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 Xuefeng wasn't surprised she knew how he felt as their connection was still there. Without wasting time, they walked back towards the food tables.

As Xuefeng approached them from behind, he heard one of the men asking, "Just one dance and we won't bother you girls anymore, what do you think?"

They were facing Xuefeng with their back so they didn't see him coming behind them else they wouldn't be this daring in flirting with his women. Xiao Wen wanted to decline right away, having no plans to even waste her energy on them, but seeing Xuefeng appearing with a frown on his face, she suddenly changed her mind.

Smiling mysteriously, Xiao Wen turned to Wuying who also noticed Xuefeng standing right behind them and asked acting hesitant, "What do you think? Should we dance with those gentlemen?"

Wuying smiled amused, realising what Xiao Wen wanted to do and followed her game deciding to play around a bit, "I feel like we should at least give them a chance to prove themselves."

Xiao Wen grinned after successfully pulling Wuying into her scheme and turned towards the two boys, asking softly, "Mhmm, boys, how do you want to convince us? We don't usually dance with others. You know we came with another man, right? What if he sees us together and gets jealous?"

The two son's of merchants were already excited that two great beauties decided to talk to them, but when they actually started considering their proposal, their confidence skyrocketed into the ceiling. One of them, who had brown hair and an aquiline nose called out eagerly, trying to keep the beauties' interest, "Ladies, don't worry about your friend, he is already dancing with on the floor. We couldn't leave such beautiful ladies like you two without partners, right? What can we do to prove ourselves?"

His dark-skinned friend nodded, assuring them, "We can do anything for you two. You beauties deserve the sun and the moon from the sky." It looked like they were feeling confident with each other as they supplemented each other, quickly filling each other's sentences.

Hearing his confidence, Xiao Wen asked in wonder, "Oh, you can give us the sun?"

"Not yet, but once I become a powerful cultivator, nothing will be impossible." The dark-skinned youth replied with a confident smile as if he knew will be successful in the future.

Xuefeng who watched the ladies entertain those who idiots from behind already started losing his patience and decided to stop this farce before he does something impulsive.

Someone would say he was a hypocrite as he disliked when his women didn't trust him but he himself didn't trust them. The truth was that he actually did trust them a lot. Xuefeng just didn't like when other men with evil intentions were talking with his ladies and it had nothing to do with the trust.

Just as he was about to reach out to the youths to pick them up and throw them away, Xiao Wen called out, "Wait! I know what they can do," before leaning over to Wuying and whispering something into her ear.

Xuefeng hands stopped midway, as he knew Xiao Wen's cry to wait was for him. For the two youths, it looked like she just thought of an idea, but Xuefeng saw her quick glance at him to stop his movements.

'What are you planning...?' Xuefeng thought as he pulled his hand away, waiting for a moment to see their scheme.

"Oh, that's a good idea. If they can do it, we can dance with one of them." Wuying nodded, agreeing to Xiao Wen's idea which made the two youths even more excited, knowing they were close to the prize.

"We will do it. Just tell us." The man with brown hair quickly agreed, brave to do anything. Dancing could give them a lot of chances to feel up the girl's bodies which what they were actually after all along.

Xiao Wen smiled evily and said, "Okay. You have to kiss each other on the lips and we will dance with you." She just wanted to fool around with them, but knowing Xuefeng, she will ruin their fun.

"Cough, I don't mind," The dark-skinned man coughed and agreed, knowing it was a good sacrifice and turned to his buddy asking, "How about you?"

"If that can allow us to dance with two beauties, I don't mind either." The brown-haired youth replied and asked to confirm, "You won't back down after, right?"

"You don't believe us? Well, if you don't want to-" Xiao Wen asked back unhappily, shrugging and slowly pulling out of the bet, but the brown-haired youth cut her off and cried out, "No, no! We believe you. We will do it."

"Let's just do it and be over with it." The dark-skinned man said anxiously, but with a determined gaze and started leaned over to his buddy for a kiss. They just planned to do a peck, but just when they wanted to go for it, they noticed that someone was standing right next to them, which caused them to look up.

They saw Xuefeng who kept glaring at them and finally called out, "You two loverboys, get lost." They instantly felt pressure in their chests, giving them troubles with breathing and realised it had to be those girl's man fault.

"Y-yes, Sir..." They couldn't do anything other than bowing their heads and leaving the scene. If he could pressure them like that with just Spirit Awareness, then he was definitely much stronger than them. The situation just wasn't in their favour.

"How come you are back so fast?" Xiao Wen asked with a sweet smile as if nothing happened, but Xuefeng didn't buy that and scolded her, "Can you tell me what are you doing? You are even pulling Wuying into your games."

Xiao Wen pouted right away, feeling the blame was placed on her and called out while hitting him on the shoulder, "Hey, don't blame me... You left us alone here to dance with Yiren... It is obvious we would get bored. What if we also wanted to dance with you?"

"It is not like I can dance with all of you at the same time..." Xuefeng replied speechlessly, knowing she was just looking for an excuse.

Suddenly Yiren hugged Xuefeng's arm and said cutely, "Xuefeng, you can dance with sister first then. I don't know how to dance anyway. Look how nicely she dressed up for the banquet. She needs to make good use of it."

"Well, I didn't plan to dance with everyone... But I can't leave you alone here or else other men will come and bother you." Xuefeng found it hard to leave them again, knowing there were other youths hunting for partners at the banquet.

"Don't worry, we will be careful and we will not talk to anyone. You can also dance with the sister close to us so you observe us." Yiren proposed, trying to help Xiao Wen get some experience with men, using Xuefeng as a tool for that.

Looking at Xiao Wen beautiful self today, Xuefeng knew that he couldn't resist a dance with her. She also glanced at him at the same time and he could see the hope in her eyes, which softened his heart.

"Okay, I will only settle something first real quick, before I'm ready. Wait a moment." Xuefeng agreed, but then thought of an idea and left them before running up to the band playing on instruments.

He talked to the main man responsible for directing the musicians, before coming back. At that moment, the music slowed down by a lot, giving soft and calm vibes. Walking up to Xiao Wen after settling the music, he picked her hand and asked, "Will you dance with me?"