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 Xuefeng quickly entered inside the dressing room before closing the curtain right behind him. He saw Yiren standing there completely naked with only her new panties on and a red bra in her hands. There was a helpless look on her face.

"Haha, don't worry. I will help you. Turn around." Xuefeng laughed as he picked the bra from her hand and commanded.

Yiren turned around helplessly and asked, her voice filled with sadness, "Am I stupid? It is supposed to go on my breasts right?"

"Yes. See? You are not stupid. You are my smart girl." Xuefeng confirmed as he ogled on Yiren's body. He didn't know why but with the new lace panties, she looked even more erotic than usual.

"Can you bend over for me?" Xuefeng asked as he rubbed Yiren's butt.

"Like this?" Yiren thought Xuefeng was helping her, so she listened nicely and bent her back forward while at the same time sticking her butt backwards.

"Mhmm, amazing..." Xuefeng nodded as he appreciated the view until she finally realised he was playing with her.

Yiren quickly turned around while covering her butt and called out as she puffed her cheeks, "You are bullying me again..."

"Haha, you are so cute. I apologize, okay?" Xuefeng laughed as he apologized while rubbing her cheeks before showing her a genuine smile and saying, "I will help you for real now. Turn around, please."

"Okay!" Yiren couldn't be mad at him and a gentle smile returned onto her face as she listened once again.

Xuefeng hugged her from behind and grabbed her breasts into his hands while asking, "Listen. You probably tried to fit those into the bra, right? Were they too big or too small? We can always adjust them later. The size needs to be perfect"

Xuefeng had never removed or helped with putting on a modern bra, but he had the general idea of how they looked like. When he ordered them to the young tailor, he explained the mechanics and it turned out just like he imagined. The hardest thing would, of course, be the size which was hard to match without measuring.

"Hmm, I noticed they are made from stretchy material so it should be fine... Can you put them on me?" Yiren asked as her cheeks turned red. When Xuefeng was taking off her clothes it was less embarrassing compared to when she wanted him to put them on.

"Sure. First, put your arms through those two holes. Mhmm, now we should adjust it." Xuefeng nodded happily and started putting the bra on her perky breasts. It was quite a funny experience but it was definitely a worthy skill.

The bra was indeed made from a material which could be stretched and modified to fit the correct size. The tailor probably thought about the size issue as he chose it. The bra was soft to the touch as if it was made from flower petals but strong enough hold the support heavy objects.

'Hmm, could this be considered a perfect bra that fit all sizes?' Xuefeng thought as he shaped the bra to Yiren's chest until it fit perfectly.

"Now you have to hook it behind your back and we are done." Xuefeng fastened two small hooks before he turned her around and asked, "How do you feel?"

"Hmm, it's soft and they are not that heavy anymore... Can I really have it?" Yiren groped the bra and couldn't help but ask as she felt its softness.

"Of course. Now wear your dress and show me how great of a beauty you are. I will wait outside." Xuefeng nodded as he kissed her before giving her the flower dress that hung on the side and turned to leave.

"Mhmm!" Yiren replied lovingly.

"Young Master..." Young Tailor called out the moment Xuefeng left the dressing room but was stopped by the hand of a young lady standing next to him as she then said while bowing, "Welcome Young Master. I don't know what my brother told you, but we decided not to take your offer. We would like to remain independent."

"Oh, and who might you be?" Xuefeng asked after checking out the young lady with an interested expression.

The lady had a natural beauty inside of her but Xuefeng could see that she didn't care about looks. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail while her slick body was hidden under a layer of bland looking clothes. She tried to hide anything fancy about her but she couldn't hide her emerald eyes, that burst with energy and intelligence.

The skin on her face was clean, without any imperfections while everything else was having the right proportions. Xuefeng was sure that if she put on a nice dress while putting on a nice smile, she would definitely steal the hearts of many males. For Xuefeng, it looked like her actions of wanting to hide her beauty was to deter other men from approaching her.

Xuefeng was also quite impressed by how the lady declined him without even thinking deeply about it. It has not been long since Xuefeng left to help Yiren, so she had to decide right away when the tailor passed her the news.

"Young Master, she is my sister! Isn't she a great beauty? She is still not marri... Auu, don't hit me..." The young tailor thought the interest in Xuefeng eyes was towards her beauty, so he quickly called out before his sister could stop him but he was still reached by his sister's hammer of judgement.

"I apologize for my stupid brother. I'm his sister and I'm the real owner of this shop." The young lady bowed once again and introduced herself.

"Tell me why you don't want to take my offer?" Xuefeng asked interested as he looked into her eyes.

"Because that would hurt us in the long run. I think that we are already in a good position and we will continue to grow stronger with each day. If we divide our profits now for the short term benefits, we will never return to being independent again." The lady said straightforwardly, staring back at Xuefeng.

"What if I promised you a much bigger scene in the future? Would you consider it if I could bring you outside of Aurora Country towards other kingdoms, empires or even Central Region?" Xuefeng tempted.

The young tailor eyes brightened hearing Xuefeng's proposal but they soon dimmed when he heard his sister saying, "...I would still say no. We can also travel ourselves in the future."

Xuefeng approached and smiled at her from up close and asked once again, "You would rather lose hundreds of amazing designs and connections to continue working alone?"

"Yes, we don't need..." The lady didn't back down and now she was even more convinced seeing that Xuefeng tried to use his charm to change her mind, but before she finished, she suddenly stopped, looking across Xuefeng's shoulder with her cheeks quickly turning red.

"Xuefeng~! How do I look?" Yiren called out happily as she went out of the dressing room, wearing her new dress. She did a spin showing how the dress dances as she turns, and skipped towards Xuefeng, waiting for his reaction.

Seeing the reaction the tailor's sister had to the sight of Yiren, he somehow got of an idea why his charm didn't work on her. He turned around and seeing his beautiful girlfriend, Xuefeng couldn't help but praise her, "You look stunning. Everyone in the city will definitely envy you." Right after he turned to the lady and asked, "Don't you think so too milady?"

"So pretty..." The young lady muttered as he stared at Yiren without blinking, which caused Xuefeng to smile as he thought of a plan.

"Yiren, this is the lady that made your dress. Be sure to thank her properly." Xuefeng took Yiren by the hand and introduced her to the shop owner.

Just as Xuefeng expected, Yiren exclaimed before quickly approaching the young lady and grabbing her hands while saying with a sweet smile, "Thank you so much! This dress is so beautiful. Sister, you should also wear one! You would look much prettier than me as your skin is so fair."

"No, no... It is you who is beautiful..." The young shop owner immediately started to blush after having her hands grabbed by Yiren and couldn't think of any words to answer with.

"We were just talking about our collaboration together, but it seems like they don't want to cooperate with us, sigh..." Xuefeng continued the introduction before he sighed deeply.

Seeing Xuefeng's sad face, Yiren quickly turned to her new friend and called out in alarm, "Sister, please! Can you do this for me and work with Xuefeng? We will be able to meet more often and wear beautiful dresses together! Please..."

"I..." The young lady was suddenly at a loss of words, but when she looked at Yiren's sincere eyes and her soft lips, she couldn't say no to her.

"Fine..." The young boss agreed in the end which caused Yiren to smile happily from doing something good for Xuefeng and thanked the lady by planting a huge kiss on her cheek while saying, "Sister is the best!"