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 Inside the City Lord Mansion, the new City Lord lifted his head from the desk and cried out to the nearest manager after hearing another vibration from the ground, "Can you tell me what the hell is happening?! I already heard two explosions."

"Yes Lord, I will check right away." The guard nodded and left urgently. It took him a few minutes before he finally came back and reported, "Lord, there was an incident where a group of cultivators broke through the Inner Gate as they didn't wish to pay the high fee."

"Are they already in our custody? We don't tolerate such behaviour." The City Lord asked sternly. He already took it as a given that they are caught, so he didn't put any more attention onto it, looking back at his papers.

"Actually, Lord they are not. They are too strong. Apparently, the city guards already mobilized their forces to stop the criminals but they were all beaten up with ease. They just sent an immediate assistance signal asking for Lord assistance..." The guard hated to inform about the bad news but had to, else the situation would turn even worse later.

"Did anyone measure the strength of this group?" Hearing the guard, the Lord didn't panic too much as he didn't expect anything serious from them. The City Lord was a Saint after all. Most of his subordinates were a mere Spirit Kings so he could understand that they failed if some stronger cultivators appeared.

"No, we did not. But I got information that they can all fly in the sky, which makes it impossible for us to catch them... We suspect there are at least three saints in their group. They even broke the barrier set up by the Lord with just one swing of the sword..." The guard shook his head, explained more causing the City Lord to drop his brush from shock.

The City Lord stood up and commanded right away, "Don't provoke them! I don't want them to create any more trouble. Let them do as they please for now. I will meet with them later."

"Yes, Lord!" The guard quickly nodded and left.

Right after the guard left, the City Lord cursed, "What the hell are three Saints doing in my city?! Damn! Even I can't destroy my barrier in one hit."


"Is this how you give an example to us? By beating everyone up?" Xiao Wen teased after they finally reached the auction house and entered into the lobby. There were not that many crowds yet as there was still some time before the night event happening. Most people were in restaurants, chilling.

"Heh, look who is talking. At least I didn't kill anyone." Xuefeng snickered and teased back. He already got used to having a playful banter with her as they walked.

"Hey, I was defending my sister. You didn't do anything to shield her. You have to protect your women." Xiao Wen called out in defence and hit him lightly on the side of his belly to mark her statement.

"Au, you think you can get away with that? Take this." Xuefeng pretended to be hurt and launched a counter attack, moving behind her before tickling her with both hands.

"Haha, okay stop, I give up." Xiao Wen laughed feeling his hands glide on her stomach, but she didn't push him away or anything and instead grabbed them lightly, pretending to be powerless against him.

As they playfully argued with each other, the others stood behind them and observed them. Yiren was amazed at how quickly Xiao Wen adapted to her strategy, that she gave her and actually felt happy for her. It only meant that she was a good advisor.

But if one looked at them without knowing the context, they would definitely think that there was something connecting them. In this world, normal friends wouldn't behave this intimately with each other which Wuying quickly detect and she couldn't say she was very happy about that.

Wuying wasn't the only one who noticed that as Wu Lan also thought it was weird and asked, "Are all of you big brother's lovers?" She was quite smart and quickly caught that they all behaved very intimately towards him. After staying with them for a bit, she realised they were not that bad of a people, so she decided to follow her brother way of calling them.

"Yup, I and Wuying managed to steal his heart away. Aren't we lucky?" Yiren replied with a smile, feeling happy with her life right now. Wuying also nodded confirming their blessing to appear in his life.

"What about the sister in big brother arms? Is she also his lover?" Wu Lan asked curiously, hearing no mention of Xiao Wen in their answer.

Yiren looked at Xuefeng who finally stopped tickling Xiao Wen and they finally turned towards them before replying, "No, but we are all good friends. We sometimes play around."

"It doesn't look like this for me. Each time red-haired sister looks at big brother, her heart starts to beat faster and happiness fills her body. They don't look like just good friends. All three of you seems to have feelings for him." Wu Lan analyzed the situation before she asked Xiao Wen, "Big sister, don't you love him?"

Hearing her question, Xiao Wen cheeks reddened, feeling hot from being exposed, but when Xuefeng looked at her, he mistook it for being embarrassed and laughed, "Haha, don't joke around. We are really good friends, right Wen?" Xuefeng even reached out to rub her cheek, to help her out of her embarrassment.

Xiao Wen wanted to momentarily get angry at him but realised that she didn't have a reason to. They weren't anything more than friends now. It would be weird if he said anything else. Knowing this, she squeezed his neck as she wrapped her arm around it and said, "Yeah! We are good friends!"

"Cough, cough, you are choking me..." Xuefeng coughed out of breath. Xiao Wen actually used some strength in her head hold.

"I don't understand..." Wu Lan muttered watching their behaviour confused. She wanted to continue her investigation but was quickly denied this opportunity when a gentle voice reached them with greetings, "Welcome guests! I'm sorry for the wait. Are you one of the groups invited for the yearly auction?"

They turned around towards the direction of the voice and saw an alluring young lady approaching them from the other side of the lobby. She surprisingly looked very alike to Xiao Wen with her body proportions being quite similar but also having the same haircut with the only exception of colour being black. The young lady wore a tight red rose design dress reaching to the ground with a long cut on the side, showing off her gorgeous legs.

There was also a small diamond shaped cut in the middle of her belly and deep cleavage, exposing the inner sides of her breasts. Compared to her, Xiao Wen hid her legs under tight black pants, not exposing much to the public. One wanted to show their assets giving a treat to the eyes and the other didn't, making the person wonder what was hidden behind her clothes. Xuefeng couldn't decide which was sexier for him.

Of course, Xuefeng didn't lose this chance to tease Xiao Wen who still kept him in the hold and whispered, "How about you buy one of such dresses? You can show us your sexy curves."

Xiao Wen reacted just as he expected, by tightening her grasps and calling out, "Do you want to die?"

"Cough cough... Worth it..." Xuefeng coughed once again and muttered before falling limply onto her, pretending to be dead. She had to finally let go of him and magically, he returned back to life right after.

"Heh, you are quite a funny bunch." The young lady blinked at Xuefeng a few times and asked him, "How can I help you, handsome gentleman?"

"Hello milady, actually, we didn't come here for the auction but to sell some valuable pills. If you are interested, we can move to some private room and discuss it." Xuefeng greeted the hot lady with a smile, looking straight into her eyes, not planning to disrespect her by looking around her body.

"Oh, that's good too. You can call me Red Rose. I can act like a special manager for you today and oversee the transaction. Follow me." Red Rose introduced herself with a sweet smile and winked at Xuefeng, before turning around, causing her dress to flutter with the turn.

Glancing with the corner of his eye, Xuefeng saw her round buttcheek getting exposed for a second, showing that she didn't have any underwear on her, which made him unconsciously follow her bottom with his gaze as she walked.

Xiao Wen was already ignited earlier by his previous comment, so she didn't mind reprimanding him by hitting him on the back of his head and asking sharply, "Where are you looking?"

Xuefeng shrugged calmly and booped Xiao Wen's nose, reminding her, "Looking is not a sin if the intention is pure. If it was you, I also wouldn't turn my head away."

This made Xiao Wen try to recall the last time Xuefeng looked at her like that and realised that actually never actually hid his actions when he did peek. Recently she would take it as a compliment for her nice figure instead of an assault when his gaze was landing on her curves.

"Let's go." Seeing her having no reaction, Xuefeng held Yiren and Wuying by their waists before following after Red Rose without waiting for Xiao Wen reply. Wu Kong also happily followed after them, leaving Xiao Wen and Wu Lan behind.