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 The manager actually did a good job, fixing everything in the quickest time possible. By the time they got their food prepared and they started to eat, the best room in the Red Rose tower was prepared for their usage. The whole apartment, if one could call it one, had four rooms which were all cleaned, getting rid of the old man existence.

One was a dining room with a giant wooden table, capable of fitting tens of people and throwing a feast. The second one was a living room where the deceased old man was hanging out most of his time. The third one was a giant bedroom room with a bed that could fit almost five or six people with ease and the last one was, of course, a spacious bathroom.

There weren't any additional bedrooms in this apartment which made Xiao Wen quite unfortunate. It wasn't big enough to house a whole family but was ideal for a couple or a man with a few lovers.

"How do you like the food?" Xuefeng asked everyone, tasting each dish himself as well. The whole table was filled with food and they could all taste different stuff if they wanted. They wouldn't be surprised if there was still a lot of leftovers after they were done.

"It's good, but it can't compare to the auntie's snacks." Yiren commented as she put another snack into her mouth. Even if it was only decent, she would eat it as she was a foodie.

"Big Brother, this food is so good. Can we really eat as much as we can?" Wu Kong asked while putting everything he wanted to try onto his plate. It already created a small mountain right in front of him.

"Yes. Just don't eat too much. We will also eat later, you don't need to worry." Xuefeng assured the boy, which made him burst with happiness and start eating right away with big bites.

Just as Xuefeng looked towards the little Wu Lan who only took a few nibbles of food, she reached to him and said, "Big brother, here."

"I didn't say anything yet..." Xuefeng didn't know how to react to her action, but Xiao Wen was there to help him as she explained, "She has a gift which allows her to read other people's intentions, strengths and weaknesses. Basically, she can sense anything from you other than your thoughts."

Xuefeng glanced at the innocent looking Wu Lan before turning to Xiao Wen and asked, "Do you think it is what we are looking for?"

"I don't know, but that is very possible. I didn't check it myself... If it turns out to be true, I don't want it." Xiao Wen quickly made her judgement based on the information she had in front of her. She already had a problem handling the people who said stuff that she didn't like and if she was to automatically know their intentions as well, she would have too much killing to do.

Xiao Wen admired Wu Lan greatly for being able to handle so much knowledge about other people. If one had bad intention towards someone, should she inform them about it or just ignore it? Such cases would happen all the time and she would never get rid of that.

"When did you learn about it?" Xuefeng asked confused, thinking he had the right to know about it as that was actually important. She didn't tell him about that earlier.

"I am telling you now as I also learnt not long ago. Talk to Lan, not me." Xiao Wen shrugged before pointing with her eyes towards Wu Lan who just listen to their conversation from the side.

Just as Xuefeng turned towards Wu Lan, the girl said with hope, "I don't mind if you take it away from me. It is extremely straining to know everything about people around you. When I was younger, I couldn't go out of the house or I would feel a headache from the amount of information I received."

'Can you find out if she has a fate fragment inside of her?' Xuefeng asked in his mind, feeling the need to take a bit of advice.

'I can if she doesn't resist, else it would be painful. But I'm just saying, I don't want this ability. All passive abilities are tricky and a bit annoying. It would force me to always be active, which I don't want.' Ling expressed her opinion honestly. This was why Fate Fragment holders with passive abilities were the safest of them all as not many people wanted them.

Just as he planned to reach out to Wu Lan, she already knew what to do and held her hand steady, saying, "You can test, I won't resist."

'Wow, that's scary... If I were to know everyone's intentions like that...' Xuefeng thought, glancing at his girls before looking towards Xiao Wen who quickly figured out what he pondered about and said sternly, "Don't even think about it. You are also not taking it." If Xuefeng suddenly learnt all about her, she wouldn't know where to hide.

"I didn't think about it at all... Wu Lan, pass me your hand." Xuefeng rolled her eyes at Xiao Wen and held a small hand of Wu Lan who wasn't nervious about the situation at all.

Ling got into action right away, pouring her Qi into a small teen body and they soon found out the truth. It turned out that Wu Lan really did have a Fate Fragment in her, but it was still dormant, waiting for Wu Lan to reach maturity to awaken.

"So I do have something inside of me... Can it be taken out?" Wu Lan asked with hope after she heard Xuefeng explanation. It was quite tiring for her to live like this and she would rather exchange that for a normal life.

"Yeah, but we would have to kill you, which we don't want to do." Xuefeng believed Wu Lan was mature enough to understand the situation she was in so he told her the truth.

"No, I need to take care of my brother. I'm the only one he has left." Wu Lan shook her head immediately while patting Wu Kong on the head as he ate happily, ignoring everything around him.

"Don't worry. We will figure something out. We won't leave you alone." Xuefeng assured them. It would be a waste to lose such a talent, so he definitely had to find them a nice and safe space to grow up.

"How about taking them back to the Clan? Your father would definitely take her under his wing, knowing her abilities." Wuying suddenly proposed after she understood the situation by listening from the side.

"Oh, that's not a bad idea actually. Do you guys mind following us back?" Xuefeng imagined such a situation and he knew his father would love Wu Lan skills. She would be safe and have time to develop, which was just want they wanted.

"Mhmm, we can. We have nowhere to go anyway. As long as big brother can provide us with a place to sleep and food, I can work for your father." Wu Lan nodded, not hesitating to agree. She knew they didn't have bad intentions towards them.

Knock, knock.

Just as they reached the conclusion of their conversation, someone knocked on the doors of the dining room and soon they opened, revealing Red Rose in the doorstep. She was followed by an old skinny woman who looked like a tailor with a measuring tape on her shoulders and a pack of needles on her waist.

"Are you guys done eating? Time to prepare for the banquet." Red Rose asked cheerfully, glancing and winking at Xiao Wen as they looked at each other.