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 "I know. That bastard swordsman ran away. Don't worry, I will let them taste the pain later. No one dares to hurt my baby..." Xiao Feng nodded and assured her by patting her on the head as he already planned in his mind how he should destroy the Tang Family.

Boom! Boom!

Just then, they heard two explosions happening underwater and the iceberg shook, which made Xiao Feng frown. He was talking to his daughter but they made noises even though he was nice enough to let them live a few more minutes. He knew there were still five of them who needed to be killed, but he didn't want to leave the girls alone just in case someone else appeared.

"Don't worry, I will take care of them soon. We just need to wait for the others to catch up so they can protect you. I won't leave you guys alone. Tell me, my dear daughter, why are you girls here in the middle of the night?" Xiao Feng assured them before he asked Tianshi with his tone too nice to be true. She knew he was angry, but he was just hiding it.

"I just wanted to take a walk during the night as I wanted some fresh air. I forced Yi to follow me and she had no other choice. Don't punish her..." Tianshi replied with the first thing that came into her mind before hugging Yi, protecting her from her father's wrath.

"How did you guys defend against fifteen Saint Experts and a sage swordsman then?" Xiao Feng asked suspiciously. He knew his daughter's and Yi's abilities and he knew she wouldn't be able to pull it off.

"We..." Boom! Boom! Tianshi started her defence, thinking about what she should say to protect Xuefeng, when another two explosions shook the iceberg, this time to the point it was almost split in half and started flipping to the side.

"Hold on." Xiao Feng quickly held both of them and flew towards the pier.

"They must be fighting..." Tianshi said after they landed, looking back towards the iceberg with worry in her eyes. She was concerned about Xuefeng on instinct, forgetting that her father was right there, watching her.

"So that person fighting them was the one who saved you guys? Who is he?" Xiao Feng asked while sending his Spirit Awareness down the lake. He had to make sure, as he didn't believe she would tell him the truth.

"We don't know who he is... He just suddenly appeared and saved us. He also had a mask..." Tianshi said as she looked down, knowing that it would be impossible to hide the existence of another person. She just hoped that Xuefeng would escape before her father finds him.

"Milady tells the truth... He suddenly appeared and saved us." Yi added seeing that Xiao Feng didn't believe Tianshi.

"We will see about that in a minute..." Seeing signs that Yi wasn't lying, Xiao Feng believed them for now.


A moment ago.

"Madam, should we wait for the situation to resolve itself or interfere? It would be a shame to have such a mystery unsolved if anything happens to this boy." The golden-eyed youth asked worried, not believing in Xuefeng's skills.

He already calculated Xuefeng's chance of winning, and only in a few scenarios out of thousands, could he win versus those four Saint Experts. In those scenarios, one being where Xiao Feng would help him out or one where the four cultivators end up getting killed by Lightning.

"Let's not do anything, for now, I want to see his skills first." The lady in white shook her head, continuing to watch Xuefeng before she asked, "Did you check which Fate Spirit he has?"

"Yes. Now that I am closer I got clearer readings. His Spirit is definitely one of the top ten but I am still not sure which one. Something on him is blocking me from digging deeper. The only thing I could feel was the gender which is female." The golden robed youth reported.

"Oh, that's great! Hopefully, she is the Goddess Ling we are looking for. She is the one we need to start our grand plan. Without her, we don't even need to bother gathering others." The lady exclaimed in happiness, hoping they will have good luck today.

They were up in the sky but they could still see every move Xuefeng made as if he was a bright light bulb walking around in the darkness. In their eyes, only objects with Fate Qi in them were worth watching. They didn't even notice Xiao Feng and the ladies by the pier.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions suddenly happened after Xuefeng shot two Air Qi bullets towards the Saint Experts. They were hoping to see some action but Xuefeng instead decided to fall back and swim away.

"Is he a coward? Even if he has a lower stage, he can still test himself in the fight against stronger opponents." The youth commented with a frown, not expecting such action.

"I don't think so... he is definitely planning something..." The lady said, unsure of what Xuefeng was doing.

They watched interestedly when suddenly their jaws dropped when they witnessed Xuefeng's next actions. After being a certain distance away from his enemies, Xuefeng pulled out a weird token which they have never seen, before disappearing soon after in a strange portal.

"What is that token? Do you know how he is doing it?" The lady asked curiously after getting intrigued by the weirdness of the situation.

"No idea... it's my first time seeing this. If only I had such a token I could investigate..." The youth licked his lips, imagining how many experiments he could do with one.

"Can you still feel him in the Central Region? I think he has already left our zone." The lady asked with a smile.

"Oh! I can't! Did he teleport outside the Region? But that's too far! There are no artefacts that can bring you such distances away!" The youth exclaimed after testing her theory with his ability.

"I guess there are. You should observe here for a while, and see if he can come back once again. Call me when he does." After Xuefeng left, there was no point for them to stay here anymore, so madam left the supervision job to the golden robed man instead, which he gladly accepted.


"Sir, we are sorry to be late!" The group of cultivators landed on the pier and apologized for their slow arrival. They came just after Xuefeng disappeared, and Xiao Feng dived in the water right away after leaving the words, "Protect them."

He already locked on the four cultivators' bodies with his Spirit Awareness, but he couldn't spot the fifth one, as if he had disappeared. It turned out that two of them were already dead, probably killed by the one he was looking for. He quickly killed one of the two remaining cultivators and swam back onto the surface while dragging the last one with him.

"Tell me who was the one that fought with you?" Xiao Feng asked right away as he held the man by his throat.

"...Fuck off... I will die anyway..." The man gritted his teeth and cursed at him, already knowing his fate. Why help your enemy if you are about to die anyway.

"Then just die." Xiao Feng frowned and killed the man just as he wished. He knew nothing will help if the man was already ready to die. He didn't have time for tortures.

Dropping the body back into the lake, Xiao Feng said quietly as he looked at his daughter, "Whoever you are that saved them, thank you."