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 One hour earlier in the Liu Clan.

Yiren kissed Xuefeng the moment he opened his eyes as if she was waiting for him and said quietly, "Good morning Xuefeng~"

"Mhmm, good morning..." Xuefeng hugged her when she wanted to pull away and prolonged their usual morning kiss. Each time Xuefeng slept together with Yiren, she always welcomed him with a kiss the moment he opened his eyes. He got quite used to it already, so when she wasn't around, he felt like there was something missing in his life.

She already got heavily involved in his life, being the shiny bright light in his everyday existence. She was the sweetest and the kindest girl Xuefeng knew. If one proposed to him that they could switch Yiren for many other beauties, he would definitely not agree. She was already his and only his.

"Shhh, let's not wake her up. She is still soundly asleep..." Yiren put a finger on top of Xuefeng's lips to prevent him from talking, as she pointed at Wuying who was still cuddling onto Xuefeng's chest.

"I have never seen her sleeping so soundly. She must be having a good dream." Xuefeng said and at the same time, as if to confirm his words, Wuying hugged him tighter. She did not allow him to go away.

"Mhmm, probably. Well, you can't move your body, but you don't need to move for me to taste those..." Yiren nodded before she smiled as she leaned over and patted Xuefeng's lips again.

"Oh, really?" Xuefeng got intrigued by her trying to act alluring and licked the finger she placed on his lips, which made her giggle. She leaned more and they kissed passionately once again, deepening their bonds.

"...No... Xuefeng, help me..." Suddenly they heard Wuying randomly saying stuff in her sleep, which forced them apart. Xuefeng quickly moved his gaze onto Wuying who had a frown on her face and shivering lips.

"Wuying? I am right here." Xuefeng instantly reacted and hugged Wuying into his arms while calling out to her. He rubbed her cheeks, trying to wake her up but no matter what he did, she continued to mutter in her sleep.

From Wuying's point of view, earlier she dreamed about walking around the grasslands hand in hand with Xuefeng and she could not enjoy herself more. Unfortunately, suddenly her surroundings changed. The world collapsed and darkness started swallowing everything around them.

They ran and ran, escaping from the darkness until Wuying was out of stamina and could not run anymore, which caused her to collapse on the ground. Xuefeng tried to pick her up, but suddenly his leg was caught by the darkness and he was pulled back, right when their hands were about to touch. The darkness began turning into blood and Wuying was soon drowning in it.

"No! Xuefeng, help me!" Wuying called out as the pool of blood turned into a whirlpool and she was being sucked deeper and deeper into the blood pool. She tried to reach out to Xuefeng's hand which he desperately tried to extend to save her, but the blood kept getting into her eyes, which blocked her vision.

"Wuying! I'm right here!" She heard him crying out to her and she tried to locate his hand by his voice. He kept calling out to her and after a few tries, she finally caught it.

"Hold me tightly...!" Wuying let out those last words before the blood waves completely covered her head, only to be strongly pulled out by Xuefeng right after. He quickly hugged her tightly as if he tried to squeeze the demons out of her before he covered her lips with his.

"Wuying, are you alright? You just had a nightmare." Xuefeng asked seeing that Wuying finally behaved normally after they separated. She opened her eyes, very confused about what happened and looked around before finally landing her gaze at Xuefeng and hugged him once again.

"Yes, I'm alright... Thanks to you..." Wuying said as she sighed in relief. She hugged him tightly hoping that he didn't see her eyes colour change a moment ago, but she knew there was a low chance of that happening. She used to take care of that, but today it happened by accident.

Sure enough, Xuefeng pulled away from her and said, "Wait, look me in the eyes..."

"What is wrong with my eyes?" Wuying asked innocently, showing her blue eyes which already reverted back to normal.

Xuefeng's face turned serious and he asked sternly, "Do not lie to me, Wuying. They were bloody red just a moment ago. Was it like this yesterday night too? Was this what you tried to hide from me by closing your eyes?" He didn't like her hiding the truth.

"Mhmm..." Seeing Xuefeng's expression, she could not get herself to hide it from him anymore and nodded.

She expected him to scold her for hiding such information from him, but to her surprise, Xuefeng kissed her instead and asked while rubbing her cheeks, "Does it hurt? What are the symptoms that cause it?"

"No... It doesn't hurt... They change colour when I get emotional... When I am with you, they disappear as you calm me down..." Wuying shook her head, looking at him while thinking how blessed she was to be with him and she explained calmly.

"Uff, I was worried that you are in danger... When did this start? Does it affect you in any way?" Xuefeng sighed in relief knowing that Wuying was safe but still asked more to make sure.

Knowing that there was no need to hide anything from him anymore, Wuying told him everything, "It started from the moment I left the Blood Inheritance and began training the Blood Arts I gained there... My emotions often get out of control now. Only when I am with you can I calm down..."

"Sigh... Then I hope you can stop training it, or else it will only get worse. I don't want anything bad happening to you, okay?" Xuefeng asked to confirm that she understood.

"Yes, I promise." Wuying nodded which to Xuefeng rewarded her with a kiss.

"If you feel that anything is happening, just tell me. I will help you." Xuefeng assured Wuying while hugging her before he reached out and hugged Yiren as well. He wanted to be a pillar of support for all of his women.

"Okay, let's get out of the bed. It is morning already." Xuefeng called out and stood up.

It was the first day of their journey so he could not help but get excited. Of course, before they could begin it, there was one more thing he needed to do. He needed to visit Tianshi at least once. He didn't know if there would be an opportunity to do so later, which made today the best chance.

Firstly, he wanted to make sure she was fine after their rushed goodbyes and secondly, there were a couple of dresses in his hands that he wanted to deliver to her. There might be one set missing as he gifted it to Yiren, but she should still be happy.

When everyone got dressed and ready, leaving their rooms, Xuefeng noticed that Xiao Wen actually looked quite tired, but when he tried to ask her about it, she only blushed before glaring at him and walking away without leaving any words. His instinct somehow told him to not dig deeper into it.

"Xiao Wen, can you take care of them for a bit? I have something to take care of." Xuefeng asked when they landed on the shore of the familiar lake. He already used it a few times to travel between worlds, and now he planned to do so another time.

"Do whatever you want..." Xiao Wen replied unhappily, still not over her yesterday's experience. She only wanted to beat him up today and she already did him a favour by not doing it.

"Come back quick!" Yiren called out after hugging him for a goodbye. She was the only one who had any idea of what Xuefeng was about to do, so she knew he would be safe.

"Yes. Stay safe," Xuefeng nodded and kissed both of his girlfriends before running towards the lake.

Xiao Wen looked at Xuefeng's back, before glancing at Wuying's and Yiren's lips, thinking 'To think I wanted a goodbye kiss from him so badly. Idiot...'


'Brr, so cold. Now I only need to find Tianshi and the mission is accomplished.' Xuefeng thought after appearing in the ice cold water. He had to first enter the Holy Land and then travel one more time to Tianshi's location. The only disadvantage of this tactic was that he could only appear in a nearby water source, so if she was in her Clan right now, he would most likely appear in the lake outside the city, just like in his hometown.

'To think that it is evening here already. Hope she is not too far away." Xuefeng thought as he swam towards the surface until suddenly he halted, noticing someone was sitting on the pier.