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 Xiao Wen glared at the silent crowd after they avoided her gaze before glancing at the second guard by the gate and repeated, "No problem, right?"

"N-no, milady. E-everything is alright. Milady can enter the city without delay..." The second guard stuttered, shaking his head right away. He didn't dare to look at Xiao Wen and bowed the whole time instead.

For cultivators of low stages, the ability to fly was their ultimate dream and goal. They all believed it was the pinnacle of cultivation as not many heard about higher stages after a Saint in the Aurora Country.

"Oh? What about your rule forbidding Spirit Beasts from entering the city? I am not going anywhere without her." Xiao Wen asked coldly, waiting for the guard to clarify.

"This rule doesn't apply to milady. I will make sure no one troubles milady in the city." The guard quickly promised, afraid to anger the powerful expert. He glanced at Lulu's bloodied teeth but hearing her growl, he looked back into the ground once again.

Seeing him complying with everything, Xiao Wen changed his target towards the one merchant who shouted earlier, thinking no one could recognize him later and pointed at him, saying, "You! Apologise to my sister for being rude."

Gulp. Within the perfect silence, the people around the called merchant heard him gulp and they quickly moved away from him. They were glad they didn't vent their frustration on the poor girl as he did.

"I-I beg your pardon, young lady... Can you forgive me, please..." The man didn't hesitate and approached Yiren and Xuefeng, before he kneeled on the ground, begging for forgiveness. There was no talk about hesitation when the other party had a Saint Cultivator while he was only a weak Merchant.

Seeing the begging man, Yiren felt bad for him and decided to ask Xuefeng to let him go, but he stopped her before she could say anything, knowing exactly what she wanted.

"No. He is getting what he deserves. Next time he will remember that he shouldn't talk trash to others. Let's go." Xuefeng declined and pulled her by the waist, leading everyone into the city. Xiao Wen also landed next to them after glaring at the crowd for the last time and followed him with Lulu.

The city was extremely busy with thousands of people walking back and forth on the streets and when Xuefeng passed through the gate, they were already met with a crazy crowd, almost getting pulled into the river of people. Only when Lulu entered behind them did they receive a small place for themselves near the wall. They had to finish teaching Yiren her life lesson else she wouldn't understand.

"Xuefeng... Why were they all mean to me when I didn't even say anything wrong... Wasn't I nice?" Yiren asked as she hugged Fluff tightly. She really didn't know what just happened.

"You did nothing wrong. Most people in this world are just rude and mean. There is nothing we can do about it." Xuefeng explained, slowly breaking her innocent point of view.

"I don't like it..." Yiren declared, not happy with such truth and asked confused, "Why can't everyone be nice and kind to each other...?"

"Many tried to find a solution for this problem but no one ever succeeded. In this world, strength means everything. Your kindness won't work in most scenarios. Only with strength, you will gain enough respect for others to follow your words." Xuefeng replied while rubbing her cheeks.

"But..." Yiren tried to give some counter argument when Xiao Wen finally appeared next to her and cut her off by saying, "Xuefeng is right. It is better to just show your strength right away. Unnecessary kindness will only invite others to bully you."

"Sister, I was wrong earlier... You are actually much cooler when you are like this..." Yiren admitted her mistakes, recalling Xiao Wen talking coldly to the crowd. She could feel the power behind her words. Thinking about that, her method really looked pathetic.

"What are you talking about. You were also right. Being cold and indifferent to everything is bad too. We need to be kind to our loved ones, but cold and heartless to our enemies. Don't worry, we can both help each other." Xiao Wen hugged Yiren, knowing that they both were lacking something.

"Mhmm, we can." Yiren nodded, thankful that she actually ended up helping and returned the hug. The biggest winner was Fluff who enjoyed being in two beauties embrace.

"I don't know what are you girls talking about, but I'm glad we made some conclusions from this incident. Yiren tell me, what did you learn today?" Xuefeng asked, wanting to make this lesson the first and the last one.

Yiren thought for a moment and answered, "Uhmm, that we first beat them up and only ask questions later?"