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 The Auction House was fully packed with people who were already waiting for the event which would be happening in about two and a half hours. Those who weren't too important but still wanted to participate in the event had to queue earlier to actually enter.

There was limited space inside the main auction hall and the number of cultivators wanting to see the event was just too high. There was also another reason that everyone was gathering this early. It was to see all of the guests invited to the Red Rose Banquet.

There were also many beauties invited to the event each year and many young merchants had to attend it in hope of catching an eye from one of them. What they were also aiming for happened to be the rich merchant fathers who often stood behind each of those beauties as that would explode their careers.

"Look at this beauty... I heard she is the daughter of one of the biggest merchants in the Sacred Sword Kingdom. Her father is searching for her cultivation partner for quite a while. Do you think I have a chance?" A young merchant in the crowd combed his hair as he asked his friend next to him.

"She won't even glance at you. She is only interested in the Young Masters of big clans from the Banquet. It's better to just focus on others." His buddy said as he glanced at the young girl walking with her father through the passageway created by the crowd. The girl although pretty, had an arrogant smug on her face, enjoying the gazes of everyone on her.

"See? She didn't even glance at anyone. She is a spoiled brat who thinks she is the centre of the world. Let's check out someone els-" The man said, expecting such an outcome and pulled his friend away from looking at her, checking out the next group incoming. Just as he looked, his words got stuck in his throat.

"Who are those people walking with our sexy Red Rose? Never seen them before in the city." The young merchant said out loud as he stared at Xiao Wen.

"They must be some important guests from far away... Look at this lady in black... She is even sexier than Red Rose. Those curves are simply perf- Cough, Cough!" The men in the crowd started getting agitated when they saw Xiao Wen approaching, but suddenly, everyone got a cough attack, feeling immense pressure on their chests.

Only after the group entered the building did everyone stop having problems with their breathing. It was definitely not a coincidence as many in the crowd had the same problems.

As they entered the Auction house, the sounds from the crowd finally lessened and they could proceed in peace. Red Rose waited for everyone and led them towards the hall. Each group taking part in the banquet was led by at least one attendant and Xuefeng was suddenly surprised to see two of the escort ladies they met earlier, passing them.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Xuefeng stopped them, thinking that they would actually end working after receiving the old man's money from him.

"Oh! Sir, welcome! We are working. Boss Rose proposed us to work for the auction house instead and we couldn't resist accepting. It is a much better option for us." The cloak girl who now had a full, clean uniform exclaimed seeing a familiar face and approached Xuefeng, explaining what happened.

Just as Xuefeng wanted to ask further, Red Rose called out from the side, "Get back to work." Hearing Red Rose gentle call, the girls both smiled embarrassedly and left after shouted, "Goodbye Sir!"

Before Xuefeng could say anything, Red Rose added, "They already told me what happened. You don't need to explain yourself. Just don't try to make my girls quit please."

Xuefeng didn't have a problem with that as long as he wouldn't see any of the girls being harassed by anyone. If he sees such a situation, he wouldn't just pass by without doing anything.

Nodding with his head, Xuefeng asked for more details, "What do you plan to do with that old man?" He wasn't really worried about the complications afterwards as that could be taken care of pretty fast.

"Don't worry about that. I already to care about that. No one saw anything and if anyone investigates, they will have to bypass me first. Let's go inside." Red Rose assured him as they finally reached their destination and opened the double doors, showing the interior of the banquet hall.

They instantly heard classical music from the orchestra on the podium but as they entered, the music quietened and everyone looked towards them. It was obvious that Red Rose as the organiser was the person everyone was waiting for.

Usually, she would come last by herself, greeting everyone and starting the banquet but this time she actually brought guests with her which spiked some interest in the gathered merchants.

The guests quickly started approaching them with wine glasses in their hands, calling out in greetings, "Lady Rose! Welcome!" "Lady Rose, you look so beautiful today."

The hall was mostly a dance floor with the sits on one side next to a glass wall with the look at the place where the auction would take place and the tables with food on the other side. Xuefeng was surprised that there was actually a buffet on the banquet, which made him impressed by Red Rose innovations.

Most guests were currently standing on the dance floor and conversing with each other while drinking precious wine. It was actually very similar to the modern earth banquets which made him feel more like at home.

"Welcome everyone. I hope all of you are having a great time. Don't stop the music, play!" Red Rose greeted her guests and called out to the band, making them continue playing.

Xuefeng and his group didn't know anyone other than Red Rose, so they just took the wine from the attendant and talked to each other, sharing their expressions of the party. Yiren and Wu Kong were the most excited about the banquet. One because she Xuefeng promised to teach her how to dance and the other because he saw massive amounts of food.

The other guests were quite dissatisfied that they didn't even introduce themselves, but no one wanted to point that out and show it too obviously. Without knowing their background, no one would risk offending powerful cultivators.

Unfortunately, not everyone was this thoughtful and finally one person called out to the Red Rose, "Lady Rose, who are the people you brought specially brought to the party today? You still didn't introduce them to us."

It was the very same lady that came just before Xuefeng's group who spoke up. Surprisingly, her face didn't contain any arrogant vibe she had outside as it was replaced with a gentle smile instead. Her long black hair was untied, gently falling on her back, visibly contrasting with her white dress. One could see she didn't have ample chest as compared to Xiao Wen for example, but she definitely made up for it with her weel-shaped bottom.

There was no one she was interested earlier in the banquet until finally, Xuefeng arrived. Her instinct instantly told her that he was special. Not only was he handsome with a unique appearance but also looked strong and manly. Just like a person she imagined to be her cultivation partner. The fact that there were already three ladies surrounding him didn't deter her from acting, forcing him to interact with them.

"Don't worry, I was just about to do it. Young Master, how about you introduce yourself?" Red Rose smiled towards the girl before calling out to Xuefeng to help her as she realised that she didn't know much about him, so she wouldn't even know what to say.

Hearing Red Rose voice, he couldn't ignore her, but it didn't mean he wished to socialize with people gathered here. Xuefeng simply said with a smile, "Hello everyone. I'm just a small cultivator exploring the world. Please, don't mind us, we are no one important."

Red Rose rolled her eyes at his introduction and turned towards everyone adding, "Young Master is too humble. He recently came from the Central Region. Some of the pills on the Auction were provided by him."

The guests weren't satisfied with Xuefeng's speech, but when they heard the two words, Central Region they all exclaimed in excitement, "Oooh!" For them, if one had access to the Central Region, he definitely had to be someone important.

The young girl who started the conversation suddenly approached his father who stood a little behind them, talking to some other merchant and whispered into his ear, "Father, I have decided. I want him."


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