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 The loud noises of conversations quickly died down when everyone saw the red-haired beauty fly up into the sky. They knew the group had to be strong with such a strong beast tamed but none of them knew exactly how much. Now seeing one of them fly, no one dared to talk and everyone waited for Xiao Wen to speak.

Xiao Wen reached out with her hand and suddenly a giant fireball started forming on top of her palm. After only a few seconds, it was almost as big as her, which shocked everyone beneath them. Some panicked and had the thoughts of running away, but before they did so, Xiao Wen suddenly threw the fireball towards the big boulder about one Li away from the city walls.

The barrier protecting the city didn't stop the fireball at all as it passed through it like a knife through sand, heading straight towards the rock boulder. Xiao Wen especially chose one that could be seen from the streets.

Bang! The explosion sound resonated throughout the city as the whole boulder was blown away into bits. The Vibrations from the blast spread towards the city, shaking the ground for a second, making everyone shocked beyond measure.

Satisfied with her display of power, Xiao Wen called out coldly, "Those two kids are under our protection now. If I learn of anyone bullying them, those people will beg to die after I'm done with them."

"How did I do?" Xiao Wen asked happily after she landed next to Xuefeng. The people around them already backed away a few more meters, scared of her.

"Why are you so happy... You clearly overdid it... I said show your power, not destroy everything..." Xuefeng rubbed his temple, speechless. He forgot he couldn't trust her in delicate matters like this.

"Oh, stop it. Look at them, they are fine." Xiao Wen argued and pointed at the crowd planning to show that her actions didn't affect them this much, but as she did, the kids who stood where she pointed started to cry, scared she will kill them.

"Cough, okay, maybe a little bit, but it worked in the end. Let's get out of here before the guards trouble us." Xiao Wen coughed, partially taking the blame under Xuefeng glare and jumped onto Lulu, ready to explore the city from the sky.

"Sigh, Wuying take Fluff and go with Xiao Wen. I will take the kids with Yiren." Xuefeng quickly decided and turned towards the kids, saying with a smile, "It will be faster if we fly, are you coming?" As he said so, his wings burst out behind his back, shocking everyone further. Many knew about legendary Saints, but no one has ever seen someone who can create wings for themselves like that.

"Wooow, big brother! You have wings! Can we really fly?" Wu Kong exclaimed excitedly as he ran up to Xuefeng.

"Yes, but you have to hold me tightly or you will fall. You said you know this city so you will lead the way for us." Xuefeng nodded and picked the boy up before launching into the air with Wu Kong laughing out of excitment. Wu Lan wanted to stop them on instinct, afraid for her brother but Yiren appeared next to her and assured her, "Don't worry, he is very caring. He won't do anything to him. Hold tightly onto me."

Yiren picked Wu Lan as well and flew behind Xuefeng followed by Xiao Wen's Lulu. Flying above the buildings, now everyone could see them, but they already made such a big scene that it didn't matter anymore.

"Big brother, the best restaurants are in the inner part of the city. There are many of them there and only the rich can afford eating there. I have never been in any, but people say that the Red Rose provide the best entertainment and food in the city. It's located in the red tower in the middle. Big Brother can see it from here." Wu Kong entered into his role as a guide after they hovered in the sky.

"Okay, first lead me to the auction house," Xuefeng nodded after quickly localizing the building. He wouldn't even be able to eat if he first didn't exchange the pills for Spirit Stones.

"We will have to enter through the main gate into the inner city first. There is a barrier which prevents anyone from flying inside of there. We will have to land there." Wu Kong said as he pointed towards the small gate and the wall separating the Inner City from the Outer City. Xuefeng wasn't surprised that rich would separate themselves from poor as the same often happened on Earth too.

Xuefeng was leading so they all followed him as he flew towards the gate. He didn't want to bring any more trouble, so this time he wanted to enter peacefully. There were not that many people queuing in front of the gate as probably not everyone could enter inside.

"Let's not create trouble anymore, okay?" Xuefeng said to everyone as they grouped again but his gaze was on the main troublemaker, Xiao Wen.

"Hey, don't look at me... Aren't I super nice? Humpf." Xiao Wen glared at Xuefeng for blaming everything on her and pretended to be angry.

"Hold my hand," Xuefeng called out as he reached out his hand to her.

"What...?" Hearing his words, Xiao Wen's brain suddenly turned blank. She didn't know if she heard right or if she just heard what she wanted to hear.

Without repeating, Xuefeng approached her and got hold on her hand as if it was nothing and said calmly, "If I hold your hand, you won't do anything bad. Let's not bring any more attention to us."

Hearing his calm words and feeling the warmth of his palm transferring into her's, Xiao Wen didn't know how to react. Her heartbeat increased momentarily, pumping the blood into her cheeks and causing her to blush. She quickly lowered her head so that her hair can cover them until she can calm down.

He thought it was just a friendly holding hands, but for her, it was something more. She didn't want to lose this opportunity, so she quickly grasped his hand gently in return and whispered in agreement, "Okay..."