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 "Yes." Xiao Wen replied right away, but Xuefeng quickly countered her, saying, "No. Don't listen to her. It's okay to be kind to others, but you can't let them bully you. To some people, kind words don't reach them, so sometimes there is a need to use other methods."

"Mhmm... Sigh, I just wanted to help you a for once, but I ended up creating trouble..." Yiren nodded with understanding and sighed, blaming the whole incident on her.

"You did nothing wrong. You actually helped us a lot. If not for you we would be wasting even more time there. We have to thank you." Wuying also joined them and cheered Yiren up.

"Really...?" Yiren asked, looking at them all doubtfully.

"Yes, of course. It's all thanks to you. I will make sure to reward you with a nice snack later." Xuefeng confirmed and kissed her, right in front of the public eye, but he didn't mind it. Only after this did Yiren one again smiled, cheered up.

"Alright, let's go. We should get out of here before other guards come and trouble us." Xiao Wen commanded, and they all finally entered the crowds.

As they walked aimlessly, Lulu pressure pushed everyone away from her, creating a small empty space around them. Lulu didn't like being surrounded by too many people, so she didn't mind growling at someone as a warning if he came closer than she allowed it. They didn't stop her as it came in handy for them.

Xuefeng had his Spirit Awareness spread throughout the crowd, and he found it interesting what people thought about them. He could hear almost all of their conversations where some complained about them, some admired Lulu power and some even talked dirty about his women. Unfortunately, if he wanted to eliminate those people, he would have to kill almost half of the crowd from the streets and that wasn't something he wanted to trouble himself.

What he was more invested in was instead a group of children around ten to twelve years old from who Xuefeng happened to overhear a conversation, where one boy called out in amazement to the young lady next to him, "What a mighty Spirit Beast... Don't they know that the new City Lord forbid the entrance of Spirit Beasts into the city? Should we tell them? They might be fined by the guards later if they are caught."

The girl quickly covered the boy's mouth and whispered into his ear, "Shhh, don't meddle yourself with them. If you say one wrong word, you won't even know how you died. Don't worry about their safety, they shouldn't have a problem with the guards. Do you see this girl with red hair? Her Spirit Qi level is so high that even the City Lord who is a Saint would be a bug in front of her."

"Wow, really...?" The boy whispered back watching Xiao Wen with shining eyes.

"Mhmm, but she is not the only on powerful. The others are also great. Look at this white haired guy. He looks kind and harmless, but there are many energies mixed together in his dantian which increase his power immensely. Same with the other two beautiful sisters." The girl smiled at the boy's reaction and explained further.

"Yeah, you are right. They shouldn't face any problems." The boy nodded, happy for them.

"Wait." At that moment, Xuefeng stopped the girls from continuing walking and called out to the group of children, pointing at the boy and girl duo, "You, boy and girl, come here for a moment."

What intrigued him the most from this conversation was the girl's knowledge. How did she know about their stages? He could clearly feel that they both of them were only at the Spirit Master Stage, just barely started their cultivation journey. It was impossible for her to see through them unless she kept some secret.

Hearing Xuefeng call, the kids paled right away, thinking that Xuefeng wanted to do something to them and didn't move out of fear. The killing wasn't uncommon in this world and they didn't have a chance to run away even if they wanted.

"What happened?" Xiao Wen asked, looking towards the kids. She didn't bother to listen to others as that would only make her mad, with the possible deaths occurring later.

"I just overheard something from those kids and I just wanted to ask a few questions. Come here. I will only take you guys a moment." Xuefeng replied to her before beckoning towards the kids again smiling kindly.

"Don't you see how scared they are?" Seeing that they were still too scared to move, Yiren hit Xuefeng on the shoulder, scolding him lightly for having a bad approach and squatted down herself, smiling kindly to them, she said, "Don't worry guys, sister can assure you that he won't hurt you." Hugging fluff in her arms, she definitely looked like a trustworthy person.

The girl finally braved herself and grabbed the boy's hand, slowly approaching them.