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 "See you later Young Master! I will leave my sister to negotiate the deal further, while I will go back to work." The young tailor bid farewell after he counted the money he received from Elder Ming. He was only interested in making clothes and decided to leave everything else to his sister.

"Okay, work hard. I will visit you if I have any goods you can use." Xuefeng informed him while ignoring Elder Ming's glares.

"Yes!" The young tailor nodded and left the Liu Clan Leader mansion.

After Xuefeng wore his clothes he ordered, there came an issue of payment for all the goods. Only then did he recall that just before he left the Holy Land, he gave most of his Spirit Stones away and the ones he had left were not enough to cover the bill. Having no choice he decided to settle the bill with the help of Elder Ming which was responsible for his money in the clan.

After their cooperation was confirmed, Xuefeng got a small discount but it was still expensive for a few clothes. When Elder Ming heard the price he almost dropped from his chair. Xuefeng's black jacket alone, cost more than the price of a rank 5 weapon. Because Xuefeng wanted the best quality possible, the young tailor used the leather of a rank 5 Black Panther which was not only flexible but also had pretty decent defensive capabilities.

Xuefeng not only looked cool now but also had a basic defence provided. Almost everyone looked at them as they walked coolly through the streets in their new clothes. He didn't want to bring too much attention to himself due to the recent assassination but he couldn't force Yiren to wear the cloak again on top of her beautiful dress.

"Cough, Elder Ming, don't worry. This cooperation will definitely be worth it. I hope that Liu Clan can help them with the resources and connections we have. I think father will trust me on this one." Xuefeng coughed seeing Elder Ming's doubtful expression and assured him of the success. To be sure, he used his father name to his advantage.

"Sigh, fine, you are the Young Master. I hope Liu Clan won't be disappointed, Miss..." Elder Ming sighed, having no other choice but to agree and turned towards the young lady but didn't know her name.

"...Riu. Elder can call me Miss Riu." The emerald-eyed lady finished Elder Ming's sentence.

"Alright, Miss Riu then. If you need anything you can just contact me. Here is the token that can allow you to enter Liu Clan Territory. You can usually find me here." Elder Ming said, satisfied with Miss Riu's manners.

"Okay, Elder." Riu nodded.

Just as Elder Ming wanted to ask who the pretty lady holding his Young Master's hand was, Xuefeng called out, "Elder Ming, we won't stop you anymore. We still need to meet my parents."

"Oh, I will excuse myself then." Elder Ming nodded and left. Yiren was taking Xuefeng's command to behave really seriously, so she only smiled and waited for Xuefeng to call for her. When Xuefeng mentioned them meeting Xuefeng's parents, she became somewhat nervous, but thinking that Xuefeng was next to her, she relaxed.

They moved to the corner so no one would hear their conversation and Xuefeng asked Miss Riu curiously, testing his new partner, "Lady Riu, before we part ways, for now, I want to ask you something. Would you rather continue creating all types of clothing or rather move to a specific one?"

"I already thought about it and realized that it would be much more profitable to produce female clothing. We can also focus on making lingerie as well. I can see that our clothes will be a must buy for all females in the future." Lady Riu replied without thinking as if she already had a plan in her mind.

"I thought so as well. Our goal should be to create an exclusive brand that everyone will want to have." Xuefeng nodded with satisfaction hearing they were on the same page but forgot that some of the terms he used might be unknown.

"What is a brand?" Riu asked curiously. She didn't like the fact that Xuefeng knew something that she didn't.

"Hmm, let's take the name of your tailor shop for example. We want everyone to know about it, so when they need to buy clothes, they would only think about going to our shop. Even if they don't need anything at a particular moment, we can still convince them to buy our products as they would represent a level of quality and style. We want to reach the stage where people will think of buying clothes when they hear the name of your shop." Xuefeng explained in a simple way.

"Oh, I get it. Isn't that like the Trade Union? They have branches everywhere and if anyone wants to gather information or buy literally anything, they would first think about it. But the Trade Union was created hundreds of years ago and it took them many years to reach the status they have right now. Wouldn't it be too hard to compare with them?" Lady Riu asked after she quickly found the problem.

"Don't underestimate the power of females. We won't have to do anything and as long as your brother continue creating wonderful clothes, people will talk about it. Your brother can't endlessly produce so we should rather focus on quality and uniqueness instead. I will help you guys with new designs and your brother can do the rest." Xuefeng smiled and suggested.

"Okay, let's follow your plan. Hope I won't regret it." Lady Riu found his propositions reasonable, so she agreed.

"Gosh, I didn't understand a single thing. Sister Riu, you are so smart and pretty. How come you don't have a husband yet? Who wouldn't want to be with you..." Yiren found the whole conversation boring and hugged Riu, trying to change the subject.

Lady Riu's face turned bright red and instead of facing Yiren this time, she escaped from Yiren's arms before leaving without any words.

"What's up with her?" Yiren asked confused.

"Haha, you are so pretty that you can even charm other ladies. She is too shy to face you." Xuefeng laughed as he replied while bopping her nose, before continuing, "Let's go, I will introduce you to my parents."

"Okay!" Yiren nodded happily and followed Xuefeng upstairs.


In the meantime, inside Xuefeng's courtyard, Wuying who was sitting on the lawn suddenly opened her eyes. For at least a second they were of blood red colour but they quickly returned to her usual blue colour.

"What happened?" Xiao Wen asked as she stopped hitting an imaginary opponent with her sword.

"Xuefeng is back! I can sense him." Wuying lips curved into a gentle smile as she stood up excitedly. Recently she was getting much colder but when she thought of Xuefeng, her world was instantly becoming more colourful and she still had a fuzzy feeling in her chest.

"What are you waiting for then?" Xiao Wen asked which Wuying replied to with a smile and disappeared.

"Lulu, let's go. We will watch some good drama today." Xiao Wen patted Lulu, who was relaxing on the grass on the side and they flew into the sky.