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 After Liu Xuefeng left, life in the Middle Heaven came back to their monotony. Souls were being divided by white robbed men and everything was quiet as usual.

But after a few minutes old man expression changed. When it was a young woman turn to drink the soup to forget her memories, tears started to appear on her blank face.

In the Middle Heaven, almost every soul behaves the same. Expressionless with a blank face as if the forgot themselves.

It doesn't mean they can't think, it's just that their souls are not strong enough to move under old man force.

Liu Xuefeng had the help of fate law as well as his strong soul to move to a certain extent.

"This young girl has a strong will." The old man thought. He waved his hand and a white light escaped from his finger.

It soon sank into her forehead.

Moments later, her face started showing some more expressions. Tears still flowed on her cheeks as she cried.

"Don't cry girl, it will be over soon." He reached his hand to pat her head.

When he touched her, a surprised look appeared on his face.

The middle-aged man noticed the change.

"What? Something happened?" He asked curiously.

The old man ignored him and created a hologram in the air with his hand. It was Liu Xuefeng who left some time ago.

"Young girl, do you know him?" The old man asked her.

She stopped crying and lifted her head up. But soon was stunned.

"Feng'er!" she screamed with happiness.

"Did you see him here? Can you tell me where is he now?" She asked excitedly while wiping her tears.

The old man looked at the middle-aged man, but he instantly said: "No! It's against the rules."

"If you don't tell anyone, no one will know."

"Well, that's true, but what if father do an inspection." Middle-aged man looked worried.

"I will take responsibility if anything happens." Old man assured.

"Sigh, okay."

The old man turned towards confused young girl.

"Listen, girl, your friend was already reincarnated. We can help you get into the same world as him, but it will depend on fate if you can meet him."

"Normally only those chosen by laws can have a wish, but we can make an exception. Your friend only wish was to keep his memories. As it's a small wish, we can connect it to a second person." The old man explained slowly.

"So... I can still meet him?" Young girl already stopped crying and listened quietly.

"It will be hard but there is hope. He doesn't know that you will be there so you will have to find him yourself."

"Thank you, sir!" She bowed sincerely.

"No need, no need. I need to tell you something else. If you reincarnate with your memories intact, you will have to start from being a teen. Baby brain is not big enough for this much information. Are you okay with that?"

"As long as I can meet him again, I don't care about anything else." She had a determined look on her face.

"All right, one more thing. When you reincarnate, your soul will choose a body that is physically close to that of your last life. But there might be some exceptions. He might look different now if his soul didn't find anything adequate."

"It's okay. I don't mind." The girl nodded.

"Then that's all. You can go through the portal now." The old man smiled kindly.

"Yes!" Young girl soon disappeared as well.

"Why are you helping her so much?" Asked middle-aged man after a moment of silence.

He didn't answer but thought 'To think she would die for him after he saved her. Love is unfathomable.'

If Liu Xuefeng was present during this scene, he would be shocked.

Because the young girl who just entered the portal was Xiao Tianshi.

After Liu Xuefeng pushed her out of danger, she realised how much she cared about him.

You only realize the importance of someone when they are gone.


After passing through the portal, only a second passed, but when Liu Xuefeng opened his eyes, he could already see that he was in a different place.

It took a moment for him to take control of his body, but after this few seconds, he didn't feel any different from how he felt on earth.

He could move smoothly, but just to be sure, he played with his fingers trying to feel if there was anything wrong.

After confirming that everything is alright, he started checking out his surroundings.

He was lying on the king-sized bed in a spacious room. It was simply furnished, having only a bed and a wardrobe with a big mirror on its doors, but everything was neat and had some luxurious elements like golden designs on his pillow or curtains.

'I guess, I'm now a son of some rich family.' He joked in his mind.

Next, he noticed that he was naked from the waist up and had a bandage across his chest. He was lying under purple-gold quilt, so he didn't see it at first.

'Am I injured? But I don't feel anything...' He ran his hand on the chest but didn't feel any pain.

'There is a blood on the bandages. Maybe the previous guy died because of this wound.' He thought.

He carefully opened the bandages but found nothing. His chest was maybe somewhat pale, and his body was thin with little to no muscles, but he was not injured.

'Maybe after the reincarnation, the body was healed for me.' He thought of a reason.

He sat down on the bed and glanced at the mirror that was hanging on his wardrobe doors.

He looked almost exactly as he did in his last life. Blue eyes with short blond hair. The only difference was his body condition.

'I'm too skinny, but that can be worked on later.' He planned.

His family flashed through his eyes. His mother and father, who worked hard, so he could go to school without worry. He could remember their tired-faced when they came back from work, but they didn't stop smiling at him.

It motivated him to work hard so he can take care of them in the future.

'I'm sorry I can't be with you anymore.' he sighed.

He knew that he will miss them dearly but when he thought back to the moment of the fall, he would still do the same.

If he tried, he could escape from the cliff in the last second but then, Xiao Tianshi would die.

He couldn't let that happen, so he didn't regret his choice.

He would do the same if the situation repeated.

'Eh... Tianshi...' He engraved her features into his heart, so he will never forget.

Her delicate hands and hourglass figure. Cherry sweet lips, rosy skin and a pair of almond eyes looked perfect with her straight coral-black hair.

'Okay Xuefeng, take a hold on yourself. You need to move on. Your family is safe, but you are in a different world, alone. You need to plan what to do from now on.' He gave himself a slap across his face to wake up.

He knows that it will be hard, but he needs to focus on the right things now.

Just as he thought about it, he felt a sharp pain in his head. A lot of information and emotions started appearing in his mind. It lasted for about ten minutes until the pain finally started decreasing.

During that time, he couldn't move due that overwhelming emotions. He could feel enormous unwillingness to die, regret and love.

'So, this guy also died to protect his loved one.' The Information's he just received belonged to the previous owner of the body.

He was injured while fighting with the son of his father second brother. He was provoked into a fight when the other side insulted his female servant. He was secretly in love with her, but because of his status, he couldn't be with her.

Those memories were the freshest and were the first thing he saw in his mind.

He then started segregating all information he just received, to learn more about this world.

After a moment, he finally got some vague ideas about this place.