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 When they finally reached the top of the tower which had the height of ten levels or more, the manager who led them in front of the room, bowed and knocked on the room, saying to Xuefeng, "Sir, excuse me, I will clear the room right away."

"No problem, we can wait." Xuefeng nodded as he didn't mind the wait. As they walked on the stairs, reaching the top levels, he noticed that there were a lot of rooms all around the levels.

He knew that the top rooms should be one of the best and he didn't wish to lose it, even if he had to kick someone else out. His women deserved the best out of the best. Xuefeng could see only one door at the top, meaning the whole floor would be just for them.

The first knock from the manager was clearly ignored. Xuefeng glanced indifferently at him, without meaning anything but the manager thought he was annoying and quickly banged the doors once again.

Only then did they hear an irritated shout from the inside of the room, "Hey! I told you guys to not disturb me while I'm enjoying myself! You already brought the food!"

The door opened abruptly and they saw an old guy with grey hair and wrinkles, wearing only a towel around his private area. Behind him, they could see a few young partially naked ladies laying on the sofa, with an ugly expression on their faces. Even if they were paid a lot of money to stay with him, they couldn't pretend they liked an old man.

"Lord, we are sorry-" Seeing the situation, the manager quickly apologized, trying to explain the situation, but was quickly cut off by the old man as his eyes fell onto three ladies that came together with him.

The old man laughed lewdly as he patted the manager on the shoulder and called out to him, "Hehe, don't worry, I forgive you. To think that you brought such fine beauties for me. I will make sure to repay you later."

Thinking Xiao Wen and the rest were also the workers of the tower, the old man walked towards Xiao Wen and reached out his wrinkled hand, saying with a laugh, "Haha, so beautiful, I will start playing with you and the other two, you can follow us..."

Obviously, Xiao Wen was already disgusted with the man and the moment he started approaching her, she already had the plan to take out her sword, cutting his head off. Just as she was about to kill him, seeing his hand was getting closer, a sword whooshed from the side, straight towards the old man's arm.

The hand fell to the ground after one clean cut and the flames from Black Flames Slayer burned the wound, causing the old man to shriek horribly, "Aaaaargh, motherfucker!"

The manager quickly paled seeing the situation, but he was actually satisfied with such development. Many women were ruined by the old man in the week he was in the city, being abused as he used them sexually, which quite disgusted him, but he couldn't say it out loud.

"Ahhh, my arm! Fucking bastar-" The old man cried out in pain but before he could say anything else, Xuefeng put the sword up to his throat, shutting him down.

"If you say one more word, I will kill you. This is my last warning," Xuefeng said coldly, which finally made the old man quiet.

"Sir..." The manager called out quietly not knowing how to handle the situation.

"You can take him away and call someone to clean the room for us," Xuefeng ordered and entered the room without looking back at the old man. He approached the sofa the ladies were sitting at, picking up the blanket which was on the side before covering each of them with one.

There were only three of them, so he had to take one cloak from his ring and use it instead. The girls didn't know what to say seeing how the old man lost a hand to this man and just let Xuefeng do as he wished. He was a handsome man, so they were quite interested in him.

Xuefeng smiled gently towards them and said, "You are safe now, you can pick up your clothes and go on your way." They weren't completely naked, wearing their underwear, but the dresses of two of them were already taken off by the old man earlier.

"Sir... If you let him go... He will for sure get his revenge on us later... We can't go back like that..." One of the four girls who received the cloak from him called out softly, having a pained expression on her face. It wasn't a secret as they knew such a thing will happen. It wasn't the first time the customers vented their frustration of daily life on them.

"Are you employed by anyone?" Xuefeng asked the girl, trying to understand the situation. He didn't like prostitution but he understood that the world here was much cruel compared to what he was used to. Some girls just don't have a choice and are forced into such jobs, out of desperation.

"Mhmm, we are employed by Boss Rose to entertain the guests in the private rooms..." The girl nodded embarrassedly, before explained, knowing he would overthink their jobs, "We are supposed to only keep them company, but... not everyone is as gentle as Sir..."

"Oh, then you don't have to worry about anything. I am acquainted with Lady Rose. I will mention this to-" Hearing that they were just escorts, Xuefeng assured them, thinking that he can tell what happened to Red Rose when suddenly, the old man started cursing once again behind his back.

When the manager tried to lift the old man from the floor, he cried out, "Don't touch me! I will tell everything to the City Lord! You are all done!" Before pointing at Xuefeng and shouted angrily, "And you fucker especially!"

Slash. Slash. Slash.

Just as he finished threatening Xuefeng, three attacks reached his body from three different directions. First, it was Xiao Wen who was the closest to him, slicing off his head with one clean horizontal cut, spraying his blood around. The second attack hit the old man's heart as Wuying threw a bloody red dagger which quickly started to suck all the blood from him.

Yiren was the last one to react, but she aimed her attack on the old man's second arm instead. She was angry at the old man for shouting at Xuefeng and her hand moved unconsciously, sending an air slash, which cut his arm.

The body dropped to the ground first, it was followed by the old man's head and the arm. After their deed, they all looked at each other, not even surprised by the other actions. They would kill anyone, trying to threaten their loved one. It was also expected by Xiao Wen who, even if she wasn't Xuefeng's lover yet, killed for less annoying things.

"Well, I guess you girls don't need to worry about that old man anymore..." Xuefeng said to the escort girls after witnessing the scene, not expecting for all three of them to attack him at the same time in his defence. It was wrong but It made him quite happy to have them support him like this.

The only one who was freaking out was the manager who will have to explain everything to the City Lord, as he was a witness to this crime. He didn't care about the old man but about his problems later.

Seeing the dead body, Yiren couldn't help but cover her eyes, crying out, "Aaah, he made me so mad! He cursed Xuefeng so hard... I couldn't help but want to shut him..."

Xiao Wen hugged her sister into her chest, praising her while patting her head, "There, there. You did what you felt like and that's good. If someone threatens your lover, don't hesitate to attack them."

"Mhmm, I will..." Yiren hugged her and nodded sweetly. She didn't feel bad for hurting the old man which made her feelings complicated.

The red eyes of Wuying were shining brightly as she started absorbing the Blood Qi from the old man's dead body. She followed Xuefeng advice and decided to embrace this power, overcoming the side effects.

After Wuying sucked him dry a sudden thirst for more filled her mind and instantly her eyes started searching for other prey. When she spotted the manager, standing alone in the corner, thought of throwing her dagger at him tried to break through other thoughts.

Just as she was about to move, something stopped her and a familiar calm voice entered into her ear, "It's okay, I'm here. You don't need to do it. You are stronger than that."

Hearing it, her body started filling with calmness, with his voice crushing all negative thoughts. Wuying turned around, with her eyes back to normal and kissed Xuefeng before giving him a tight hug. His voice alone was enough to break her mind, forcing her into a calm state once again.

"I'm fine now," Wuying said softly and only then did Xuefeng let go of her, saying to the three of them, "Thank you." Yiren also walked up to him, taking a hug from him. She wouldn't miss a free hug like that. Only Xiao Wen was left without one, but she was determined to receive on sooner or later.

Giving last pats on the head, Xuefeng approached the old man's body and picked up his hand, pulling out the Storage Ring he had on his forefinger before throwing it to the manager, commanding, "Share the wealth from the ring with the five of you and clean everything, the room he used including. You can bring food to the side room where we will be waiting."

"Thank you, Sir!" Hearing about Xuefeng's generosity, the escort ladies who listened to him exclaimed happily, thanking right away. The manager was also elated, memorising everything he said.

"You don't need to work like this. Use this money to find yourself a more suiting job, maybe even a caring husband." Xuefeng gave one advice to the escort girls, thinking that with their looks, they didn't need to work like this.

"Yes, Sir! We will," The girl in the cloak bowed with gratitude, even having a small tear in the corner of her eye. It wasn't her dream job to work like this, being groped by men every day, so she was really thankful.

"Mhmm," Xuefeng nodded, feeling it wasn't much. It was rather a hush money instead, but he let them think what they wanted.

'I wonder what will Rose say when she learns that I made four of her employees run away.' Xuefeng thought before inviting his group inside.