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 In a place hidden from normal people, where only people with special powers could enter, life was moving forward like usual. It was a place where Fate Fragment holders could chill away from the public eye and gather around their own. Of course, it was also not a kind place for weak people, as those were quickly eaten by the strong.

In one of the hidden rooms in the main palace of that place, a young man around twenty years old wearing a golden robe was sitting cross-legged, with his eyes closed. Suddenly he opened his eyes, showing his golden pupils to the world and smiled, saying to himself, "Another bright star joined us in our destiny."

Standing up, he left the room through an only door, entering into a grand hall. It just happened that there was a party in the palace right now, so what he saw were many tables filled with great food and a hundred plus people dancing, conversing with each other or just enjoying good food.

As he walked through the crowd, no one actually greeted the golden robed man as if they didn't see him. Some guests almost hit him as they walked but every time he skillfully dodged their movement and proceeded to move forward. In such a fashion he reached the main table and approached a person sitting at the highest placed chair at the top of the table.

The person's face was hidden from the guest's view, but one could easily guess the gender as the person wore a pure white princess style dress with gold ornaments. With her gentle and small smooth hands, she lifted a glass of red wine, savouring it with small sips.

When one looked at the lady's body it was normal, but if one looked at the lady's face, it somehow looked blurred, not showing anything. In this hall, there was no one who has seen the grand lady's face, other than the referee who was sitting right next to her and the golden-eyed youth.

The youth moved close to the lady's ear and whispered, "Madam, I sensed that another new Fate Fragment Holder entered the Central Region..."

"Hmm? What is the problem? You wouldn't come if everything was alright." The lady had a warm and lovely voice, which would make one smile if anyone heard her. Unfortunately, somehow no one could hear her other than the golden robed youth as if they talked on another wave than others.

"Not a major problem, but I noticed something weird. Normally I would find out about new fragment the moment its holder would enter the Central Region, just as one would pass the barrier we set thousands of years ago. Even if one was born in the Central Region, I would know if fragment awakened inside of them." The Golden robed youth explained.

"Please, tell me what happened already. What is the main point...?" The lady asked as she put the wine back down onto the table. Every time she talked to the youth, she suffered from the long explanations which she decided to cut short right from the start.

"He didn't pass the barrier and he didn't awaken today. He found a way to enter the Central Region while dodging my senses. Isn't that fascinating?" The Youth asked excitedly after providing the short version she wanted.

"Yes, very interesting. Where is he right now?" The lady asked curiously after she picked her wine glass once again and started drinking.

"Not far. By the lake near the capital. I planned to go right away to inform him about the rules." The golden robed youth informed, before looking at the ongoing party and asking, "Does milady wants to go...?"

"Of course I am going. This party is boring. Everyone is so scared of me that no one ever talks to me..." The lady confirmed right away and drunk the rest of the wine in one gulp.

The lady then stood up and said to everyone, "Everyone, there is an incident I need to take care of for a moment, I will be back before the party ends. Please enjoy yourselves," and without waiting for their answer, she disappeared together with the golden robed youth.

'I guess there will be another special fragment on the scene. I hope he will be as interesting as the last one.' The old man referee thought as he continued to eat his roasted ribs from the plate.


"Xuefeng, keep your hands in check!" Tianshi slapped Xuefeng's hands seeing how red Yi's face was even though she said she didn't mind what he did.

"Okay, I will keep my hands only for you." Xuefeng agreed right away before grabbing Tianshi into his arms and teasing her breasts instead. They were in such a small space that she couldn't escape from him anyway.

"Xuefeng, Yi is here!" Tianshi shouted as she hit him lightly on the leg, but that only made him want to play more. If only they were not in such a dangerous situation, he would definitely swallow her whole.

"Those bad guys are trying to enter here. They froze quite a bit of water around us, creating a huge iceberg. We should already be near the surface so only if we can cut through the top, we can escape." Xuefeng let go of her with one hand and touched the ice wall around them, figuring the plan.

His second hand was still feeling the softness and roundness of her chest, but at this point, Tianshi stopped caring, seeing him ignore her. After all, Xuefeng came in the perfect moment and saved her, which made him deserve a prize.

"Aren't there even more of them, above in the sky?" Yi tried to join the conversation once again after being initially ignored by Xuefeng.

Xuefeng nodded and explained, "There are. I killed two of them, so there would be four of them still in the water while ten of them should be observing from above. We have no other choice but to break through them and run away."

"Can't we just wait for my father to arrive? I already sent the signal. He should be here any minute." Tianshi proposed, not surprised that Xuefeng could actually kill two Saint Experts as she believed in him wholeheartedly, but Yi, on the other hand, was shocked. Xuefeng even said it with such ease, as if Saint Cultivators were nothing for him.

"Well, we can't. They are going to reach us soon if we don't do anything. Hold onto me tightly." Xuefeng called out before he touched the ice with his hands. If they could dig in the ice, so could he. Maybe he didn't know how to turn water into ice, but it should be too hard for him to control it.

Releasing his Water Qi into the ice, he tried to move it around the same way he would do with earth, and it turned out his attempt was successful. The ice started shifting, and soon a tunnel which led upwards on an angle was created.

Producing a small bomb made of different types of Qi, Xuefeng left it on the ground before inviting the ladies into the tunnel, saying, "Let's go. Ladies first."

Just as they were halfway out, they heard an explosion coming from the chamber and the iceberg shook, almost knocking them back down. Thankfully Xuefeng predicted the explosion and was ready to catch both of them.

"Thanks..." Yi thanked as she awkwardly lied down on his chest.

"No problem. This will buy us more time. Let's move forward." Xuefeng gave her a sweet smile and helped her up.

When they finally reached the surface, being behind just a five-centimetre thick wall, Tianshi heard something and cried out, "Wait, I hear the sounds of the battle!"

"It must be your father..." Xuefeng deduced, his smile disappearing.

"Yeah, isn't that amazing? Why are you not smiling?" Tianshi asked, noticing that Xuefeng's expression changed.

"I think it means that you two will have to separate again..." Yi said, translating the feelings she could see looking at his eyes.

"Noo, I don't want that..." Tianshi finally understood, recalling her father's words, but she still didn't want him to leave her.

"If he sees me, he will ask many questions. I'm not supposed to be here. Here, take this. Wear them and think of me." Xuefeng rubbed Tianshi's cheeks and gave her the ring with her dresses before promising her, "I will be coming back into this lake every week from now on. We will be able to meet like this."

"I will come... Mhmm," Tianshi promised before she was suddenly kissed by him. She hated that she couldn't be with Xuefeng all the time while roaming around the world.

"He is coming... He sensed my Spirit Awareness... I need to go." Xuefeng said, each time giving Tianshi a small kiss before he finally let go of her and slid back down the tunnel.

"I will be waiting!" Tianshi cried out before he disappeared from her vision.


The last wall separating them from the surface broke as Xiao Feng poked it lightly with his Hammer. When he saw the two ladies unharmed, he sighed in relief.

"Thank god, you are okay..." Xiao Feng quickly hugged Tianshi into his arms, before he pulled them out of the iceberg. As he hugged her, he accidentally covered her in the blood that drenched him, which made her cry worriedly, "Dad, you are bleeding!"

"It's not my blood, it's theirs. To dare to try to hurt you, they deserved death..." Xiao Feng said as he pointed his hammer towards the lake, and Tianshi finally understood where this blood came from.

There were 11 bodies floating on top of the water, completely massacred. Not even one had a complete body and each was either smashed or ripped. It was not a very nice sight for a girl like her, but she didn't avert her gaze. To be able to stay by Xuefeng's side, she couldn't be a weak lady.

"It was the Tang Family," Tianshi informed his father, but looking at his angry face, he probably knew that already.

"I know. That bastard swordsman ran away. Don't worry, I will let them taste the pain later. No one dares to hurt my baby..." Xiao Feng nodded and assured her by patting her on the head as he already planned in his mind how he should destroy the Tang Family.