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 To Ning's surprise, Xiao Wen, Wuying and Yiren who she faced right now, did not start arguing while hating on her but instead smiled before laughing out loud. She didn't understand why until Xiao Wen opened her mouth and started talking.

"You are funny kiddo. Do you think Xuefeng is dumb and will believe in your lies?" Xiao Wen called out with a smile and beckoned for Wu Lan to come to them, knowing that they will need her later.

"He will believe in what's true. You are all fake and crazy. To think you agree to be one of many women he has instead of fighting it out with each other. Totally absurd." Ning said with a smug on her face and didn't bother to look at the ladies behind her, putting back her hurt expression as she looked at the doors.

She was sure that they wouldn't do anything to her as they were still at the banquet after all. There was a reason why Xuefeng didn't beat up those two at the spot as that would create unnecessary trouble for them, which they did not want.

Yiren leaned over to Xiao Wen's ear and whispered, not worried at all, "Sister, don't worry about this girl. She is too closed in her own world. Xuefeng is not how she thinks, he won't believe her words." She knew Xuefeng for a while and she knew his character. There was also a soul connection between which told her how he felt.

Wuying did not like this situation at all, but seeing that both Xiao Wen and Yiren were calm, she also relaxed her mind, completely believing in her man.

Outside of the banquet hall, Xuefeng was pulling two men by their collars, who kept struggling in his arms, so he threw them on the ground when there was no one around them in the corridor.

"Sir, it's not our fault! It was all her idea! She forced us to do it!" Right when they hit the ground, the two youths tried to quickly explain themselves. They were innocent after all. They were played by Ning like ten-year-old kids.

"Yeah! She told us to flirt with Sir's women, so she can see Sir's reaction! We just wanted to dance with her, but she told us to use some force on her, cause that's what she likes! We didn't know she would act like a victim like that!" The dark-skinned man swiftly narrated the story, scared that Xuefeng will beat them up before they can justify themselves.

Compared to what they thought would happen, Xuefeng just put his hands on his ears before saying in annoyance, "Okay, can you stop screaming? My ears will burst soon. I will really beat you up if you don't stop."

Hearing him, they both turned mute at the same time, not letting out a sound. If there was a chance for Xuefeng to leave them alone, they would gladly take it. They didn't think that their parents would save them, knowing what they did and they would rather help in beating them up.

"You think that I'm so dumb that I can't see through such an easy act of hers? I just didn't want to hit her, so I let her be. As simple as that," Xuefeng said indifferently as he suddenly spawned his black jacket and put it on cooly. He didn't think he would dance anymore today knowing the drama would start very soon.

"...So, is Sir going to let us go?" The dark-skinned youth asked hesitantly. He acted very cautiously now after two of their previous mistakes.

"I won't beat you up, if that's what you mean," Xuefeng said calmly, which instantly made the two youths smiling with relief. As long as they were safe nothing else mattered.

"Thank y-" Unfortunately, just as they wanted to apologize for their previous behaviour, Xuefeng called out, "I won't hit you, but you guys will."

"...Us?" The youths got their hopes crushed as they asked at the same time to confirm their thoughts.

"I don't care if you listened to someone else or just did it on your own. Facts are you are dumb and idiots always pay the price for their stupidity. I want you to slap each other ten times each as strong as you can," Xuefeng commanded as he glared at them, before adding while creating a small fireball on top of his palm, "If you don't hurry, I will just think of another method to punish you guys."

Feeling the scorching heat on their faces, they didn't dilly-dally anymore and started slapping each other across their faces right away. They were soon both red, from all the slaps, but Xuefeng could only sigh as that was the part of his plan. He didn't like getting lied to, so the girl that thought she could easily trick him would be soon met with a surprise.

When Ning saw the door to the banquet hall open once again, she quickly put on a sad face and looked with worry towards Xuefeng who entered right after. She saw the two men which she tricked earlier with bloody red faces and had almost smiled at this sight but she quickly recollected herself. It seemed like her plan was going just as she wanted.

Xuefeng smiled towards everyone as he approached them and called out to Ning indifferently, "Hey girl, they shouldn't bother you anymore. I took care of that so you don't need to worry anymore."

"Aah! Thank you so much!" Ning burst with happiness when she heard him and run up to Xuefeng only to throw herself into his arms, hugging her deeply. Xuefeng decided to not dodge her and just patted her head with a helpless expression on his face.

He knew she was harmless so he didn't worry about her being so close to him. Just to be sure, he still had a thin layer of protection on his skin, just in case anything unpredictable happened.

"I was a bit worried, but looking at your strength, I could have expected such outcome. So manly and handsome, I knew that if I run in your direction you will save me. You wouldn't leave a damsel in distress alone," Ning said happily as she wiped her tears away, before asking sweetly, "I really want to repay you somehow. How about I invite you for dinner as a thank you?"

"That's really nice of you, but... we are probably going to leave the city tomorrow, so I don't think this will be possible. Take care," Xuefeng scratched his head hesitantly but in the end, he declined gently. The ladies behind them smiled, already expecting such an outcome. Their Xuefeng was just too nice and kind else she wouldn't even get to talk to him.

When Xuefeng pulled her hands away, she hugged his arm instead and continued to ask, "How about a glass of wine? There is still a lot of time today, before or after the auction. I really want to repay you. Please, please, please." She looked like she was just about to cry if he didn't accept, so Xuefeng sighed and nodded, "Okay, but only if I have time later."

"Thank you so much! Also..." Ning thanked him by hugging him tightly before she looked at the Xiao Wen and the rest who kept glaring at her, saying worriedly, "I don't think your women like me for taking you from them... They will probably try to say some bad stuff about me, so don't listen to them, okay? I'm definitely not like they will try to portray me. I hope you can just check how I am by yourself."

'That snake, you think you will get out of it this easily with those simple words?! Hah, not a chance!' Xiao Wen laughed in her mind, knowing that Ning wouldn't succeed.

"Oh, don't worry about that. They are not like you think. All of them are gentle and beautiful angels. They would not mind making friends with everyone." Xuefeng waved with his hand, pretending it was not a big deal at all.

"Then I'm assured," Ning sighed in relief as she patted herself gently on the chest before finally introducing herself, "I'm Qin Ning, but you can call me Ning. My one and the only hero should get special terms."

"I'm Xuefeng. Nice to meet you," Xuefeng shook her hand as he also introduced himself while actually giving her his real name.

"Mhmm, I will go now to meet with my father. I will look for you later to take you for a drink. Don't forget your promise!" Ning called out to Xuefeng while waving as she finally decided to leave them, letting the situation play by itself. Xuefeng also waved at her, but then felt a few sharp gazes aimed at his back which made him smile bitterly.

Xiao Wen was the first to approach him as she asked him while glaring at him unhappily, "Xuefeng, you are not really believing her, right?"

"Believing her in what? Did something happen between her and you guys while I was gone?" Xuefeng asked with a frown, pretending he was confused. They teased him earlier so he wanted to give them the same bitter medicine.

"You mean you didn't notice her act? She is not as innocent as she pretends to be..." Xiao Wen asked, worried that he was actually believing that snake, Ning.

"What act? Wasn't she just thankful cause I saved her?" Xuefeng asked as he continued to play dumb, which made Xiao Wen speechless. She didn't want to believe in that, but looking at his actions, he might actually fall for it, which would be horrible for her.

Trying to confirm her thoughts, she reached out and grabbed Wu Lan hand, deciding to learn the truth herself.