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 It didn't take long for them to arrive at Clan Leader Mansion, as it was just next to his own. The guards, they met on the way, were much more polite than before. It only took one day for everyone to know about yesterday events.

Now, he was not only the Young master of Liu Clan but also a cultivator with the highest Spirit Talent of all time in the Clan. If he has enough resources, he was bound to reach high stages.

"Good afternoon, Young master, Miss Wuying. Clan Leader is expecting you." Elder Ming greeted them as they entered through the entrance.

"Hello, elder. I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you yesterday." He knew that he almost destroyed the whole hall.

"No problem, no problem, It's good that you safely advanced. Go meet with Clan Leader and later I will take you to Spirit Treasury, so you can take your pick." He waved with his hands to stop his apology.

"Okay elder, we will head upstairs first then." He said before hopping on the stairs.

When Wuying passed by the elder, he subconsciously glanced at her once again. She looked somewhat different today.

'Maybe It's just my imagination.' He shook his head as he dismissed the thought.

While they were walking up the stairs, Xuefeng suddenly heard Ling excited voice 'I can feel Fate Fragment in this building!'

'Oh, that's great. Tell me when you locate the exact person. I will then talk to him.' Xuefeng was also pleased that he can finish his race against time earlier.

'Okay!' She acknowledged.

When Xuefeng and Wuying arrived in front of Liu Xiaobei study, they entered without knocking.

But they soon regretted it. His mother, Mu Lan, was sitting on his father lap and kissing him gently on the lips.

Usually, they would notice them coming with their Spirit Awareness, but they just didn't pay attention as they were busy with themselves. Only when duo entered the room, did they moved away from each other as if nothing happened.

Wuying sneaked a peek at Xuefeng lips and blushed thinking about something naughty.

"You took some time to get here, did you sleep well?" Liu Xiaobei started talking.

"Yeah, I had good rest and I feel great today." He said shamelessly as he sat down on the sofa.

"Well first, congratulations on achieving Spirit Grandmaster stage." Liu Xiaobei rolled his eyes at him and said.

"Thanks." Xuefeng nodded.

"Second, we agreed to Wuying request that she will be your cultivation and Spirit Arts teacher in the near future. She has a great experience with it, so we don't have a problem with that." Liu Xiaobei smiled mysteriously with a hint of pity for his son.

Xuefeng found that suspicious but he didn't dwell on the subject. He thought she was capable enough as a Shadow Guard member.

"The next thing we would like to talk about is yesterday event... Do you have anything to tell us?" Clan Leader paused before he asked.

"Actually, I didn't tell you earlier, but the same beggar I met a week ago, also gave me a white flower with 6 petals. He said it will help me with my talent, so I ate it before the Spirit Awakening Ceremony." He narrated the story as if it was real.

He couldn't tell anyone the truth. If other Fate Fragment holders get to know a weakling like him appeared, they will kill him before he can become strong.

"I already checked, but there wasn't anyone in the city like that. You should know you can trust us." Liu Xiaobei already checked the truth, so he knew his son was lying.

Seeing his son silent he gave him some time to think.

'Tell him that the method you used, can only be done by you. Every Fate Fragment has a special power, unique for each of us. Mine is increasing talent.' Ling helped.

"I will tell you someday. For now, I can only say, that the method I used, can't be done by anyone but me." He finally admitted.

"Can it be used on others?" Clan Leader asked with his eyes lit up.

Xuefeng waited for Ling answer.

'Yes, but before we can try again, you will have to get at least 2 another fragments.' She said after a moment of calculation.

"I don't know yet, maybe. I will need to get a lot stronger before I can even try. I will help to increase your talents as soon as I can." He promised sincerely. He was always filial.

"It's okay, we were just asking. We already told everyone that you ate Six Petals Lotus Flower, so you just have to stick to the story when someone asks." Mu Lan said before her husband could talk.

They didn't want to pry into his son secrets and it was already enough to receive his promise.

"By the way, Wuying, you look really beautiful today." Mu Lan as a fellow woman noticed the change.

"I thought so too," Xuefeng said unconsciously as he nodded.

Both of his parents looked at each other with a knowing smile and didn't comment. They already knew his son affection for Wuying. She was sitting by his side and lowered her head embarrassed.

"Okay, there are two more things we wanted to talk about. Later you will go with Elder Ming and choose your Spirit Artefact. As you already broke into Spirit Grandmaster stage, usually you would have 3 chances to enter Spirit Treasury, but because you are my son, you can enter 4 times. There are many rare Spirit Artefacts in there." Liu Xiaobei continued the meeting.

"Even if you can't get any, we will definitely prepare some good Spirit Artefacts for you." His mother interrupted again.

"Okay, then I don't have to worry. How about Spirit Arts?" He asked curiously.

"Everyone has different Spirit Arts that suits them. As Wuying is your teacher she will select some for you." Liu Xiaobei said.

Xuefeng looked at Wuying and he felt like he couldn't wait for the lessons to begin.

Liu Xiaobei and Mu Lan noticed his gaze and smiled bitterly.

'He doesn't know yet, how unlucky he is...' They both thought at the same time. They knew how demanding Wuying was with her Shadow Guards.

"Wuying, when you teach him, you can be lenient a bit. He just started cultivating, we don't want to discourage him." Clan Leader said trying to help his son.

She lifted her lowered head and her face became calm.

"I already prepared a special training plan for him. Clan Leader doesn't need to worry." She said with a little smile.

'He is done for.' They both sighed at the failed attempt.

"Another thing I wanted to talk about is the business relationship between us and Trade Union. Do you know about it?" Liu Xiaobei asked.

"Yeah, Wuying told me the news on the way here." She also told him that it was Manager Wu who initiated it.

"Manager Wu asked for you to be the main person responsible for this business. She also said that she will need your help in the future with something and I agreed in your place."

"Why did she ask for me?" Xuefeng asked confused. She gave him a golden card out of blue and now this.

"I don't know, you will have to ask her. Anyway, this deal is very beneficial to the Liu Clan. We can sell some of our local resources to them for 20% higher than market price and we can buy at their shops with 20% discount. It will help us grow tremendously." Liu Xiaobei narrated excitedly.

"Won't they lose money because of that?"

"No, they won't. At most, they will just lose some profits." Clan Leader explained.

"Well, I'm fine with everything." Xuefeng agreed. It's not like Manager Wu would ask him for something ridiculous, right?

"Then It's settled. Oh, one last thing, there is one person that wants to meet you. I will call for her now." Liu Xiaobei took out a medallion. He sent his Spirit Qi inside, which caused it to shine brightly.

"Okay, she will be here in a second." He said after a moment and put it back into his dantian.

Wuying face changed when she heard someone else was coming. When she heard it's a female, she was even more alert.

She looked with a questioning gaze at Clan Leader, but he just smiled helplessly.

'Xuefeng, the person with Fate Fragment is outside the room, I think it's the person your parents want you to meet.' Ling suddenly said.

Hearing her, he could not wait for the meeting.

Wuying seeing him so happy, her face darkened.

"Knock, Knock."

"Come in." Liu Xiaobei said, but secretly thought 'There will be a fight for sure...'