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 When Xuefeng stood up from the ground, he saw Yiren glancing at him with a gentle smile which made him feel quite guilty. Unfortunately, he couldn't turn from this path anymore, so he could only move forward and see where it leads him. Wuying was still hugging him when he approached Yiren and pulled her up by her hand.

Placing them in front of each other, he coughed and introduced them to each other, "Cough... Wuying, meet Yiren. Yiren, meet Wuying. I hope you two can get along well."

The two were staring at each other, testing the reaction of their new competitor, before Yiren finally reached out her hand first, saying cutely, "Nice to meet you."

"Pleased to meet you too." Wuying also smiled warmly without any ill intent and they both shook their hands. Seeing them like this, Xuefeng could finally breathe a sigh of relief. It would be best for him if all of his girlfriends could stay friendly with each other.

'Uff, two down. There is only two left. Hope it will go as smooth as this time...' Xuefeng thought as he imagined the Queen meeting others. She already met Tianshi, so there was only Wuying left. They had somehow similar personalities where both of them were cold to other people but loving towards him.

Xuefeng didn't know that Wuying was only nice to Yiren because she didn't see a threat in her. She had a good eye for judging people and could tell who was trustworthy and genuine at first glance and who shouldn't be trusted at all. Yiren was kind of caged her whole life in the Holy Land and there was barely anything there that could negatively influence her. It would be hard to find someone with a similar purity of mind.

"Can I call you sister? I always wanted to have siblings..." Yiren asked excitedly as she hugged Wuying's hands into her chest. For her, Wuying looked like she really loved Xuefeng which was enough of a requirement to become her sister.

Wuying was not used to such affections from anyone other than Xuefeng so she felt quite uncomfortable for a moment, but when she glanced at Xuefeng and saw his happiness, she couldn't reject Yiren or else she would hurt him. Wuying turned to Yiren and ended up nodding with a smile.

"Yey!" Of course, seeing Wuying's nod, Yiren couldn't help herself but hug her new sister right away.

"Roar." At that moment, a low growl sounded from the entrance of the study room and a white tiger entered inside confidently. It was the way she announced her entrance as a proud member of her race. Xiao Wen who was right behind her looked around the room and when she saw Wuying with Yiren hugging each other, she couldn't help but sigh, "Dang, I missed the drama."

"Miss Xiao, I'm glad that you are back." Liu Xiaobei was first to greet her as befitting of a host, in which she responded with a nod and approached Xuefeng instead.

"Oh, Xiao?" Yiren asked quietly while observing Xiao Wen walking towards her.

"Hey Wen, long time no see." Xuefeng smiled seeing his Fate Fragment friend once again.

"Can you tell me what is going on here? You didn't get another woman, right?" Unfortunately, Xiao Wen didn't exchange the pleasures with him but patted him on the shoulder after glancing at the unknown beauty in the room. Her strength made his shoulder numb and his face twitch, but he didn't fight back or let out a sound.

At that moment he somehow felt anger which was targeted at Xiao Wen, but he knew it wasn't his own. There was only one reasonable answer to where this emotion could come from. Glancing at Yiren, He found her staring at Xiao Wen with her smile all gone. She didn't like the tone in which Xiao Wen was talking to Xuefeng.

At first, she thought that this lady might be her real sister as they had the same surnames and she wanted to become close to her, but now her thoughts started shifting.

Xuefeng's parents looked at each other and they both agreed with a nod that they should not interfere in their son's problems and decided to leave. He created this predicament by himself, and he should take responsibilities for his deeds. It is always a good life lesson.

"We just happened to have something to deal with, so we will leave you guys alone. Take your time." Mu Lan said as she pulled Liu Xiaobei from the room. Xuefeng only received a good luck sign as they left.

"Yiren, it's okay. Don't be angry. This lady here is your real sister." Xuefeng escaped from Xiao Wen's clutches and grabbed Yiren by her waist before calming her down a kiss on the cheek. This was a clear show of affection that confirmed their relationship.

"Huh?! So you already have one of my sisters, Wuying and now you took the second one? Are two not enough for you?" Xiao Wen exclaimed hearing the news, but that didn't change the matter of Xuefeng having another girlfriend on top of the two he already had.

Her image of Xuefeng started to slowly being replaced by a playboy young master type which she hated so much. After all, he could just pretend to be nice and gentle from the very beginning while secretly being a playboy.

She rubbed her fist thinking about how she should punish Xuefeng for his actions when Yiren who was staying silent suddenly pulled away from Xuefeng and stood in front of him while glaring at Xiao Wen.

"Sister! Stop being like that. Xuefeng did nothing wrong. I wanted to be with him first and it wasn't Xuefeng who proactively tried to approach me but the opposite. If I didn't use his gentle and warm character to make him care more about me then I guess I wouldn't be standing in front of you girls today..." Yiren shouted at Xiao Wen as she defended Xuefeng.

She knew that Xuefeng was a person who was loyal to his women so she had to use a different approach. If she only tried to move him with her pretty body, she didn't think she would succeed taking his heart this fast. Yiren had to move his emotions to make him care about her.

"I'm also your older sister, so you should listen to me. You must be nice to Xuefeng, okay?" Yiren continued as she warned Xiao Wen with her finger.

"...Fine! But if he starts messing around with other girls then I won't forgive him." Xiao Wen released her tightened fist and gave in to Yiren's scolding.

"Mhmm, sure. I won't be happy if there are more girls stealing him away too." Yiren nodded before hugging Xuefeng and asked while looking at him lovingly, "You won't steal other girls hearts, right? Just us, okay?"

Just as Xuefeng about to respond, Wuying also hugged him, but from behind and she asked the same, "Just us, okay?"

"Of course... You all are more than enough to fill my heart with love to the brim." Xuefeng nodded confidently as he pulled both Yiren and Wuying into his arms and kissed them both. He was fairly certain that he wouldn't have the need to court any other women in his life. Would he even be able to handle them all? He was already struggling with those four.

Xuefeng thought about Princess Shan at this moment but after such a long time, any fascination he might have had towards her from that time they were together was probably already gone. For now, he was only connected to her by the promise he made to her because he felt the need to pay back the fragment he took from her.

"That's right. You three can definitely satisfy him plenty. He shouldn't be able to even think about getting more. Don't worry, if he does I will let him taste my flaming fist." Xiao Wen nodded at the three hugging each other, but if one looked at her eyes at that moment, they could see a hint of jealousy.

After still being single without a companion with her, it would be strange if she wasn't jealous of her two sisters having someone they love and who love them back. Every woman in this world wanted to have someone they can share their life with and Xiao Wen wasn't an exception.

'Wait... How come there are four? Didn't Nuwa already tell everyone that she is my lover? How come she did not count her?' Xuefeng brain suddenly reacted to Xiao Wen words and particularly the number she used.

Xiao Wen was not with them at that time but Xuefeng was sure that she would receive the information from her parents in the report or something. It was quite an important information that could be useful for her to know the full story.

'Wait... But why are Wuying and Yiren not reacting...?' Xuefeng racked his brain with another question as he looked at the ladies who happily hugged onto his chest. Only after he thought through the scenarios did he realise the problem.

'What if Xiao Wen and Wuying think the three Xiao Wen mentioned are Yiren, Tianshi together with Wuying, but Yiren missed Tianshi? Damn... Should I tell them now...?' Xuefeng thought which made him face a dilemma. If he corrected Xiao Wen now, then he would definitely face a potential beating from her.

The only explanation of how could this happen was Xiao Feng not telling everything to his daughter. The theory Xuefeng thought of first was that Xiao Feng was too embarrassed by having his woman stolen by him and that's why he dodged talking about this situation.

'Now that I think about it, he definitely missed the point when Nuwa admitted that I am her lover. Xiao Wen probably didn't meet them on her way as well, so she couldn't get the news... Damn you, Xiao Feng!' Xuefeng cursed his father in law for creating unnecessary problems.