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 This is the second part of yesterday's chap, sorry for the delay. Didn't have a choice <>


While Xuefeng was helping Wuying with her training, on the other place, some far away from them, Yiren and Xiao Wen were flying on top of Lulu. They flew further from them so they could talk, without Xuefeng overhearing anything by accident.

Yiren turned around to face towards Xiao Wen and while placing Fluff in the middle between their legs, she grabbed her sister's hands. She was prepared to introduce the art of being cute to her sister.

"Wen, first of all, you have to remember to always stay positive. You have to spread your joy for life to others and make people always have fun around you. Your warmth should be able to fill a whole room and should be felt from far away." Yiren started explaining from her own experience.

"But how do I do that? Aren't I positive right now?" Xiao Wen asked confused.

"You are positive, but you are also too serious and hard to approach. Do you think any man would approach you if there is a killing vibe around you?" Yiren asked with a gentle smile.

"Well... No." Xiao Wen shook her head feeling embarrassed as she recalled each time she beat someone up when they tried to talk to her. The only man who could approach or touch her so far was Xuefeng.

"Don't worry, you can fix it easily. You just need to smile a lot but don't force it. Just smile like you always do and when you feel like it. Being happy is not a sin. The same we can say in regard to laughing. You should laugh when you feel good, laugh to cheer others or simply laugh with others. But don't force yourself. You just shouldn't stop yourself when you feel like acting silly." Yiren rubbed her younger sister's palms and explained further. She always followed the rule of just being herself and it worked for her.

Xiao Wen thought about it and asked, "So I should just have fun, joke around and don't stop myself from acting silly if I want to?"

"Exactly. Just remember to always be natural and stay true to yourself. If you feel like doing something, just do it. Don't let your dreams be dreams. If you feel like chasing after a guy, hugging him from behind and telling him how much you like him, just do it." Yiren encouraged Xiao Wen and looking towards Xuefeng eagle, she added, "I always follow my heart and look. I have the best man I could ask for."

"You think this would work on any guy?" Xiao Wen asked as she also followed with her gaze towards Xuefeng. She somehow wished she would be the one sitting on Wuying place right now, but would she actually get herself to tell him this? She didn't think so yet.

"Mhmm, If it works on Xuefeng, it should work on anyone. If I didn't use my trump card I don't think he would be invested romantically in me, but I don't regret it. I would do it once again if I had to choose again." Yiren nodded, saying lovingly with her eyes brighten the moment Xuefeng face was met with her line of sight.

"I will try my best..." Xiao Wen finally decided to slowly follow her heart. She will just do what she feels like, heading towards her goal.

"Great! Also, shyness isn't a bad thing and it can actually give you a mysterious edge to the way others perceive you. Acting shy and sweet will make you adorable. People will definitely feel like hugging you, at least Xuefeng does. Never really hugged anyone else. Anyway, I think that your cold personality is part of you so you shouldn't change completely. You can mix both together and it will make you unique." Yiren proposed, feeling excited that her tips actually helped her.

"Sis, you are not just as bad as I thought. Thank you." Xiao Wen smiled gently feeling grateful for all the advice and hugged her sister.

Suddenly, Yiren launched her attack at her, tickling Xiao Wen on the side of her belly which made her laugh hard and caused her to cry right away, "Hahaha, stop!"

"Who asked you to think I'm bad! Now its time for your punishment! Haha!" Yiren called out with a peal of happy laughter and soon they both started to tickle each other.

"They seem to have a lot of fun. I'm glad they finally bonded together as sisters." Xuefeng said out loud as he watched the girls playing together.

"Yeah, that's good. Xuefeng look, we can see the city from here already." Wuying nodded before she looked at the horizon and pointed at the big city built in the middle of two valleys crossing each other.

"Okay, let's inform them," Xuefeng said and ordered the eagle to catch up to Lulu.