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 Xuefeng went downstairs with two beauties and met Elder Ming waiting for him. He was surprised seeing Princess Shan with them but he didn't say anything.

"Elder Ming, we finished the meeting, you can lead the way," Xuefeng said upon arrival.

"Yes, Young Master." Elder Ming led the way going out of Clan Leader mansion.

Spirit Treasury was located in the Spirit Awakening Hall side building. There were many formations placed on it, so no one authorised could enter it. It was also protected by many Shadow Guards.

While they were walking between different courtyards, Elder Ming explained the rules in the Spirit Treasury.

"There are so things you have to know before you go inside. The first and most common, you should already know about this. You can only take one Spirit Artefact away. Even if you take more, the Life Spirit inside the Spirit Treasury will take them away from you. There is just no point."

"What is Life Spirit?" Xuefeng asked curiously.

"It's a Spirit Artefact which gained consciousness. The Spirit Treasury is a Dimension Artefact that many clans use to store their rare Spirit Artefacts. Cultivators usually store their Spirit Artefacts in the dantian, but if one has too many, he will have to use a Dimension Artefact to hide them." Elder Mind answered.

Seeing Xuefeng still confused he explained further "It's an Artefact which creates a space where you can hide your Spirit Artefacts. As Spirit Artefacts needs Spirit Qi to survive, Dimension Artefacts also have a function to convert Spirit Essence into Spirit Qi. Because of that, they are really rare."

"Do you have a Dimension Artefacts?" Xuefeng asked the ladies.

"Yeah, I have Storage Bracelet. It has two cubic meters of space." Princess lifted her hand and showed off her purple bracelet.

"I also have one and It also has two cubic meters. They are only rank 1 Dimension Artefacts." Wuying lifted her delicate hand to reveal a white bracelet.

Elder Ming seeing two rare artefacts got embarrassed. Even though he was so old he still didn't get one.

"Cough, cough. Continuing my explanation, our Spirit Treasury is a rank 6 Dimension

Artefact. After an artefact forms consciousness, it can be considered as rank 6. After you enter it, you will have to walk around the space and attract Spirit Artefacts with your Spirit Qi. With your Black Talent Qi, you will have an easy time attracting them." Elder Ming explained after calming down.

"What artefacts should I get?" He asked Wuying as she was his future teacher.

"As you have four entries, you should get a high ranked sword, a Dimension storage and Spirit Armour. The higher ranks you get, the better. You can also get Aura Spirit that will boost your strength. You will get the rest necessary artefacts from Clan leader." She said prepared.

"Okay." He nodded. He can always ask Ling later, but he must create some appearances first.

"We arrived." Elder Ming suddenly said.

Xuefeng checked his surroundings and spotted many clansmen lingering around in the area. They were mostly teenagers in Master and Grandmaster Stage. Every day, there would be people who advanced a stage and enter into Spirit Treasury.

Because of Purple Heaven Phenomenon, many Youngsters advanced into the higher rank and today they came to claim their Spirit Artefact. Of course, only some of them would return with one.

Xuefeng who came with two beauties on each side was really eye-catching as he walked,

bypassing everyone who stood in a queue.

It didn't take long for the youngsters in a queue to quieten down and watch the beauties.

"Who is the guy walking with Elder Ming? Why are two beauties walking by his side?" One absent-minded guy asked.

"You don't know? It's Clan Leader son. We were just talking about him." His buddy answered staring at the veiled lady.

"The lady on his right is called Wuying and it's his servant, but I don't know the second one," he told everyone what he knew.

"I heard from my parents that even the Emperor came for the ceremony. He even brought his son and daughter, Princess Shan. Unfortunately, she was using a veil to cover her face, so no one could see her. Is this lady, Princess Shan?" Someone else remembered some information.

"She might be, but why would she follow around Liu Xuefeng? Just look at her body, she can have anyone, why choose him?" One 16 years old Spirit Grandmaster asked scornfully.

"Dude, don't you know he is now a black talent? He will catch to us very soon. If he hears you now and takes revenge in the future, don't tell me I didn't warn you." His friend warned him.

"It's all because he ate some legendary flower. If not for it, he would be a mere red talent and remain trash forever." The other party didn't listen to him and continued to trash talk.

Hearing him curse the son of Clan Leader the others around him tried to distance from him. It was fine to do that when he was still trash with broken dantian, but now when the Young master was a black talent, that would be courting death.

After a moment, two Black Shadows appeared behind the youngster and took him away without asking questions.

"Sigh, thank god we didn't say anything." Others standing by the side breathed a sigh of relief.

Wuying who was walking by Xuefeng side happen to hear the youngster clearly and immediately ordered Shadow Guards to take him away for punishment.

'No one can insult my Young master.' She looked at his side profile with a loving gaze, but she stopped it before anyone noticed.

When they reached the small building, they saw few Shadow Guards standing by the entrance watching everyone coming in and out.

There was a counter with an old woman behind it who was responsible for giving out entries into the Spirit Treasure.

When Elder Ming noticed Old Lady, he entered with all smiles inside.

"Greetings Elder Xiu, I brought Young master Xuefeng to claim his Spirit Artefacts." He smiled towards the Lady as he greeted her.

"Oh, Elder Ming, I was expecting you. There usually is a queue but if it's you we can make an exception." The slim old lady said gently to Elder Ming as she gave him four tokens.

Xuefeng looked at them with a knowing smile. 'Even Elder Ming has his own sweetheart.'

"Here you go, Young master." Elder Ming turned around and gave him the tokens. "Go inside with a token, Life Spirit will recognize you and transport into his space."

"Okay, Wuying, Princess wait for me here, I will be right back." He said to the ladies before going inside the building.

As soon as he passed a certain distance, the tokens in his hand lit up and he disappeared. He appeared in a place that looked similar to the Fate Fragment space inside his Spirit. The only difference was that space here was black and white dots were shining everywhere illuminating the path in front of him.

'Ling, can you help me get the best Spirit Artefacts in this space?' He asked in his mind.

'Yes, no problem. Actually, even without me, you would get something good. Even though you are still weak, your Black Spirit Qi would attract many Spirit Artefacts anyway.' She answered.

'We can take even more artefacts and hide them in my space. The life spirit won't be able to take anything away.' She added proudly.

'Okay, let's find out first what rare artefacts can we find.' Saying that he moved forward and started to emanate large amounts of Black Spirit Qi. It was his first time playing with Spirit Qi so his ways were very crude.

Only after a moment with the help of Ling, he could stop Qi from escaping and form a shield around his body.

After walking a few steps, countless shiny stars finally moved from their original position and flew towards him rapidly.