I will get you the best wines from the city as a reward." Xuefeng coughed knowing he was busted but still proceeded with his plans.

At that point Wuying didn't want to wait anymore and pulled him away by the hand, leaving the banquet. Xiao Wen followed after Xuefeng's back with her gaze and sighed. She wanted a piece of that cookie too.

'It's okay... The harder the challenge, the tastier the reward will be...' Xiao Wen said to herself, pouring herself another glass of wine.