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 "Okay, let's inform them," Xuefeng said and ordered the eagle to catch up to Lulu.

Flying up to them, Xuefeng first gained their attention and waved to stop them. They both had the barriers which protected them from the wind but also from the sounds outside. Even if he shouted, they would not hear him.

"You guys seem to have a lot of fun!" Xuefeng called out happily as soon as the lifted the barrier. They couldn't hover in the sky for a long period of time as that would only tire Lulu and their eagle, but a short moment was possible.

"Yeah, we are sisters after all. Sisters should stick together, right?" Xiao Wen asked, smiling gently at Yiren to which she happily nodded.

"I am glad. Listen, there is a city in front of us and I wish to stop there for a meal. Let's stop before the gates, so we don't raise up too much attention." Xuefeng proposed.

"Sure, lead the way, we will follow." Xiao Wen said, continuing to smile at him sweetly and put her barrier up again.

Right after, she turned towards Yiren and asked, "Did I do good? I tried to smile naturally."

"Yeah! You looked much more positive. To think that you decided to test your skills on Xuefeng first as he is the hardest target. If you can charm Xuefeng, then you can basically aim at anyone." Yiren praised Xiao Wen for thinking of such a great plan.

"Yeah... I am just testing..." Xiao Wen nodded hesitantly, not knowing what to say. Looking at Yiren's innocent smile, she couldn't get herself to tell her the truth, so she just followed with the flow for now.

Xuefeng, on the other hand, also noticed that something was different about her just now, but he didn't get into more thought about it and quickly just put it aside.

Knowing that they would be entering the city soon and that the clones were already almost out of fuel, Ling released them from their duty, with only one left alive. He was carrying two herbs the clones found on their way which contained bits of Fate Qi. It was almost nothing for the current Ling but almost nothing was still something. They quickly picked them up, before they flew at full speed towards the city.

After a few minutes, they finally came closer to it to a distance that allowed them to measure the size of the city correctly. They had to admit that it was much bigger than their hometown, Phoenix City. It was to be expected as it was created in the place where two famous merchants route were crossing.

The closer to the Sacred Sword Kingdom, the stronger and bigger the cities were and this one was an example of that statement. The defence of the City of Liquor consisted of a giant black wall that surrounded it from all sides and four gates at each side of the Merchant Routes. The wall was almost thirty meters in height and it was enough to stop the majority of experts from breaking sneakily into the city.

One would ask, 'What about the experts who could fly?' Well, the owners of the city also thought about it as they could see a thin layer of protection in the sky, creating a barrier that was meant to block all the invaders who already broke through the Emperor Stage and became a legendary Saints.

Having a Saint level protection around the city was already a luxury for a country like Aurora but when Xiao Wen saw that, she couldn't help but burst out laughing. It was obviously easy as a piece of cake for her to break through it.

"Okay, how about we set some rules of our stay here? I suggest that breaking stuff, killing and beating people up should all be forbidden. Any problems?" Xuefeng told them right after they landed in the nearby forest, a few Li away from one of the gates. He just happened to glance at Xiao Wen the most as he asked which made her eyebrow twitch.

"Why do I feel like you are only talking to me? Am I that bad?" Xiao Wen asked angrily, glaring at Xuefeng for being bias.

"Cough..." Yiren coughed right away hearing her sister like that and quickly pulled her away from them. After walking enough from Xuefeng, she whispered, "Wen, you totally forgot what I taught you... You were not cute at all right now. You can't get angry for no reason like this. You have to go back there and fix it now," before pulling her back with her.

"What just happened?" Xuefeng asked curiously seeing them coming back.

Yiren ran up to Xuefeng and holding him by the hand she said sweetly, "Nothing much, we were just quickly discussing some girls stuff. I also think we should follow such rules as you said. What do you think Wen?"

Xiao Wen watched Yiren in surprise and seeing her blink secretly, she followed her plan for now. Xiao Wen smiled at Xuefeng and gently nodded, saying, "Mhmm, let's follow those rules. I will try to be nice."

Xuefeng's gaze switched from Yiren to Xiao Wen and back to Yiren, curious of what did she do to the Xiao Wen to subdue her. Just a moment ago she was ready to lash at him but now after a small talk with Yiren, she was all smiles.

'I don't know what she said to her, but it's fine as long as it works.' Xuefeng thought and said after picking up Wuying's hand as well, "Let's get going then."

They decided to keep Lulu around them to deter people from approaching them. It would definitely bring them a little bit of attention but at least they wouldn't be troubled by anyone. He could already imagine the jealousy of people if they saw him walking around with three country topping beauties.

"The City of Liquor should definitely have a lot of fine liquors. I wish to try them all." Xiao Wen who rode on Lulu's back said out loud, making sure Xuefeng will hear her. Even if she acted as if nothing happened, she still wanted to give him some playful payback.

"Sure, but I actually don't have any money on me right now, so we will have to visit an auction house or some kind of shop. I will have to sell some loot for Spirit Stones." Xuefeng didn't mind paying for everything as Xiao Wen was working for him, acting as his guardian and Yiren together with Wuying were his girlfriends. It was obvious that he would be the one paying for everything.

"What are you selling?" Xiao Wen followed up with another question. It was quite a boring subject but she just wanted to have a conversation with him.

"Oh, actually, you might have to help me appraise them as I have no clue. Here, can you tell me how much each of them is worth?" Xuefeng exclaimed, recalling that he actually didn't know the price he could sell the pills for. Earlier he already put one pill of each type into one small bag, so he just passed the whole bag to Xiao Wen.

Knowing the quantity on the pills in his ring, he didn't expect there to be any rare types. If there were, he would definitely be rich right now.

"Where did you get them? Those are all rank 5 pills. I don't think there are any of them in the Aurora Country." Xiao Wen frowned, recognizing the pills right away. She was familiar with them as before she got herself a regeneration ability, she would use some of them in her battles.

"Well, I fought with a few guys and this was their loot." Xuefeng explained vaguely, not giving away many details and asked, "Do you know how much they can be sold for?"

"In the Central Region, each type goes for around one high-tiered Spirit Stone per pill, but here, in a country where such goods are scarce, I think you can get quite a lot for each one." Xiao Wen replied without digging deeper from where he got them.

"Great! How about this one?" Getting excited from such news, Xuefeng pulled out a box from his ring and threw it towers Xiao Wen to get it appraised as well. He had seven small boxes in total and each had a pill of different colours. He thought that only precious pills would be put into such boxes.

Unfortunately, this time Xiao Wen didn't respond only with a frown and once again forgot about her positive attitude as she cursed, "Xuefeng, you idiot. Did you actually visit the Central Region?"