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 When Xuefeng told his parents that he is leaving to explore the world, they were quite worried at first and Liu Xiaobei even decided to test his son's skills first. Even if he had Xiao Wen with him for protection, he still had to be able to protect himself.

For his parents to be able to stay home without any worries, Xuefeng was supposed to strike the black wall in Clan Leader's study, and leave a half a foot deep hole in it. When he heard of this challenge Xuefeng was more than happy to take it. He still had some unfinished business with that black rock.

Knowing that the Fire Qi wouldn't help Xuefeng against the rock, he pulled out his Black Flames Slayer and instead of using its ability to convert Qi into Flames, he covered the blade with sharp Lightning Qi. Creating a neat Lightning sword this way, Xuefeng slashed against a wall and found it amazing that he actually didn't feel any obstruction at first. His sword cut through the rock as if cutting butter, and even if his slash slowed down at the end, he was still able to finish a whole clean cut.

"Haha, good."  Liu Xiaobei laughed as he praised before asking out of interest, "Just curious, how many Elements did you learn already?"

"I know six already." Xuefeng said modestly before patting his father on the back and assuring him, "When I find an easy way to help you absorb other elements I will make sure to tell you. I'm working on it."

He couldn't say that he has a method right now, as he still had neither a sufficient stock of Fate Stones for that nor did he have Wisdom Trees that he could give out as gifts. He felt that it would only bring them bane instead of a fortune. If one day a Fate Fragment holder passed above the Phoenix City and sensed his father using Fate Stones, he would definitely investigate.

He was a filial son and would love to see his parents at the top of the world, but if it meant they were more exposed to someone's hate, he would rather choose if they didn't involve themselves in this business. As normal Cultivators without Fate Fragment, they didn't stand a chance against those of his kind.

He was worried that Thousand Blades could actually attack his parents and try to blackmail him, but Xiao Wen assured him that he would for sure not do that. Even if a Fate Fragment Holder was out of the Central Region, he was still a part of the system.

If he suddenly turned evil and start killing innocents, he would be quickly stopped by the Fate Law Enforcers. He still didn't understand all about this, but he believed in Xiao Wen words and felt better.

"Good son. I know you do. Go and experience life, we will be waiting for you here." Liu Xiaobei hugged his son for goodbye and said with a bright ambition in his eyes, "Only when I regain my strength fully, will we decide what should do further. There is a possibility that our family will one day come back."

"Come back to the Central Region?" Xuefeng asked curiously.

"Yes. Hopefully, you still won't ruin your relations with Xiao Family by that time, and we will receive help from them in moving our clan there. You have to take good care of Xiao Tianshi. Maybe you can use Xiao Wen to meet with her earlier, and also repair your relationship with Xiao Feng. Don't let her wait for too long." Liu Xiaobei looked at his son in the eyes and advised.

Xuefeng smiled lightly, knowing what his father implied and said "Don't worry father, I already made plans. There shouldn't be any problems. My bond with Tianshi is stronger than you would think."

"Okay, then mother and I are assured. Have a good rest with your lovers today." Liu Xiaobei winked at Xuefeng which to his wife who has been silent this whole time hit him on the head before she hugged her son herself saying simply, "Take care." She was happy and proud of Xuefeng for growing into a fine man.

"Yes." Xuefeng nodded and after returning the hug, he left. He had already been away from home for a few months, so his parents knew he would be fine without them.

When he exited the study, he saw Xiao Wen waiting for him outside while leaning on the wall with her eyes closed. As he looked at her, he thought that her image right now would work best for a painting, especially with her long red hair covering half of her face and with one of her legs bent, supported on the wall.

Xuefeng knew that she was just pretending and sensed that he was coming, so he approached her without worries. Xiao Wen probably heard the whole conversation that he had with his father, and something was telling him that she will mention it.

"Hey, I am sorry I made you wait this long. We can go now." Xuefeng said as he arrived next to her as watched her pretty face from up close. Many would give anything to stay this close to her, and even more talk with her, but Xuefeng treated it as a normal occurrence. She was after all his future sister-in-law.

'Huh?' Even after he called out to her, Xiao Wen didn't react to him and continued to lean on the wall, taking deep, regular breaths as if she was sleeping. Her chest moved up and down with her breasts trying to leave her clothes as she inhaled, before hiding again as she exhaled.

"Are you having fun?" Xuefeng asked with a smile as he reached out to fix Xiao Wen's hair which covered her face and put it behind her ear. Her face was revealed and Xuefeng could see a subtle smile from her cherry lips right away. Xuefeng had a small urge to touch them to feel how soft they are, but he retracted his hand back.

'Am I already used to him? This fast?' Xiao Wen thought surprised as she actually didn't even flinch when Xuefeng's fingers touched her face. Finally opening her eyes, she saw him looking at her from up close with his hand leaning on the wall next to her head. Normally she would already kick away a guy who stood this close to her and beat him up later, but with Xuefeng, she didn't have such reactions.

Her hands didn't automatically move to push him away, which made her feel that something was not right. He didn't do anything other than staring at her from up close, but she still felt anxious for some reason. Xiao Wen stared back at his handsome blue eyes and shiny white hair imagining different scenarios that could now happen when Xuefeng suddenly broke her dreams by asking curiously, "What evil stuff are you planning?"

"Do I look like I am planning anything evil...?" Xiao Wen asked back as she rolled her eyes and touched Xuefeng's hair with her barriers now gone, saying, "I was just wondering what are you doing to make your hair this soft."

"Oh, so that's what you thought about. Hmm, you know what they say. With enough night activities, your body will only have positivities, cough..." Xuefeng grinned and said the saying he made up with a cheeky smile but then coughed a few times after he felt Xiao Wen fist on his stomach.

Xiao Wen smiled seeing Xuefeng in pain and said, "No one is saying that at all."

"But it is true, did you look at your sister or Yiren? Check how nice their skin is right now. It is all cause of my sacrifice, cough, cough..." Xuefeng recovered and continued to prove his worth, but then he got hit once again which made him go back to coughing.

Xiao Wen rubbed Xuefeng's cheek like an elder sister to her brother and smiled warmly, saying, "I told you already. You can only tease me if you are strong enough. You are still far from even trying right now."

"Cough, you can't silence me by force..." Xuefeng coughed and defended his pride.

"Oh really?" Xiao Wen asked with an evil smile as she reached out with her hand again, which made Xuefeng flinch, but she only ended up brushing his hair before saying, "Let's go back. Your girlfriends probably can't wait for their 'night activity'.", before she walked first in front of him.

Hearing her mention that, Xuefeng now wondered where Xiao Wen would even stay, while he would be sleeping with Yiren and Wuying. She would definitely be able to see everything he is doing with them.

'I guess I am still the same. I was just confused for a second... Just confused...' As Xiao Wen walked, she looked at the fist she beat Xuefeng up and smiled, knowing that she didn't change after all.