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 The middle-aged merchant looked at his daughter and said calmly, "Ning, I'm talking with someone. I will give you a moment after I finish," before he returned to the topic with the other man, completely ignoring her. Most of the guests at the banquet were merchants and it was a great opportunity to get some new information or form partnerships.

"Just as I was talking about, the number of Rank 5 pills on the market greatly decreased in the Sacred Sword Kingdom due to the internal feud of two great families in The Central Region.

"They no longer export a large number of pills, causing the prices in the Eastern Region to skyrocket. If we could somehow get a supply of the pills, the return would be great." Ning's father said what he knew generously but then saw that his partner didn't look like he listened to him, with his gaze wandering elsewhere.

Following the gaze, he saw his daughter still standing next to him, but this time she was glaring at him. He couldn't help but sigh, already knowing how this would end. His daughter wasn't someone who would give up to anything she decided on. Having the most stubborn daughter in the world was a great pain he had to live with.

"Qin Bai, talk to your daughter first, we can talk in a bit. I'm not leaving anywhere anyway," Qin Bai partner said as he patted the frustrated father on the shoulder and gave them some space.

"Okay, Ning... Tell me, what is it this time?" Qin Bai sighed and asked calmly, his anger already extinguished before it even reached the surface. He knew there was no sense in arguing with his daughter.

"I told you, I want the man with white hair to be mine. I already decided." Ning repeated herself as her glare turned into a smile, having her father's focus on her.

"Who? What man?" Qin Bai got a little agitated as he looked around the hall, searching for a man with white hair. It wasn't long before he found Xuefeng, who still was forced to socialize with the group by the Red Rose and asked, "Who is he? Did you talk to him?"

"His group came here with Lady Rose and she is now introducing him to others. I didn't talk to him yet, but there is something about him that makes me want him." Ning introduced her future husband in all smiles.

Seeing his daughter being love-struck, Qin Bai decided to investigate himself, testing Xuefeng's stage first. He wasn't satisfied with just Spirit Lord stage of his, but knowing it was Aurora Country, after all, he didn't expect too much from him. But just as he was testing the other stages of the ladies behind him, his Spirit Awareness was pushed back when he tried to check the lady wearing a black dress.

It could only mean that she had a higher stage compared to him. He was already a Spirit Emperor, which was already high even in the Sacred Sword Kingdoms, so the black dressed beauty had to be in a Saint stage or above which quite surprised him.

Qin Bai pulled his daughter closer to him and asked, whispering sneakily, "Those ladies behind him came with him, right?" Knowing that the lady was stronger than him, he didn't want her to hear them talking about their group.

"Mhmm, they arrived all together. Lady Rose mentioned that they came back from the Central Region not long ago." Ning nodded, happy that her father started getting interested in her man too.

Hearing the words Central Region, Qin Bai suddenly got a feeling it was a bad idea for her daughter to involve herself with them. If the girl in a black dress was a white boy's woman, Ning advances could piss her off and she or her family would destroy them pretty easily.

Quickly figuring out a reason, Ning's father said confused, "Didn't you say that you don't like men who play with many girls at the same time? He already has three of them with him now. I don't think it is a good idea. Pick someone else."

"No. I already decided." Ning disagreed right away as her facial expression quickly changed back to glaring. Knowing her father wouldn't understand her, she turned around and walked back to the crowd who still talked with Lady Rose.

"Sigh... This girl will never learn. I hope she doesn't do anything stupid..." Qin Bai sighed as he watched his daughter leave him. He already went through the same scenario like this a few times so he knew there was nothing he could do to convince her anymore.

As Ning walked into the group, she heard Xuefeng say, "Well, thank you for having me here. I just wish to have fun with my companions today, so excuse me. Lady Rose, if you need me later just tell me."

After that, he went back towards his group of ladies and they moved away from them, walking towards the tables with the food. Ning looked at his back which drifted away from not sad at all that she couldn't talk with him. She wanted to observe his behaviour first before she would act.

Ning wasn't the only teenage woman at the banquet as there happened to be many merchants bringing their daughters with them, but she was the only one who was actually proactive in her hunt. The others just waited to be approached by other young males at the banquet, hoping to get invited for a dance.

Unfortunately for them, Xuefeng's eyes were only focused on the three females around him as he didn't even plan to socialize with anyone in the hall, already having a lot of fun being with his group. After Red Rose finished greeting each of her guests, she finally called out to everyone, starting the party and invited everyone to dance.

This was the moment that every young male at the banquet was waiting for as they started approaching ladies to pull them for a dance. There was a limited number of ladies available to choose from so everyone was in a hurry to ask the prettiest one. There were about two males for each female which technically would make half of the males without a partner.

Xuefeng didn't have such a problem as there were three ladies exclusive for him to choose from. Seeing that everyone was preparing to dance, Yiren was getting excited, remembering that Xuefeng would teach her, so she quickly started pulling on Xuefeng's jacket, calling out cutely, "Xuefeng, let's go dance! You promised to teach me! Come!"

"Haha, did I?" Xuefeng asked with a laugh, but seeing that Yiren began to pout, he quickly corrected himself while patting her on the head, "Okay, I didn't forget. We can dance a bit together," before he informed the ladies while pointing at Wu brother and sister, "Wen, Wuying, we will be right back. Take care of those two."

"Have fun." Xiao Wen replied with a smile, knowing that there will be a time for her as well later as Wu Lan already told her Xuefeng's intentions.

In the middle of the hall, there was a small area which was left open and all those who had a partner were already there, dancing together in the rhythm of the music. It wasn't a fast paced music one would hear at the clubs on the Earth but rather melodic, classical music which Xuefeng couldn't say he was a fan of.

Xuefeng wasn't a bad dancer and he also didn't know any proper dances but his plan was to improvise on the spot, which, by looking at how others danced, didn't look as difficult.

"Yiren, I will lead, okay? Just follow my movements." Xuefeng held her by the hands and instructed her. The other pairs on the dance floor were basically dancing similar to the modern waltz, rotating while hugging the lady by the waist, which was exactly what he wanted to try.

"Mhmm," Yiren nodded as she let him hold her tightly by her waist, almost embracing her and asked while looking around at the dancing pairs, "Should we copy what others are doing?"

"We can try. I will move forward while you can go backwards. Three, two, one, go." Xuefeng glanced at the others memorising the steps and on the countdown, they both moved.

Bam. Their heads banged against each other as they both moved forward. Massaging their foreheads, they couldn't help but laugh together. He knew Yiren was a noobie but if her sense of direction was bad as well, then they would have troubles dancing.

As they stood in the middle of the floor doing nothing, others started giving them weird glances cause they blocked the dance floor, so Yiren quickly proposed, "How about we move to the side and train a bit first?"

"Good idea." Xuefeng agreed, also noticing their disturbance and they sneakily walked to the side. Just as they planned to start practising, Xuefeng happened to glance at Xiao Wen and Wuying to check how they are doing, only to freeze, seeing that there was someone talking with them.

Upon closer look, Wuxing saw two young men standing close to them which quite shook him. He didn't want any men to touch them and even more, in an intimate dance.

Feeling Xuefeng getting frustrated at something, she followed his gaze and understood what agitated him. Pulling his hand, she said happily, "Let's check what they want. We can dance later too."

Xuefeng wasn't surprised she knew how he felt as their connection was still there. Without wasting time, they walked back towards the food tables.