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 "Okay," Xiao Wen nodded, already thinking she will never ask her. Placing her hand on top of his palm, he pulled her to the dance floor not far away. This way he would have a view on the girls but also have some space to talk to Xiao Wen.

"I'm also not a nice dancer so please take care of-" Xiao Wen said honestly but then suddenly, Xuefeng pulled her by the hand and she fell into his arms, cutting her words.

"In this dance, you don't need to be a good dancer. Place your hands on my neck and just follow the music." Xuefeng instructed as he led her slender fingers onto his neck.

"Never seen such dance-" Xiao Wen commented but then stopped, feeling his hands finding her way onto her lower back and waist. She embraced her further, closing the distance between them which forced her to wrap her hands around his neck more tightly, their faces being barely ten centimetres apart from each other.

Looking into his eyes, she smiled after feeling his hands through the fabric on the dress, imagine how nice it would be if he could grab her like this but completely naked. Of course, she couldn't tell him that and just simply teased, "If you wanted to hug me, you could have just asked me."

Slap! A clear wave spread on Xiao Wen's body as Xuefeng slapped her butt.

Having a distance from the ladies, Xuefeng suddenly turned around with his back towards them and gave her a juicy slap on the bottom while looking straight into her eyes. She was completely speechless, not knowing how to react. If someone else slapped her butt like that she would already blast a hole in that person's stomach.

"You think I am done with scolding you? That was your punishment for teasing me earlier," Xuefeng declared as he started to wiggle with his body to the rhythm of the music, pulling Xiao Wen with him.

She was still in the shock of what just happened, with her mind in crumbles. In her mind, she thought, 'If that's how you want to scold me, I don't mind if you scold me whole day...' but she couldn't get herself to say it out loud and just questioned him sternly, "Do you know what you just did?"

Xuefeng nodded with full clarity and said unhappily, "Yeah I know. I slapped your butt for being a bad girl. Who asked you to play around with me. I was right there and you still talked to those idiots." He was just pretending earlier, luring her into his trap so he can publish her directly.

Slap! Another slap landed on Xiao Wen's butt, this time her second buttcheek took the hit, leaving the painful sensation on the two of them. His slaps weren't actually light as he put some strength into them to which even Xiao Wen let out a wail, "Aaah... Don't hit me anymore..."

For Xuefeng it sounded more like a moan than a wail which made him think that she actually enjoyed it. Xuefeng also made sure that they were not seen by anyone as her back was pointing towards the wall so her behaviour couldn't be explained with her being embarrassed by others seeing her.

Doing a spin with her in his arms, Xuefeng said with a shrug, "I will slap your butt each time you are a bad girl from now on. At some point, you will learn to not tease me like that anymore."

Xiao Wen rolled her eyes and pouted while glaring at him, "So shameless. I was just playing around. You are no fun... I bet you only scold me so you can touch my butt, admit it."

"You were only playing around?" Xuefeng asked unhappily while suddenly pressing her body tightly onto his body, making her ample bosom stick onto his chest. He already took off his jacket so it would be more comfortable to dance.

"What...? Nothing really happened..." Xiao Wen replied with confusion, feeling his gaze and hot breathe on her face. She had thought of prolonging their conversation for as long as she could so that he would hug her like this more.

"Wuying is my woman. You convinced her to flirt and promise to dance with other men. You think that was nothing?" Xuefeng explained what he meant before slapping her butt one more time, this time causing her to suck in cold breath while hiding her head in his chest to avoid moaning loudly and asked sternly, "Are you going to acknowledge your mistakes or do you need more punishment?

'Aaah, would it be okay if I tell him that I want more...?' Hearing his question, Xiao Wen wailed in her mind, conflicted. She wanted to tell him her true feelings but then the whole persona she built this whole time would crumble in front of his eyes. If Xuefeng learned how she was for real, she was sure his opinions would change, either for better or worse.

Xiao Wen looked back at him as she stopped hiding and said, shifting the blame onto him, "Even if it was my bad, it doesn't mean you can just slap me on the butt."

"We are friends. That's just a friendly slap on the butt as a punishment," Xuefeng shrugged, not feeling it was such a big deal but still rubbed her butt in the spot he hit her, asking gently, "Did it hurt?" He didn't want her to have a grudge on him.

"It did hurt. It's probably all red now because of you..." Xiao Wen raised her eyebrow, feeling his gentle rubs, but didn't stop his hand's movements. Such actions from him actually gave him a perfect opportunity, so she was happy.

Smiling evilly after thinking of a plan, Xiao Wen asked, "What will you do if I tell Wuying and Yiren what you are doing right now? Don't you think they would feel sad that you are cheating on them with me? My hands are on your neck so they can see I'm not doing anything."

Hearing her, Xuefeng's hand froze as if moved it back onto her back and he quickly called out while squinting his eyes, "Whoa, hold on right there. I was just giving you some friendly punishment. I don't think they would mind if I told them how unhappy I was. Are you trying to blackmail me?"

Xiao Wen shook her head and said in her defence, "No, I'm just saying. I wouldn't tell them about it, don't worry... It's just that such things are only done between couples. How will I find a partner if I have a friend who randomly touches my butt? Will you take responsibility if I can't find anyone?"

"Okay, let's both calm down," Xuefeng sighed, realising that he might have actually gone too far and asked, "Aren't we close enough that such things are normal? Your two sisters are my women, so obviously I would feel natural with you like this."

'Tsk... What a dummy... He doesn't get my hints...' Xiao Wen thought unhappily, feeling that if she doesn't do anything, she would be quickly friend zoned by him.

'Wu Lan said to go slowly. If I push him too fast, it might backfire on me later... I need to retreat for now...' Xiao Wen figured out where her mistake was and stopped pouting while changing into a face full of remorse, saying, "Okay, it was my bad. I'm sorry for playing with your feelings like that. And yes, we are very close like this. I didn't actually mind it too much... I just wanted to tease you a bit."

Seeing that Xuefeng's face relaxed a bit, she added sweetly, "Forgive me, okay? I will be a good girl from now on."

"Sigh, it's my bad too. I guess I'm feeling too comfortable with you. It's okay, you already received your punishment." Xuefeng sighed and forgave her. It wasn't like they would dance with them as they just wanted to tease him a bit.

"Mhmm, thank you." Xiao Wen nodded happily and kissed him on the cheek before she let go of him, asking with a playful smile, "Anyway, did my butt feel nice?"

"Haha, it did. Your husband in the future will be in heaven having you," Xuefeng laughed as he also let go of her, only keeping one hand on her waist as they started walking back to Wuying and Yiren.

Xiao Wen looked at Xuefeng's face and smiled gently, saying with a nod, "Yeah, I will make sure he will be in one for sure..."