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"How long do you think it will take us to reach the Border Town if we fly with this speed? We already flew for four hours but the scenery didn't change at all. Nothing but trees in the horizon." Xuefeng asked as he placed his head on Wuying's shoulder.

They flew on low altitude and their speed was lowered to the minimum as well, but even with that, it was hard for the clones to catch up to them. They ran after them with full speed, jumping from one tree branch to another like some kind of ninjas. Ling didn't save on her Spirit Qi and used the best Movement Art this whole time.

This way, the clones used much more Spirit Qi than they could produce on their own which forced them to stop every once in a while to refill their Qi. Xuefeng proposed to use Air Qi to make them wings but Ling was extremely against such waste of Fate Qi.

Now that they weren't in the Holy Land anymore, it was hard to gather Elemental Qi even for Xuefeng. He had to use one hour to fill his dantian to the brim, so if he were to do the same for his clones, then he would have to only focus on absorbing Qi the whole trip.

"At this speed, we should get there by tomorrow. If I am correct, we should pass by a city in about an hour. Its called City of Liquor. We can stay there for dinner as it is famous for their great restaurants and continue our travel later." Wuying proposed before cuddling deeper into his arms. She enjoyed every second on the flight in his embrace, so she was actually happy they were flying slowly.

"Oh, that's great. I was starting to get hungry. Do you want to start practising your Blood Art now? We still have an hour which we could use." Xuefeng asked kissing her on the cheek.

"...Mhmm." Wuying hesitated for a moment hearing his request but in the end, she decided to give it a try. She was with Xuefeng, so there should be nothing to worry about.

"Show me how it works. You can use me as your target too, I don't mind." Xuefeng encouraged her.

"Okay..." Wuying nodded, and after taking a deep breath, she placed her hand on Xuefeng's arm. When she started releasing her Blood Qi, Xuefeng basically didn't have a way to resist as momentarily, his whole body began filling with her own Qi.

Before she acted, he already prepared himself and turned on his defences but that didn't help at all. She breached it all as if there were none.

"Wow, I guess, once it's inside your opponent's body, you can easily get full control over him, right? I tried to protect myself from it but you destroyed my barriers pretty fast." Xuefeng called out excitedly, feeling how overpowered this art can be before asking, "How are you feeling?

"So far, I am fine. I'm surprisingly calm near you. I don't feel any changes. Normally I would already feel like to kill someone. It gets even worse when I try to absorb some Blood Qi directly from an opponent's blood." Wuying nodded with a slight smile and explained the changes. Her eyes already changed colour to red but nothing other than that.

"Keep going. What else can you do with that?" Seeing that his presence was helping, Xuefeng started pushing her further.

Wuying didn't want to go too far, but with his encouragements, she complied, showing him what did full control over someone mean.

"Technically, you are completely under my control now, so I can do sth like this..." Wuying introduced before Xuefeng suddenly felt his body moving on its own and started gently hugging her.

It didn't hurt as he didn't resist her at all, but he could understand what pain would one have to go through if one had thoughts of running away. He felt as if someone was moving his muscles against his will which was a weird feeling and it definitely didn't belong to his favourites.

"What a powerful but dangerous art. If you could control it and use its powers to your advantage, you would definitely topple all experts." Xuefeng declared seriously.

"Mhmm, I know. The only problem is that when I use it, I often forget the reason I am fighting. I just want to kill that person and absorb its Blood Qi. I think I just love you too much and that's why it does not work on you." Wuying thought out load.

"How about you try absorbing Blood Qi from me and we see what happens?" Xuefeng suddenly proposed curiously, but Wuying this time didn't comply and cried, "No! It's okay. Just you being with me can help me with my training. We can continue testing on someone else when we land. I don't want to do anything to you."

"Sigh, fine... We will find you some Spirit Beast for you to train on later... Oh, look. The scenery is finally changing we should be close to the city." Xuefeng sighed regretfully before he noticed that the forests started to end and more mountains started appearing on the horizon.

"Mhmm, we are getting close," Wuying confirmed.