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 Slap! Slap! Slap!

"Idiot! You can not even do one thing correctly! Look at the mess you created!" Tang Fei slapped his son repeatedly as he cursed at him. He thought that he would be able to save the situation with the Xiao Family, but nothing he did helped. As there was nothing else to do, he vented his anger on the person responsible for that.

"It is not my fault! I picked the best of the best to do the job..." Tang Taizong defended himself but it only caused his father to hit him even harder.

"Bullshit! Your best of the best failed his job and was probably chased away by Xiao Feng who happened to be there. Now, all of our business contracts which we had with Xiao Family, were halted after he came back, and now he is suppressing us in other areas. The war between our families is now inevitable and it's all because of you!" Tang Fei exclaimed before he proceeded to beat his son up until he had sufficiently relieved his stress, and Taizong finally lay on the ground in pain.

"Looking at Xiao Feng's reaction, the assassin you hired probably revealed the identity of the person who ordered the murder, which is you! To think that you were so stupid to not even hide your face when you talked to him. Gosh... What did I do to have such a stupid son..." Tang Fei sat down on the chair and continued his speech as he massaged his temples.

"We can still fix it!" Taizong called out desperately to his father as he struggled to sit down on the floor. He was no match for his father in terms of strength, so he did not even defend, or else it would get even worse.

Tang Fei hit the table and shouted, "Bah! There is no 'We' anymore! You will stay away from everything from now on until you finally start using your brain!"

"We can kidnap Tianshi and make her our hostage! This way we would be able to make Xiao Family our puppet!" Not caring about his father's threats, Taizong still suggested his plan.

Tang Fei glared at his son as he called out loudly, "You think I did not think about that?! It is actually the only effective way to stop the war from happening. Others might despise us later but in the times of war there are no rules, so I already carried out the orders."

"That's great! Cough, cough..." Hearing his father, Taizong smiled while exclaiming happily but then he was suddenly hit once again by his father's leg, which made him fly to the other corner of the room.

"Don't even think about touching her. It was all because of you the whole family is in this mess. All that awaits you are punishment." Tang Fei said before he turned to the guards and ordered, "Take him away and lock him up in his room. Until I say otherwise, don't let him out."

"Yes, sir!" The guards who stood by the doors nodded and picked Taizong up before taking him away. They were only obedient to Tang Fei so there was no risk they would let him go.

"Oh, Xiao Feng... You shouldn't have started this war... You could just follow our plan... Sigh..." Tang Fei sighed as he thought out loud.


"Milady, it is almost midnight, we have to go back to the city before the guards close the gates..." Yi called out to Tianshi worriedly, seeing her still sitting on the edge of the wooden pier. Since they came back, Tianshi would insist to come to the closest lake near the city every single evening.

The lake was extremely cold, but one could still spot Tianshi playing around in the water with the tip of her toes despite this obstacle. She stared at the water as she rubbed a round token in her hands. She got it from Xuefeng right before they were separated and this habit of hers calmed her down.

She recalled the words that he would use it to reunite with her thanks to this token and connecting his previous stories with the present information, she figured out that he would travel by the water. She did not especially know how he would do that as it seemed quite impossible, but she still believed him.

She kept waiting for him every night in the hope that he would finally arrive, but after a few days, nothing happened. The water was as still and cold as ever. She knew that there was a high possibility that she would have to wait a lot more, but she still missed him.

"Okay..." Hearing Yi's reminder, Tianshi nodded and finally stood up keeping her token away. She was not destined to meet her lover today but that did not take her smile away from her face. Each time she imagined Xuefeng coming to meet her, it would always put her in a good mood.

"Milady, you know that we are already risking a lot by sneaking away together from the palace and coming here... The atmosphere between Xiao Family and Tang Family is very tense at the moment. There is a huge chance that there will be a great war between our two families, so it is too dangerous to go alone like this..." Yi said worriedly.

Each time they left the palace she always looked around them on full alert, regretting every day that she agreed to sneak anyway once again. But, she could not help it. Yi was very against it at first, but when Tianshi told her that they can meet Xuefeng with this method, she was somewhat convinced and she followed with Tianshi's plans. She also wanted to meet with him

"Do not worry. No one is coming near this lake anyway. I told you we should be safe." Tianshi approached Yi and assured her.

Fizz... Fizz.

"Did you hear that?!" Suddenly Tianshi heard the bubbles in the water and she quickly returned to the edge of the pier. She saw various ambits on the water spreading around, but nothing else other than that. Tianshi waited for a moment but no one popped out of the surface as she expected and she sighed.

"It was probably a fish... Milady we should really go. I get a feeling that something is not alright..." Yi approached the edge as well and tugged at Tianshi's clothes to convince her to go back. As she looked at their surroundings, something was telling her that it was not the right day to wander around at night.

"Yeah probably... Okay, let's go. We can always come back tomorrow." Tianshi agreed and they put on their hoods back on their heads before heading back.

Just as they were halfway through the pier, they suddenly felt the presence of someone else behind them and they quickly pulled out their weapons. There was no one around them just a moment ago, but suddenly someone appeared, which instantly made them alerted. There were only a few types of people who would sneak behind others in the middle of the night, and none of them were positive.

When Tianshi and Yi turned around with their weapons aimed at the person, they heard a dead male voice asking them, "I wonder why such fine ladies like you are walking outside, alone in the dark?"