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 While Xuefeng was thinking about how to solve this predicament, Yiren suddenly stopped cuddling into his chest and asked, "Sister, didn't you say a moment ago that we have another sister that is Xuefeng's girlfriend as well? Isn't there four of us then?"

This sentence of Yiren made both Wuying and Xiao Wen freeze as they looked at Yiren confused, waiting for more information. Xuefeng was also greatly surprised as his hands started to sweat but then he realised that it was actually not that bad. didn't he look for a way to tell them about Nuwa? Yiren just presenting him the best possible way to reveal it, by realising it themselves.

"What? You have four lovers already? Who is the fourth?!" Xiao Wen asked Xuefeng while glaring at him. She was already calm from her previous concern but now Xuefeng caused her to explode once again.

Xuefeng rubbed Wuying's cheeks to make sure she would not worry and said to Xiao Wen, "Okay, listen... Your parents already know about everything as she has been here when you were away. Didn't your father tell you about it?"

Xiao Wen squinted her eyes as she looked at him suspiciously and said, "He didn't... He only informed me about your assassination and assigned me to protect you while searching for the assassin whereabouts before eliminating him. Who is the last lady you courted?"

"It's my mom, the Queen of our race. I am Xuefeng's Princess, right?" Yiren admitted on Xuefeng behalf before she glanced innocently at Xuefeng.

"You all are my Princesses," Xuefeng said as he patted her head.

'Well, I guess it is better if it was said earlier than later. I don't know why I would even want to hide it...' Xuefeng thought as he sighed. This was the truth, so he didn't need to hide it from his women. They would find in the future anyway.

Just after Yiren admitted it, Xuefeng felt a strong grasp on his hand from Wuying side and he immediately knew she was getting agitated. It would be strange if she wasn't. Wuying was ready for Xuefeng to have one another girlfriend and she accepted that fact, but she didn't expect he would actually also claim the mother of Yiren as well.

"Wuying..." Trying to save the situation, Xuefeng quickly let go of Yiren and pulled Wuying up from the ground as he hugged her. Wuying instantly turned her head away from him, not looking him in the eyes which made him even more worried about her reaction.

Wuying, of course, would be upset hearing that Xuefeng got two new girlfriends when he was away, but that was not the issue she was struggling right now. Recently she noticed that her emotions started to be affected by small things. Sometimes she would get irritated because of the sound of a bug flying next to her or angry at someone for looking at her for too long.

Wuying also noticed that her emotions would have a significant boost in their strength. If she was happy, she would feel a lot more pleasure and if she was mad at someone, there better be chains holding her or she would not want to be in that person skin.

There was also the issue of her eyes changing colour when she had those mood swings and she couldn't explain why was that happening. She noticed it yesterday when she trained her Blood Manipulation art and she tried to control it but she wasn't successful. She found that the only way to revert her eye colour back to normal was to clear her mind or just nullify it with opposite emotions.

Just now when Wuying heard that Xuefeng had another lover, she felt pretty bad for a moment which surprised her. Normally it didn't bother her this much and as long as Xuefeng still loved her, she was alright with that. Today, Wuying felt as if it was all her fault for this situation. she blamed herself for not being able to satisfy Xuefeng which forced him to search for another lover.

Wuying knew it was ridiculous as Xuefeng was not even here, but those thoughts and emotions kept coming at her, creating a deeper pit that she couldn't get out from. With her eyes closed, she felt as if she was drowning in her own depression and her mind couldn't focus on anything else.

At that moment, Wuying heard Xuefeng voice breaking through the cloud of negative emotions in the endless darkness that started appearing in her mind. She didn't understand the words, but she could feel it was her favourite one. Slowly, the warm feeling of Xuefeng's hands which rubbed on her cheeks tried to break through the blockage in her mind she created herself.

Combined with his voice, the warmth started dismantling the darkness as it began filling the place with light. She started hearing more clearly with each second until she finally could tell the words apart.

"...Wuying... You know that I love you..." Xuefeng said and Wuying's mind finally showed signs of clearing.

'Why am I even upset at him... It is my Xuefeng...' Wuying thought before she snapped her eyes open and saw Xuefeng with a worried expression.

Wuying kissed him on the lips before she replied with a smile. "I'm okay, my mind was just clouded for a moment. Don't worry about it. I think I trained too much yesterday."

"Yes, you worked hard. Make sure you rest properly aside from training." Xuefeng smiled gently and adviced her which to she nodded.

"Wait, so you won't do anything with him having four women in total?" Xiao Wen asked ultimately confused. She would definitely beat Xuefeng up if she was on Wuying place.

"I wish I could have him to myself, but if I can't, I should be happy with what I have," Wuying answered with her mind clear and hugged into Xuefeng's chest once again. She felt amazingly calm inside of his embrace as if she found her sanctuary.

"I also think the same!" Yiren shared the same thoughts and joined Wuying in hugging Xuefeng.

"Okay, I'm not going to do anything then. It's your choice." Seeing them both like that, Xiao Wen threw her hands in the air as the sigh of giving up. She didn't understand what magic did Xuefeng use to make them so loving towards him.

'I guess I will have to observe him and find out... If I find anything, I will make sure to expose his ass.' Xiao Wen thought as she started planning. She was intrigued about how good of a match Xuefeng actually was or if he was just a fraud.

"Anyway, what are your plans for now? I was supposed to protect you and catch that guy but if we just stay in the city, we will not be able to lure him out. Do you maybe plan to leave the city?" Xiao Wen asked changing the subject as she knew she wouldn't be able to convince the two lovestruck ladies.

"Good question. I actually do plan to travel around right now. I need to earn some money while also do some hunting... You know." Xuefeng said but he wasn't sure how his hunting plan would work out if he took Xiao Wen. He was glad to have her near him, in case he is attacked once again, but she definitely would want some cut.

Just as he expected, Xiao Wen laughed and said, "That's great. I take fifty percent." When he was about to complain she glared at him and continued by adding, "Non-negotiable. I will follow you anyway."

"Tsk, fine..." Xuefeng rolled his eyes and finally agreed. He was confident in his fighting skills now, but he was doubtful he can win against her. After all, Fate Fragment Holders were on a completely different league than normal cultivators.

"We are going too!" Yiren and Wuying said right after, making sure he wouldn't forget about them.

"Do not worry, I did not plan to leave anyone behind," Xuefeng assured them. He wanted to have a great fate fragments hunting experience but in the end, it turned out he will be going on a family trip instead.