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 'What was it that you said you felt?' Xuefeng asked in his mind as he exited the well inside Nuwa's bathroom. He wanted to fight the other two Saint Experts as his chances of winning this time were much bigger with only two opponents but he suddenly got informed by Ling that someone was spying on them.

'I don't know, it was as if someone was testing the aura around me to feel who am I... What's more, he was actually using Fate Qi as well. It must have been another holder. Fortunately, the moment he wanted to enter into my space, he was suddenly stopped by an invisible barrier around you. I think it was made by your bracelet as I sensed that it activated.' Ling portrayed what happened.

'Mhmm, Xiao Wen warned me that someone will track me down the moment I enter the Central Region. We were right to escape earlier.' Xuefeng nodded, recalling Xiao Wen words. Looking down at his clothes, he evaporated all the water in them and pulled out the black jacket he had hidden earlier. It was extremely uncomfortable to swim with too many clothes, so he decided to take it off before even moving through the portals.

Using water as a form of transportation wasn't perfect and convenient but he couldn't complain having such a useful tool. After finally having something that reminds him of the earth on him, he didn't want to ruin it, so he decided to take it off each time he travelled.

'We need to be careful the next time we go to the Central Region. I would definitely advise you not to return at all but knowing your character, you will definitely go to meet your girl again.' Ling reminded.

'You are right. I can't just leave her alone. I bet my future father-in-law already calmed down and wouldn't mind me staying with them, but I would have to explain how I even got there. Too troublesome for now. I don't want anyone else to know my secrets.' Xuefeng smiled, confirming her theory. Only his lovers had access to his greatest secrets.

'What about that second girl Yi? She knows about your secrets. I introduced myself as an Artefact Spirit, but still, she knows that you have your own space inside an artefact.' Ling asked, which made Xuefeng finally realised this fact.

'Yeah... But I couldn't just leave her there. It would be troublesome to fight while having them around. It already happened, can't change that. I just hope Tianshi will persuade her to stay quiet about it.' Xuefeng shrugged, not worrying about it too much. He had no other choice anyway to act differently earlier.

Walking out of the bathroom, he didn't spot anyone inside Nuwa's throne room. Earlier he didn't stop by to say hi to Nuwa, deciding to do it quickly after he will be coming back.

His trip already took a long time and he could guess that Xiao Wen will curse him after he comes back. Xuefeng just planned to meet with Tianshi and have a sweet moment with her, but it ended up being a battle instead.

Recalling two rings he took from the Saint Experts which he killed with the explosion, Xuefeng pulled them out of his pocket and used his Spirit Qi on them. He could quickly access them as they didn't have an owner anymore.

To his surprise, there were very few Spirit Artefacts he was looking for and instead, he found thousands of pills of different colours. He wanted to gift Nuwa some new artefacts for the auction but the loot turned out to be junky.

'Don't underestimate those pills. You can actually sell them for a fortune.' Ling said, lifting up his lost mood. He couldn't sell them here as the elves wouldn't be able to even use them, so he will have to do so outside.


Just as he contemplated where he should start searching for Nuwa, the door opened and the person in question entered.

They looked at each other, smiled and it wasn't even a second before Nuwa landed in his embrace. There was no need for any words as in silence, a hug was followed by a kiss.

"How come you are back this fast? I thought you will be away for a while. I already braced myself to stay without you for a while and here you are." Nuwa asked after a passionate kiss, quite surprised to see him.

"You are not happy to see me?" Xuefeng turned unhappy and teased which made her seal his lips once again before she cried, "Of course, I am happy! How long will you stay?"

"Not long... Actually, I just wanted to say hi to you before I going back..." Xuefeng said while rubbing her cheeks. He wanted to stay with her more but he couldn't let Yiren and others wait for him.

"Here, I brought some loot for you. Maybe you can auction it as well." Xuefeng gave her the two rings after moving all the pills and two high-ranked weapons he could sell later into his own ring.

"Okay. You didn't leave Yiren alone, right? How is she?" Nuwa took the rings and asked just to make sure. She was still her mother after all and cared for her daughter more than one would think.

"She enjoys the adventure very much and yes, she is with someone who can protect her." Xuefeng nodded, assuring her.

"Mhmm, go then. Thank you for coming. I wouldn't mind if you visited me like this every day." Nuwa nodded and let go of him after a short but deep kiss. It was just what she needed to start off her day.

"Just bear with it for a little longer. After the business stabilises, I can take you out too and we can roam around altogether." Xuefeng felt it was unfair for her to stay here alone, but he couldn't trust anyone else for now.

"I will remind you what you said later, hehe." Nuwa's smiled, knowing that he meant what he said. After a goodbye, Xuefeng finally returned back with the portal and his journey could start.

Appearing inside the lake, Xuefeng swam up to the surface and searched for the ladies. He left them near the shore, expecting them to not go anywhere and behave nicely, but what he saw after he came back, didn't belong under the category, "behaving nicely".

"Yiren! Get back here! Give me that rabbit!" Xiao Wen called out angrily as she chased after Yiren who run away with a fluffy white rabbit in her arms. The rabbit looked scared but it stood put in Yiren's arms knowing that she was its only way of survival.

"Nooo~! She is not going to eat it! Look how cute it is! She can eat those scary beasts instead. Sister, stop it!" Yiren didn't give up running in hope of saving her new friend and suddenly she spotted Xuefeng who was getting out of the water.

"Xuefeng! Sister Wen is a rascal~! She wants Lulu to eat a little fluff-fluff!" Yiren quickly ran up to Xuefeng and showed him the scared white rabbit, before hiding behind him as she heard Xiao Wen approaching.

"She took Lulu's snack away and even tried to convince her not to eat cute animals anymore! Xuefeng, tell her something!" Xiao Wen complained angrily, expecting Xuefeng to listen to her. They didn't even realised how much time passed when Xuefeng was gone as they were busy arguing.

Xuefeng smiled towards them and thought, 'Ah, with them all, I will never get bored.'