'Interesting... He is very protective of his women, I like it. He didn't hesitate to scold them right when caught them talking to the two other guys. He really cares for his women. The only issue is that there are too many of them... He doesn't seem to want less, but rather more... I guess I would have to work on him a bit after I make him fall for me.' Ning thought in her mind after observing Xuefeng from afar for a while.

Just as she thought about it, the two men from before who bothered Xiao Wen and Wuying earlier came up to Ning, calling out happily, "Lady Qin, you promised to dance with us if we talk to those ladies. It's time to keep your promise."

"Get lost." Ning didn't even glance at the two men and continued to observe the subject of her thoughts. She only wanted to use them to test out Xuefeng's behaviour, not even planning to put a second glance at them afterwards.

Unfortunately, after being kicked out by Xuefeng and tricked by their targets, they were not in a mood to be messed around with again. Their faces quickly darkened after they heard Ning response and brown-haired quickly blocked her view, forcing her to look at him.

"You think you can just play around with us how you want without any consequences?" The dark-skinned man asked as he approached Ning from behind, trapping her in between of them. Everyone attending the banquet was somebody important and they were not an exception. Their parents were also very successful merchants and they didn't lose to Qin Bai in terms of riches.

Ning looked at the brown-haired' guy's face slightly annoyed and get eyes squinted into a glare as she said, "I told you to get lost. Do you want me to spell it out, so you can understand?"

"Didn't your father teach you of how does trading work? You can't go back on your word. I'm sure that if we told everything to him, he would also tell you to honour your promise." The dark-skinned man smiled evilly and explained, already curious as of how Ning body felt like. They obviously wanted to dance with Ning only to take advantage of her in the process.

"If you don't go away, I will scream, alarming everyone at the banquet. I want to see your father's faces when I tell everyone that their son's tried to force yourself on me." Ning didn't waste time with them anymore after her blackmail and tried to get rid of them by walking to the side, but one of them caught her by her arm and pulled back.

Just as she was ready to scream, the dark-skinned guy stopped her with words, "Go ahead and scream. We will tell that white-haired boy that it was you who asked us to flirt with his women. I bet he will be happy to hear that."

Glaring at the man right away, she muttered, "Fine... I will dance with you." She was mad because she had to use her backup plan so quickly which would quite disrupt her ideal husband hunt.

"Heh, see, it wasn't that hard. I will dance with you first then." The dark-skinned youth giggled happily, finally convincing her and reached out to grab her into his arms but his hand ended up missing the target because of her sudden movement. He quickly called out with a frown, "Are you backing away this quickly?"

"No, I will dance with you, but on my terms. I want to get the most out of it so you have to follow my words else there is no deal." Ning proposed and they nodded in response, not having any problems with that.

Ning smiled gently after seeing their agreement and confessed while looking down shyly, "I like when men take me by force... I want you to grab me in your arms with me resisting before forcing me into dancing with you," before asking with hope in her eyes as she looked back at them, "Isn't that so romantic?"

"Yeah..." The dark-skinned youth looked strangely at her for a second but thinking that he would end up with more chances if she allowed him to embrace her, he agreed to her weird habits.

Seeing him reach out to her once again, Ning pulled away and added, "Not here, I will walk forward and you will catch me out of surprise. Let me walk a few metres and then move after me, okay?"

"Okay." The youth quickly agreed, getting excited and already imagining the whole situation, of him hugging her from behind. With a nod, Ning started walking forward, actually heading where Xuefeng was standing. Unfortunately for the two youths, they were too focused on the sexy body of Ning that they didn't notice this detail.

Xuefeng already returned the tables with food with Xiao Wen and was just about to move to his second round of punishment which was meant for Wuying, when he heard a quiet cry behind them, "Aaah! Don't touch me!"

Xuefeng swiftly turned around looking towards the direction of the sound and saw the very same girl who earlier asked questions in the crowd trying to push away the same youth who dared to pick up his women earlier.

"What the heck..." Xuefeng muttered seeing the scene and his instinct was telling him to move. Just at that moment, the girl suddenly kicked the guy in the stomach and started running towards them. She was running without looking where she was going so Xuefeng quickly moved forward and caught her into his arms.

"No, let go..." Ning called out in distress, acting as if she thought that she was once again caught but the guys chasing her but Xuefeng quickly calmed her down, "You are safe now, don't worry..."

"Huh?" Ning calmed down and looked at Xuefeng's face before suddenly hugging into Xuefengs chest, weeping softly, "Waah... Thank you so much..." Xuefeng naturally felt bad for her and couldn't get her off forcefully and instead just patted her on the head to cheer the poor girl up, before glaring at the two men who watched Ning crying dumbfounded not far away.

Xiao Wen looked at the girl suspiciously, clearly feeling that something was not right and glanced at Wu Lan who was not far away from them, watching over her brother as he ate directly from the table.

As if Wu Lan felt the glance, she turned around and nodded, knowing exactly what was Xiao Wen's intention. 'That fake wrench...' Xiao Wen cursed realising they were being played by her.

"What happened?" Xuefeng asked Ning while still glaring sharply at the youths, making them paralyzed from fear. They someone felt shivers from his gaze. They were just merchants without any fighting capability which put them in a disadvantage from the start.

"They tried to force me to dance with them... I didn't like to, but they didn't want to leave me so I ran away..." Ning answered with tears in her eyes, touching Xuefeng's weakness. He just couldn't stand a girl's crying which made him instantly feel bad for her.

"Bastards... girls, wait with her here. I will take care of those perverts." Xuefeng pulled her away from himself and started approaching the two youths who already couldn't escape from the beating. Other people on the banquet already spotted that there was an interesting situation going there so they started looking towards his direction but he didn't care.

"Sir! We didn't do anything! It's all her fault! She-" The dark-skinned youth panicked when he saw Xuefeng approaching and tried to explain himself but Xuefeng didn't listen to him and just straight up picked him up by his collar before grabbing the second one as well. He carried them through the main doors while not listening to their pleas, leaving the banquet.

Sob. Ning cried seeing the situation changing like this, but then she heard someone call out to her coldly, "Stop pretending already. We are not dumb."

Ning grinned hearing Xiao Wen exposing her, but she didn't mind and turned to the ladies with her expression changed into a smile. She didn't need to pretend anymore when the truth was already revealed.

"Heh, look at you. To think you saw through my act this fast," Ning giggled as she gazed at Xiao Wen's cold face before informing them seriously, "I'm sorry, but I'm interested in that man of yours. Thank you for keeping him safe for me."