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 Xuefeng thought that this night will be quite awkward with Xiao Wen staying in the second room while still watching them with her Spirit Awareness, but when he actually got to bed with Wuying and Yiren he slowly forgot about Xiao Wen spying on them, and just thought about what was in front of him.

Wuying was the most pitiful out of all of his girlfriends as they spend the least time being intimate with each other. Xuefeng knew that he had to satisfy her plenty as they finally met after more than three months, and she actually expected the same.

Xuefeng was not exactly in the mood because of the situation with Ling, but he thought that maybe if he drowned himself with pleasure, his thoughts would clear a bit. He didn't need to convince the ladies as they were already very willing to do anything for him without even him asking.

Wuying was the first one who threw herself at Xuefeng with desire. Her outfit dropped to the ground as they kissed even before they entered the bed. There was no need for any words as she knew what she wanted. That night she wanted to be savoured by him over and over until they couldn't anymore.

After she kissed him until she was full, she started going down on him while taking off all the clothes she had in her way. At this point, Yiren also joined in on the fun and took over Xuefeng's lips, which were left unattended. Knowing that all he was focused on today was the pleasure that could repair his lost mood, Xuefeng held both of her hidden ears and rubbed them as he danced together with her tongue.

They were already very experienced with each other's tactics, so he knew what to do to make her feel better. When Wuying finally reached towards his waist area, she didn't hesitate like she did with their first time, and grabbed it confidently. After a few recognition stokes, her tongue moved right away from the shaft up to the head.

Xuefeng didn't see it but as Wuying changed from licking to sucking and then swallowing, her pupils started to fill up with red. Her desire for more began gradually increasing as she swallowed deeper and deeper with each movement. Wuying quickly got the feeling that something was missing for her, and she tried different things to find what it was.

She used her breasts to please him more while gently kissing the tip but there was still something missing for her. The endless desire was filling her up entirely, and she finally tried the last option. While Yiren and Xuefeng were still kissing, she suddenly separated them and pushed him onto the bed.

"Wuying, why so suddenly... Mhmm..." Xuefeng asked confused when he felt that Wuying already jumped onto his body hurriedly, but he didn't get an answer as she instead started kissing him deeply while stroking his staff up and down.

"I want you so badly... I waited for three months..." Wuying finally whispered as she switched to kissing his neck and Xuefeng could feel the burning desire in her voice. Instead of letting her ride on him, he rolled on the bed, putting her underneath him. Feeling the gentle rub on his back, he knew that Yiren was giving him a green light to satisfy Wuying first and saying that she will wait.

Having Yiren's support, Xuefeng quickly entered inside of Wuying, which made her cry out in pleasure. With that simple push, Wuying finally realised what she desired. She wanted him and only him. She wanted everything, his body and his mind to be solely focused on her.

He thrust into her with his usual strength and kissed her lips while having their fingers wrapped together. It was exactly what she wanted.

"I love you so much... Do you also love me...?" Wuying said out of breath with her words filled with emotions as they separated. Her eyes were closed but at that point, Xuefeng didn't find that weird.

Xuefeng rubbed her cheeks saying sweetly, "I do." before kissing her again which made her extremely happy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and just hugged his naked broad chest as he pumped with his waist.

Loosening her arms, he glanced at her face again and noticed her eyes were still closed so he said warmly, "Hey, look at me..." Unfortunately, she responded differently from what he imagined and instead kissed him again trying to silence him.

Sensing that something was not in the right order, he pulled away from her again and asked concerned, "Is something wrong?"

"I'm fine... Don't stop moving..." Wuying assured him as she hugged him, avoiding his gaze. After seeing that he didn't continue, she flipped him herself and started working with her waist by herself.

"Wuying, don't ignore me, aaah..." Xuefeng tried to talk to her one more time but she still didn't reply and only intensified her movements as an answer, which made him moan lightly.

From that moment, it did not take Xuefeng long to finally release his seeds as she moved rhythmically while repeating how much she loved him. Only after Wuying dropped onto his body without strength, she opened her eyes and looked at him, saying with a smile, "I'm alright, see? You don't need to worry about me..."

"I see..." Xuefeng rubbed Wuying's cheek and nodded staring into her blue eyes. In the end, it was just him thinking too much. From the side, Xuefeng could feel Yiren cuddling up to him, so he reached out and embraced her.

"I know you were in bad mood today... I am fine just like this. You don't need to push yourself this hard." Yiren said, recalling Xuefeng's emotions that she felt through their connection, and cuddled into his chest without expecting anything.

"You are too good for me... Sometimes I think I am too fortunate to have you all by my side..." Xuefeng gave Yiren a kiss, feeling lucky he had her before he hugged them both and said thinking how his life would look like if he didn't meet any of them.

In the opposite room, Xiao Wen was laying down on the bed with her head drowned in the pillow. She didn't know what to actually think as each time she thought about Xuefeng, she would imagine him sleeping with other women.

'Idiot... You knew that I will see everything but you still did it... Did you want to show me how good it feels to be with you...?' Xiao Wen thought as she tried to not release her Spirit Awareness outside, but each time she retreated it, she couldn't help but send it back again.

She didn't feel like herself anymore. Normally she wouldn't think about any men for an extended period of time but Xuefeng kept coming into her mind. Each time she tried to chase him away in her mind, he insisted on coming back and haunt her again right after.

"Aaargh!" Xiao Wen hit her head onto a pillow and cried out into it, suppressing the sounds before she thought, 'I won't be able to sleep... When I meet him tomorrow, I will for sure beat him up... It's all his fault...'