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 "How do you know?" Xuefeng asked surprised, not expecting her to guess at first glance at the box.

"There is a Tang Family mark on the box. Xuefeng, tell me. Were the ones you fought the Tang Family members?" Xiao Wen questioned him right away with her face turning serious. Tang Family was too big of a deal for Xuefeng to anger them. Especially now when the war between Xiao Family and them was almost certain.

Xuefeng scratched his head and replied, "I actually didn't ask. I went to meet with Tianshi and pass her the dresses I ordered for her, but who would have thought that I would appear right when someone tried to kidnap her?"

Hearing his last words, Xiao Wen quickly jumped out of Lulu's back, landing right in front of him and cried out, "What?! Is she alright?!"

Hearing her so impatient Xuefeng quickly narrated the story, "Yes, she is alright. Fortunately, I came at the right time and saved her. Tianshi also behaved really calmly during the whole situation and almost ran away on her own, but a strong swordsman stopped her before she could escape."

"Damn bastards! It was definitely Master Kai... They probably wanted to kidnap Tianshi to stop the war from happening. They don't stand a chance against Xiao Family Army." Xiao Wen cursed, instantly knowing who was behind it. At the same time, a rock was lifted from he heart knowing that Tianshi was alright.

"War? Why is your family in war with them? Is that because of my assassination?" Xuefeng guessed, recalling Tianshi mentioning the guy from another powerful family who courted her.

"You think we wouldn't do anything knowing the culprit? You are already tied to our family no matter if you want it or not. Anyway, how did you beat them? They for sure had many Saint Experts with them." Xiao Wen asked curiously as she didn't believe Xuefeng was strong enough to fight them off alone.

Xuefeng shrugged and said humbly, "I only managed to kill two of them as I stalled for your father to come. He eventually came a killed off the rest while I slipped away."

"Mhmm," Xiao Wen nodded already knowing the answer before asking further, "When you use this hidden world to transport anywhere around the world, can you take others with you?"

"It's not possible. Only Yiren can join me as she was born there." Xuefeng patted Yiren on the head making her join the conversation. She rubbed against him with her cheek as her hands were busy holding Fluff and pleaded sweetly, "Is the Tianshi you are talking about my sister? Can I go with you next time you go? I wish to meet her."

"Sure." Looking into her sweet eyes, Xuefeng just couldn't refuse her. He also glared at the rabbit for occupying his girlfriend, but the fluff didn't care as he was in the hands of its owner.

Turning back to Xiao Wen, he asked pointing at the box still in her hand, "So how much is this pill worth?" He only planned to sell a few on the cheaper ones today and decided to leave the rest to Manager Wu for sale, but still asked out of interest.

"You shouldn't sell it. It's a pill that can help gather Air Qi from the air faster. Unless you want to sell the Air Element Cultivation Manual together with this pill, no one will buy it here." Xiao Wen advised after looking at the pill in the box.

"Oh. I might keep it for myself then." Xuefeng kept the box, thinking it might be useful if he wanted to save of Fate Stones before asking, "Shall we get going?" It was already a peak hour for dinner and he suspected that it would be impossible to find a place in a good restaurant if they didn't hurry.

Xiao Wen wanted to talk about more important matters, which were meant only for Fate Holders but knowing they were not alone, she nodded, saying, "Okay, but we have to talk later. I need to tell you some stuff when we are alone."

"Alright," Xuefeng agreed right away and they continued walking. After leaving the forest, they quickly reached the main road leading towards one of the gates and tried to blend into the crowd of merchants. Unfortunately, their attempts turned out to be ineffective.

Actually, it would have been strange if they succeeded as no one in their right mind would stay close to such high ranked Spirit Beast. Lulu also wasn't a friendly tigress anyway, so whenever other people looked her way, she didn't mind showing her fangs at them.

They were quickly isolated from others, but after walking for a while they realising that it wasn't that bad. Having peace and space for themselves allowed Lulu to relax for a bit.

"Why are we stopping?" Xuefeng asked confused seeing that every merchant in front of them stopped moving forward and started waiting.

"They are probably waiting in the queue to enter the city. I don't think we need to wait with them. We can just go past them and enter at the front." Wuying answered and proposed, knowing that they had Xiao Wen and Lulu who could help them force their way in.

Feeling that he didn't want to wait and how far the city was from their spot, Xuefeng decision was quick, "Alright. Let's go." He knew he was no longer on Earth where there was a rule, 'first come, first served' but in the world where if one was strong, one could change the rules.

As they walked on the side, straight towards the city without worrying about the queue, many people wanted to argue and stop them, but the sight of a giant white tigress demotivated everyone.

It hasn't been more than a few minutes until they finally reached the front of the queue and realised what was the problem that forced people to wait. The city was enormous, but with such an influx of people, sometimes in the peak hours, there were just too many people inside which forced the guards to moderate the number of people they allow inside.

Just as they neared, one of the guards spotted them and called out sharply, without batting an eye on Lulu, "No one is allowed to skip the queue! Even rich has to wait like everyone!"

"Yeah! Get out! We were waiting for the whole day but they want to cut in. What a shame." Hearing that the guard didn't mind Lulu presence, the others who were at the front of the queue lashed out at them as well.

"Xuefeng, don't worry. I will ask them nicely to let us in. " Seeing the situation, Yiren decided to help and moved forward before Xuefeng could stop her.

"Hello everyone. We came from really far away and we are all hungry. Can you gentlemen let us in earlier? I would be eternally grateful for that." Yiren smiled sweetly and tried to convince them with her appeal, but before she knew, she was already met with a backlash.

"Who cares! We are all hungry! Go back to the end of the queue!" The merchants shouted at her and even the guard wasn't moved by her cuteness as he said, "Even if you want to enter, Spirit Beasts or any pets are forbidden in the city. You will have to leave your fat rabbit behind.

"She is not fat! That's her fur! I'm not leaving her!" Yiren argued while hugging Fluff into her chest. She didn't understand why those people were so mean to her. She was nice to them, but they only showed hate which made her sad.

'Sigh, at least she will understand now that people are not this kind in this world...' Xuefeng sighed and started walking up to Yiren to shield her as her boyfriend. The earlier she learned about it, the fewer problems they would have in the future. Xuefeng already learnt that the best solution was to display your straight first before talking and all your negotiations will go the way you want.

Just as he reached Yiren, he heard Xiao Wen's voice commanding from behind him, "Lulu, eat him."

"Roar!" Lulu was already waiting for the signal earlier, so when she heard it, she jumped forwards right away, while roaring loudly. Xuefeng only had time to quickly cover Yiren's eyes with his hands before the guard was cut in half by Lulu's bite. He couldn't even react to a rank 6 tigress' speed.

This one move silenced everyone who was around them as they all stopped moving and breathing, hoping they wouldn't become the next target.

Xiao Wen flew up into the sky and glared at the crowd from above, declaring, "That's for making my sister sad. Anyone have a problem with that?"