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 As the ladies waited for Xuefeng in the waiting room, Xiao Wen was the most impatient one out of them all. It was already ten minutes since Xuefeng entered the room with another lady and even after she told herself that its nothing, she still couldn't stop thinking about it.

Xiao Wen wasn't even with him yet but she already couldn't stop being jealous each time he interacted with another woman. She was fine with Yiren or Wuying but if it was someone she didn't know, she couldn't stand it.

"Why is it taking him so long..." Xiao Wen asked the ladies, irritated that they didn't worry at all.

"It naturally takes time to negotiate the business deals. He should be done soon." Wuying replied, taking another snack from the table that was prepared for them by the servant no long ago.

"Sister, just sit down and relax. We will visit a nice restaurant soon. Lan says that the food there is amazing. I wonder if it can beat my auntie snacks..." Yiren gave another snack to the kids who ate them slowly. She scolded them for eating too fast as there was supposed to be dinner later.

Staring at the doors to Red Rose cabinet, she finally couldn't wait anymore and approached it while giving an excuse, "I will just go in and see if he needs help or something..."

Just as she wanted to reach towards the handle, the doors opened which forced her back. Xuefeng was the first to leave, all safe and sound. He looked at the surprised Xiao Wen and asked, "Did anything happened?"

"No, no..." Xiao Wen shook her head and quickly asked, showing him a gentle smile, "How was it?

"Well, the transaction was successful, but I am worried that we will have to stay in the city for the night? I decided that we will attend today's auction." Xuefeng informed them about his decision, which shocked Xiao Wen.

"Didn't you say that we will leave the city today after dinner?" Xiao Wen asked with a frown and looked at the Red Rose who walked towards the exit as well. They both glanced at each other and Red Rose nodded at her with a smile.

"Miss Rose proposed to pay for our stay and food at her restaurant while the auction is sure to bring us a lot of money. I thought we could enjoy ourselves today and finish the mission tomorrow." Xuefeng explained his decision and asked while poking her nose playfully, "What do you think?"

"If its what you want, I don't mind..." Xiao Wen looked at his gentle smile and couldn't get angry at him, causing her to accept it indifferently. She didn't want to spend here more time than possible, but he couldn't say no to him.

Seeing her not convinced, Xuefeng leaned over and whispered into her ear, "Don't worry, there will be a present for you later," before walking towards the others while asking, "Are you guys ready to eat something?

"Big brother, you should try these! Those snacks are good!" Wu Kong was the first one to answer, rubbing his belly. It was his first meal of the day and he couldn't say bad things about it.

"Oh, don't worry, we will eat much more delicious things now." Xuefeng patted the boy on the head and asked, "Do you think you can handle to eat more?"

"Of course! I'm a man after all!" Wu Kong replied with confidence.

"Haha, alright, you will be able to eat as many as you can. Yiren, Wuying, sorry for the wait." Xuefeng laughed at the boy's reaction before he embraced his women and rewarded them with a kiss.

During that time, Red Rose already approached Xiao Wen, who was looking at Xuefeng back and spoke quietly, "He cares about you guys a lot. About you too, he just doesn't know about it completely yet. I only managed to convince him to stay thanks to you."

"Yeah..." Xiao Wen agreeing completely, but then realised what Red Rose said and asked curiously, "Wait, me? What I have to do with his decision?"

Red Rose didn't answer her question and instead complained about the unfairness of the world, "I'm jealous. It's so unfair. If only I met him before. To think that he only needed to say a few words to change the way I live. Watch out or I will steal him from you girls."

Knowing that he was approaching, Red Rose didn't speak anymore and instead continued to smile at him.

"Miss Rose you can lead the way." Xuefeng nodded to her, bringing the others with him into the corridor.

As Red Rose started leading the way and everyone followed, Xiao Wen stole Wu Lan from the group and walked with her behind everyone. Xiao Wen couldn't get an answer from the Red Rose, so she decided to ask his little agent instead.

Unfortunately, just as she suppressed the sounds around them, Wu Lan said sweetly, "Big sister, I can't tell you anything. I don't want to ruin the surprise for you."

"Did he actually prepare something for me?" Xiao Wen didn't completely believe his words earlier but hearing Wu Lan words made her wonder what could that be.

"I don't know if you will like it, but he for sure will. Big Brother is shameless. You will have to wait till later to find out the truth." Wu Lan didn't say anything, deciding to hide the truth which made Xiao Wen extremely curious the whole way to the restaurant.

They didn't need to walk too far from the auction house as the red tower was really close to them. On their way, they learned that Red Rose was the owner of both the auction house and the Red Rose restaurant but that was obvious just from the name itself.

There were barely any cultivators on the streets and only as they walked past restaurants they would see crowds of people waiting for their turn to enter. In the inner city, there were barely any poor people and most were rich merchants who could afford to eat in expensive restaurants every day.

"Hey, it's boss Rose! Make a way!" When they finally approached the Red Rose Tower, the servants from the entrance quickly made way for them, pushing away the crowds.

Everyone wondered who the guests were who were following the famous Red Rose, skipping all the queue when finally someone called out, "Those people are the ones who broke through the gate without paying and beat up tens of guards!"

It didn't take long for everyone to pass that message to each other until everyone knew about it. The status of being friends with boss Red Rose was enough to give them high status but now they had the label of experts as well.

"Is the top floor private room free?" Red Rose asked the manager after they smoothly entered into the restaurant's lobby.

The handsome manager smiled seeing his beautiful boss and checked the registry he reported, "Boss Rose, the top floor is currently occupied by the Sir-" but before he could end the sentence, Red Rose cut him off saying, "Kick them out. Let him have one of the lower rooms."

Pointing towers Xuefeng's group, she commanded, "Bring them to the best private room on the top floor and provide them with the highest service you can. I will visit them in a bit after I settle some matters."