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 "Wow... Sister, you are so pretty..." Yiren was the first one to react as she let go of Xuefeng and quickly run up to Xiao Wen excitedly. She especially liked pretty things and the dress Xiao Wen was wearing definitely classified to be called pretty.

It was similar to Red Rose's dress with a few details changed. The cut in the middle of her chest was no longer to be seen and the dress was shorter, showing more of her smooth legs. Fortunately, the cut on the side was still there, which Xuefeng earlier found the sexier from the outfit.

Wuying also couldn't resist the temptation and jumped across the sofa to see the dress from up close. Even if she didn't want to wear a dress like that cause of safety reasons, it didn't mean that she didn't like pretty dresses.

"Honestly, anything Wen wears, she will look great in it. I like the connection between black and red." Wuying walked around Xiao Wen checking every angle and sighed, having no other choice but to compliment her. The other detail that changed was the colour of the dress which was entirely black with a few red elements, like a subtle red line on the edges or red flowers sewed on the collar.

As Wuying walked behind Xiao Wen, she shamelessly felt up her butt, teasing her, "By the way, how did you fit your butt in here?" The dress was very tight, showing all of Xiao Wen's curves, outlining them perfectly. Her slim waist and wide hips made even Wuying jealous.

"Hey, it's not that big... Let's see who's butt is bigger! Haha." Xiao Wen rolled her eyes at Wuying's comment and quickly counterattacked by appearing behind Wuying, only to give her a solid slap on the butt while laughing playfully.

"Haha," Watching her two sister's play around like this, Yiren couldn't help but laugh cutely, but that only brought her doom. Her own sisters decided to team up and attack her in a group.

"Nooo, hahaha, please don't tickle me, haha..." As two pairs of hands started to tickle her, Yiren knew she was bound to lose so she begged for mercy.

"Yiren also have such a nice body. Xuefeng probably can't resist hugging you all the time..." Xiao Wen commented as she touched Yiren's curves playfully.

"Sister stop... Xuefeng is watching us..." Yiren called out as she blushed, glancing towards the sofa.

"Cough, don't mind me. You can continue..." Xuefeng coughed as he waved with his hand, enjoying the show from the side.

"You still didn't say what you think about the dress..." Xiao Wen squinted her eyes and said unhappily. She did it all for him but he still didn't show much of a reaction.

Xuefeng smiled at her and stood up, also approaching her. Stopping right in front of her, Xuefeng reached out and said, "Can I have your hand milady?" Xiao Wen looked confused, not knowing what plans he had, but in the end she listened and placed her hand on his palm.

"I need to see you from all sides to tell you my opinion," Xuefeng said as he raised her hand and asked, "Can you spin for me?" Xiao Wen nodded, slowly rotating and after a full one circle, she looked back at him with expectations.

"I'm so good. I knew you would look great is such dress. Your figure was greatly enchanced with it." Xuefeng nodded, congratulating himself for having an eye of a true expert, before asking the ladies, "Don't you think Wen look sexier now?"

"Mhmm, I also think so. No man will be able to resist sister's beauty." Yiren confirmed without any hint of jealousy in her voice as she genuinely thought so. Wuying also nodded, having no problems with Xuefeng statement.

Hearing the compliments from Xuefeng, Xiao Wen actually felt good inside and said with a sweet smile while rubbing her thumb on top of his hand, "Thank you." Xuefeng instantly felt as if he got electrocuted, staring at her fair face stunned. It was the first time Xuefeng saw Xiao Wen smile like this.

The two exchanged stares, looking at each other's eyes for a short moment until they heard footsteps and Red Rose broke their moment as she asked, "Are you guys ready?"

"Yes." Xiao Wen was the first one to reply as she let go of Xuefeng's hand and walked towards Red Rose and the kids. When Xuefeng watched her go away without looking back, he glanced towards the hand she was holding, suddenly having a feeling of emptiness.

New thoughts began to form in his mind, but before it got any serious, two of his arms got hugged by something soft and squishy. It was both Yiren and Wuying, taking their rightful place, who started pushing him with them happily.

'I was just overthinking...' Xuefeng thought, quickly dismissing his thoughts as he focused on the two beauties next to him.

"The banquet is being held in the Auction House, so we will have to walk there. The banquet lounge is directly connected to the hall where the action will take place. You won't need to move anywhere and can just watch others fight for your pills there." As they left the room, Red Rose introduced its current plans.

"Sure. We don't mind." Xuefeng nodded, before calling out to Xiao Wen who walked down the stairs ahead of him, "By the way, Wen, where is Lulu?" He just realised that the white tigress got lost in the action somewhere, as he didn't see her since he finished negotiations with Red Rose.

Hearing her name called, Xiao Wen turned around, flipping her hair to the side and once again gave Xuefeng the same smile like before, explaining, "She is sleeping in my beast token. She doesn't like crowds so she decided to hide on her own."

"Oh, okay..." Xuefeng said as he once again fell into a daze, watching Xiao Wen's turn around as if nothing happened.

'Damn... Why is she so sweet today... That combination of sexy and sweet is too deadly. I need to hold myself in check.' Xuefeng thought as he abruptly shook his head, trying to throw away his naughty thoughts. Having Xiao Wen right in front of him with a sexy dress didn't help him at all.

As they walked towards the Auction House, many men ogled Xiao Wen body which Xuefeng found quite annoying. After all, she was in his group. He couldn't allow anyone to bully her. She was also surprisingly calm today, not scaring the other men with her glare, but instead, there was a gentle smile on her face.

'Doesn't she know that even more men will look at her if she behaves like that...?' Xuefeng thought speechlessly, wondering if he should tell something to Xiao Wen.

On the other hand, Xiao Wen was also anxious and frustrated deep inside as she couldn't stand the gazes of men, other than Xuefeng. This whole time Xiao Wen pretended she didn't see anything because of one person advice.

"Will that really work? Is he thinking about me right now?" Xiao Wen asked Wu Lan who walked with her by the hand, feeling worried about the whole operation. She didn't think it would be this hard for her.

"Big sister, don't worry, it will work. He is already freaking out, thinking about how to stop others from ogling your body. Big brother is already beginning to understand how much you mean to him. If my plan doesn't work, you can always make him jealous and he will fall into your trap just the same." Wu Lan assured her, analyzing Xuefeng's behaviour.

"Mhmm, I trust you." Xiao Wen nodded, resisting her urge to look at Xuefeng and continued to walk forward, imagined herself in Xuefeng's embrace, causing her to smile gently.