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 "Banquet?!" Yiren asked excitedly. She knew the concept of this word, but she never actually been on one. There were parties in the Holy Land where they would gather and celebrate some events like her birthday but nothing beside of that.

"Yeah, there is a private party organized by me, before the auction will take place. There will be dances, more food and basically a chance to meet other influential figures. Knowing your strength, I doubt there would be anyone there you would be interested in, but you can still have some fun." Red Rose explained the plans, before introducing the old lady behind her, "This is my personal tailor. She will prepare nice dresses for you, girls. You can come with us to the bedroom."

"Dummy... Is this your surprise?" Xiao Wen muttered to herself, recalling Red Rose previous words.

Glancing at Xuefeng with the corner of her eye she thought, 'Did he really want to see me in that dress so badly that he even changed our plans... Just for that?'

"But, I already have a dress bought by Xuefeng... I don't need to wear anything else. I am fine like this." Yiren looked at her new dress and hugged Xuefeng's arm, not willing to make any changes.

Xuefeng booped her nose and said with a smile, "Silly, no one is forcing you. I also prefer you like this. It should be perfect for dancing."

"But... I don't know how to dance..." Yiren looked embarrassed about that fact and asked with hope, "Will you teach me?"

"Of course. Wuying, Wen, how about you two?" Xuefeng agreed immediately, having such plans from the start before glancing towards the other two women in question.

"Dresses like that restrain movements. What if something happens and we end up fighting?" Wuying wasn't quite in favour of changing as well, but her reasoning was rather practical. Indeed, long dresses were not that great when it came to battles as they provided some restrictions.

Xuefeng didn't want to force anyone, so he nodded with understanding, knowing that she could be uncomfortable like that. With Wuying out, there was only Xiao Wen left and Xuefeng didn't wish to see her decline. If she also didn't accept it, the whole reason they stood behind would be gone.

Fortunately, just as he glanced at Xiao Wen, she already stood up and said cooly, "I'm fine with that. If you really want to see me this badly, I guess I can't say no."

"Okay, then follow us, girls." Red Rose nodded, expecting such a result. A woman in love wouldn't lose such an opportunity to get a reaction from her man.

"Can I really go too?" Wu Lan asked even before Xuefeng spoke to her, knowing they had the intention of taking them as well.

"Of course. We wouldn't leave you guys behind," Xuefeng assured her, not surprised any more than she knew, before turning to the boy who was still devouring food as a monster and calling out, "Wu Kong, you can also go. The food will not run away from you."

"But, I'm still hungry..." Wu Kong complained as he left a bite on a piece of meat.

"Kong! Come!" Hearing her brother's reaction, Wu Lan quickly shouted at him with a glare and pulled him out of the table by his ear which made him cry out in pain, "Au, au, au! I'm sorry, I'm going already!"

Everyone in the room laughed and especially Xuefeng who imagined himself being scolded like that by his women. It was strange but at first, he imagined it being done by Xiao Wen as she was the only violent like that.

As the others left, they were only the three of them left in the dining room. Being full, they decided to move to the living room with a few bottles of wine and glasses they received with the food. Xuefeng never drank on earth but as he wasn't there anymore and the rules of the game changed, he could do it now as much as he wished.

Sitting the girls on his both sides, Xuefeng uncorked the wine bottles and filled the glasses with a red liquid, asking them curiously, "Wuying, Yiren, have you girls ever tried drinking wine?"

"I tried, but I didn't like how clouded my mind became, so I never touched it since then." Wuying replied honestly as she received a glass from Xuefeng and smelled it wine like a connoisseur, complementing, "Good aroma."

Giving another glass to Yiren, who obviously was a noob to drinking and encouraging them, "Here you go Yiren, let's all taste it all together." They couldn't say no to Xuefeng, so they both raised their glasses and took a sip of the red Liquid.

There were three different reactions to the taste of the wine with Xuefeng's being a slight cough, "Cough, it's strong, but not bad at all. I could be seeing myself drinking such wine."

"Mhmm, it is strong. I like the sweetness that stays on the tongue after a finished sip." Wuying also complimented the wine and she took the strength of the wine just fine with a smile on her face.

Yiren reaction was even weirder. She, out of all three of them, turned out to be toughest as just after her first sip, she called out happily, "Mhmm, so yummy!" Before gulping the rest of the glass as if it was a juice.

"Xuefeng~, can I have more?" Yiren pleaded cutely as she rubbed her cheek against his shoulder. Xuefeng looked at her confusing, thinking how such a cutie could be such a drinker.

After checking that she was alright, Xuefeng didn't find a reason to say no and poured her another glass while warning, "You can drink more, but drink it slowly this time, okay?"

"Mhmm..." Yiren nodded and started sipping slowly this time, but even when Xuefeng was just half done with his glass, Yiren once again finished her own and pleaded for another one.

"How about you just take the whole bottle and pour yourself how much you want?" Xuefeng asked as he rolled his eyes, seeing how unmoved she was when drinking. Even if she got drunk, he could always heal her, so he didn't worry about her wellbeing this much.

Yiren of course happily took the bottle and poured herself a glass of wine to the brim before drinking happily while cuddling into Xuefeng's chest. Wuying and Xuefeng watched her from the side curiously, wanting to know how much would she need to drink to finally feel something.

They thought it wouldn't happen before the rest returned from the fitting, but luckily for them, they didn't need to wait too long for that. After drinking four glasses of wine, Yiren's face finally shows some signs of reddening.

Yiren put down the glass and wrapped her arms around Xuefeng's neck, muttering softly, "Xuefeng... I feel hot..."

"Dummy... I told you not to drink so fast." Xuefeng rubbed her gentle cheeks, not having the heart to scold her. Even he could feel something after drinking just two glasses. It was understandable for Yiren to get drunk after four.

Yiren felt all cuddly all of a sudden, wanting to squeeze Xuefeng and said happily with a giggle, "I like when you call me dummy..." She then proceeded to hug him before kissing him on the cheek and saying deeply, "I am so grateful I met you..."

"Mhmm, me too." Xuefeng nodded and kissed them both while embracing them tighter. Having them both comfortable laying on his chest, he added warmly, "You girls are my everyday light that illuminates the road of my life. I don't know what I would do without having you by my side."

Xuefeng didn't lie when he said it, telling it from his heart. Without them distracting him every day with their presence, he would be thinking and recalling his old life on Earth. Missing his friends and family. With them by his side, he had a new life and people he cared for. Without them, he would definitely end up depressed in the first week of arriving in this world.

"Mhmm..." Yiren and Wuying nodded, feeling the same way as him. They sat like that for a moment until Xuefeng decided to clear them all from the intoxication. Even after Ling cured the girls, they still didn't move, enjoying his embrace.

Just as she was about to start treating Xuefeng, they heard footsteps from the bedroom. They all turned their heads to the side at the same time and saw a familiar beauty approaching them. All of their eyes widened and smiles appeared on their faces, seeing the new look of Xiao Wen.

"How do I look?" Xiao Wen asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice as she reached the sofa, looking straight at Xuefeng's face. It was all for him after all and only his opinion mattered for her.