"Big sister, don't worry. He already likes you. You just need to push him a little bit further and he will be yours." Wu Lan said after Xuefeng walked away from them. She grabbed Xiao Wen's hand to cheer her up while giving her encouraging smile.

"How do you know that?" Xiao Wen asked interestedly, while also releasing her Spirit Awareness around them, so others won't hear their conversation.

"I can feel other people's intentions, feelings or weaknesses. Basically anything other than thoughts. Didn't you all stop us because of my gift? I know you guys didn't have any intentions to hurt me or else I wouldn't follow you." Wu Lan told the truth. She knew that they will ask her that sooner or later anyway.

"You are a smart girl. Yes, that was the reason. If you really have such gift can you tell me if he... has any feelings for me?" Xiao Wen patted Wu Lan on the head and asked while glancing at Xuefeng's back. She didn't know what reply she expected, but she wanted to know where she stands.

Wu Lan was a frank girl and didn't hesitate to tell her the truth, "He thinks of you as a good friend. There is no love for you in his heart..."

Hearing the painful truth, Xiao Wen breathed a mouthful of air, feeling very heavy. She expected such answer but she still hoped to have a higher starting position than this. Just before she overthought too much about the situation, Wu Lan added, "...But he finds you really attractive. He didn't lie when he said that he would love to see you in such an outfit as that lady. That's why I said that sister still has a chance."

Xiao Wen's hope returned into her eyes as she asked, "Really?"

"I believe so. His first intentions of putting on such dress on someone was towards you. He finds your body the most alluring. I think the best way to seduce him is through it. When he looks at you, he has intentions of doing some dirty stuff with you, but he always pushes them away knowing that he already has other lovers." The small adult diagnosed Xuefeng behaviour.

"Mhmm, how about my personality? Should I change anything?" Hearing some valuable information, Xiao Wen couldn't help but ask more. She was confident with her body, so she wasn't surprised about Xuefeng indecent thoughts towards her.

Before she could hear the answer, Xuefeng noticed that Xiao Wen wasn't following them and called out to her, "Wen! What are you girls waiting there for?" With her Spirit Awareness activated, he could never find her with his own so it wasn't surprising he didn't notice her absence.

"Don't worry about him, I want to hear your answer." Xiao Wen was too curious to wait for the next time they were alone.

"Big brother doesn't like when you get jealous for him. He knows what he is doing and get's dissatisfied when people don't trust him, especially his close friend. Did you see the other sister bash him for looking at other women? I didn't.

"It's cause they trust him and know that he won't betray them. Just like he doesn't fall for you, its the same with others. I don't believe he would just randomly manifest feelings for someone without any trigger. You should already be happy that he already likes you as a friend." Wu Lan answered in full detail before smiled towards Xuefeng who started approaching them, seeing that they ignored his call.

Xiao Wen wanted to ask more, but Xuefeng already reached them and scolded, "Everyone is waiting for you two. You can talk later," before grabbing them by the hands and pulling with him.

As they walked, Xiao Wen analyzed everything Wu Lan just told her and glanced with the corner of her eye at Red Rose's dress, imaging herself in it. She then imagined Xuefeng eating her with his gaze, before reaching out to touch her body all around.

This image broke inside of her mind when Xuefeng asked her, "Wen, are you okay? You are spacing out."

"Mhmm, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something." Xiao Wen smiled warmly towards him to which he nodded and continued to walk.

Xiao Wen finished her thoughts with a final decision, 'I guess, I need such dress...'


The whole lobby was almost empty, with only a few pairs of customer and manager talking business in private, so no one saw them entering into the second floor private rooms. They quickly reached the last doors of the corridor and Red Rose finally halted.

"How can I address you guys?" Red Rose asked after turning around and looking at Xuefeng. She believed Xuefeng was the leader of the group as he was the only male there.

"No need for names. You can call me young master if you wish. We will be leaving the city right after we finish this transaction and dinner." Xuefeng replied, not exposing too much. He wasn't interested in the so-called yearly auction this night as he didn't think he would find any treasures in the Aurora Country.

"Young Master then. Here, we reached my room. Young Master, I invite you to the room. We will talk about your business." Red Rose opened the doors, showing the luxurious interior and invited Xuefeng inside with a smile.

"Mhmm, let's go." Xuefeng nodded and wanted to lead everyone inside when Red Rose added, "By the way, we are only doing transactions one on one. Is that alright if everyone waits for Young Master outside? We have a waiting room prepared for our guests right next to my room."

"Oh, is that alright for you guys?" Xuefeng didn't mind that but asked the ladies for their opinion. They all nodded their heads, not minding it either and even Xiao Wen didn't have any problems with that which quite surprised him.

"Okay, I will make it quick. Wait for me here." Xuefeng said before entering into the room. He didn't have any experience with trading but he didn't think it would be too hard.

After she closed the doors behind her, Wu Lan poked Xiao Wen on the leg to gain her attention and informed, "This lady doesnt have good intentions. She plans to seduce big brother and earn money off him. I don't think it is a good idea for him to stay with her alone like this."

"Well, let's believe in Xuefeng's honesty. You told me to trust him, so I will do just that." Xiao Wen said calmly as she rubbed both Lulu's and Wu Lan heads. She still had the urge to barge in and say no, but following Wu Lan advice, she stopped herself. They all sat down in the side room and waited for Xuefeng to strike the deal with the manager.

Inside the room, the barrier which suppressed the sounds activated and before she could even sit down on the sofa, Xuefeng threw a sack filled with various types of pills towards her, saying, "Here, they are Rank 5 pills of different types. Propose a price."

"Wow, Young Master. You are fast. Going straight into the business. Don't you want to drink anything first?" Red Rose commented warmly before she winked at him as she passed by him, with her hand touching his shoulder in a friendly manner.

As a professional merchant, she quickly calculated the number of pills in the sack and smiled seeing how many types of pills Xuefeng brought for her. She already could see the money she would get from selling them.

Ignoring her question, Xuefeng schemed, "I have more of them too but first, let's start with the price for each one of them. I want to first see what you can propose to me as I already have the estimate in my mind." Xuefeng only had a minimum price for the pills he learned from Xiao Wen, so as long as he got offered above it, he wouldn't mind.

Red Rose agreed right away and sat down, patting the spot next to her for Xuefeng to sit, saying, "Alright. Young Master, sit down for a second. I will check them out and give you a satisfactory proposal."