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 When Xuefeng's group stopped in the middle of the street, it was bound to create trouble for everyone. With giant tigress blocking the way, everyone had to squeeze on the other side of the road. Knowing the difficulties and how there might be something entertaining happening, many decided to stop by and watch the situation from the side.

It hasn't been a minute before they were circled around by many people, waiting to watch the show. Xiao Wen was quite annoyed by this and quickly waved her hand, creating a golden barrier which separated them from the crowd.

In a moment, they were only hearing the sounds of their breathing and kids footsteps. The others outside could only sigh and get angry at them. Not only they blocked the road but they also took the fun away from them. They could only see, but without the content of their conversation, the wouldn't know what happened.

"We didn't say anything wrong..." The girl muttered quietly after they approached Xuefeng. They felt much better after the loud noises from the crowd disappeared, but that didn't mean their anxiety vanished as well. She knew how powerful Xuefeng group was which added to her stress.

"Yes, you didn't do anything. Actually, I quite liked how kind you two were, even wanting to warn us about the City Lord ban. Do you guys live in this city or are you just visiting?" Xuefeng asked, looking at the boy, as he also squatted next to Yiren to not look at the kids from above.

"Mhmm, we live here..." The boy answered happily, knowing that Xuefeng didn't plan to hurt them. The girl glared at him right after, but he didn't care and avoided her gaze.

Yiren followed up with the question, asking sweetly, "Are you two, brother and sister? What are your names?"

"Yes, she is my older sister, Wu Lan and I'm Wu Kong." The boy replied right away, and asked before his sister could scold him, "Can I pet it?"

"Sure, she likes to be rubbed behind her ears." Yiren nodded, placing the Fluff on the ground, so Wu Kong could pet him. Fluff behaved really nice, not running away from the boy's hand and even liked him on the palm to show its friendliness.

"Sister, she is so fluffy and soft, do you want to touch her as well?" Wu Kong smiled and teased his sister, knowing how she liked cute things.

Instead of reaching out to the rabbit, Wu Lan looked towards Xuefeng and asked suspiciously, "I don't think Sir called us here to pet a rabbit? Tell us your real purpose or we will leave."

"Indeed, I had another purpose. It's our first time here and we don't know where the best restaurants are. We also want to find an auction house. I wish you two to be our guides. What do you think about it?" Xuefeng smiled, deciding to slowly get on the girl's good side, showing his kindness before he would finally start asking the real questions.

She looked to be a smart girl and definitely wouldn't reply to him unless she feels no threat from them. Knowing that the boy was really easy-going, he also wanted to question him as well but without her sister presence who could stop him.

Rumble... Just as Xuefeng mentioned the restaurants, the boy's stomach rumbled, asking for food. Xuefeng noticed earlier that they didn't wear clean clothes, so they probably didn't have much money on them. It wouldn't be surprising if they couldn't afford food as well.

Wu Lan looked at her brother's embarrassed face from the fact that his hunger was exposed and decided to use this opportunity, asking, "Will Sir buy us food in exchange...?"

"Of course, I wouldn't ask you to work for free. I will buy you guys some food and clean clothes in exchange. I can also give you some money later so you can live without being hungry for a while. What do you think?" Xuefeng proposed generously. He didn't think they would resist such an offer.

Sure enough, when Wu Kong heard the offer, his eyes quickly brightened and he ran up to his sister hugging her before calling out, "Sis, please. I know the whole city. We can help them. We didn't eat from yesterday..."

Hearing her brother, Wu Lan didn't have the heart to say no to her brother even though the offer sounded too good to be true and agreed, "Okay... We can help you. But we don't need money. We will just be robbed later if people hear that we have money..."

"Oh, don't worry about that. We will take care of that." Xuefeng assured her and approached Xiao Wen, whispering something into her ear. She was very confused from the start as she watched Xuefeng interact with the kids, thinking they didn't necessarily need the guides, but when she heard his explanation, she finally understood what was the whole hassle for.

"Okay, now I'm also interested. Let me do it." Xiao Wen agreed to all of his suggestions and suddenly lifted the golden barrier around them, flying above the crowds.