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 "Wooow, so beautiful. The earth is so soft and there are so many trees here..." The moment Xuefeng and Yiren swam out of the familiar lake near the Phoenix City, she couldn't help but look around the place with all the curiosity of the world.

She even crouched on the ground and picked the soft sand from the ground before playing with it in her hands. She even forgot to dry her clothes as she walked around and touched everything.

"Xuefeng! Look, what a beautiful bird. Hehe, do you like sister Yiren?" Even animals welcomed her as a small bird flew down from the tree, noticing Yiren's presence and she quickly hopped to Xuefeng to show it to him before giggling and playing with it with her finger.

Yiren's actions and happiness could only plant a smile on Xuefeng's face as he watched her. He could feel how happy she was with their connection and also shared her feelings. Xuefeng could ask Little Ming to somehow revert their special link but in the end, he decided against it.

Isn't sharing the happiness and sorrows with your lover what people would yearn to have? He understood that it would be dangerous in the future to leave it as it is, but he still opted for this option. He already got used to it and even Yiren didn't want him to get rid of it.

Xuefeng evaporated the water from his clothes and asked Yiren affectionately, "How about you dry your clothes, first? I don't want you to become ill." He already scanned the whole forest and didn't find any other people in the close proximity, so they were safe so far.

"Oh, sure! "Yiren looked down at her clothes, still dripping with water and exclaimed before she looked at the little bird on her fingers and said to him while patting it on the head, "My little friend, we will have to part ways now, but it was nice to meet you."

The bird, as if he understood her, rubbed against her fingers before it flew away towards its nest. Yiren then repeated Xuefeng's process of drying her clothes before she worked on her hair. She combed it with a comb she brought from her home, while blow drying it with the wind she created.

Yiren quickly repaired the mess that the water created and she returned to her usual pretty self. She wore a really pretty dress which she prepared especially for this occasion but that what bothered him the most.

"Hehe, I'm ready. Do I look pretty?" Yiren asked as she saw Xuefeng looking at her. She spun around trying to show off her new dress and waited for praise.

"You look beautiful as always, but that is also a problem now." Xuefeng complemented her but then he noticed Yiren's exposed curves and tried to correct them by changing the arrangement of the fabric. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile as he couldn't fix the issue with just that.

"Why? Is my dress not alright? I think it looks pretty." Yiren watched Xuefeng try to fix her dress and asked confused.

"You don't understand me, it great but it will definitely gather a lot of attention... It is not the same here, like at your home. If you are this exposed others will definitely ogle at you on the streets. I don't want to show your body to them." Xuefeng explained as he rubbed her exposed side.

"I only want you to watch me, I don't want anyone else... What do I do? All of my dresses are like this..." Yiren hugged onto Xuefeng and asked worriedly. Not that she thought about it, she didn't consider such an aspect before.

"We are fortunate that I already ordered some dresses not long ago and I have yet to pick them up. You will be able to pick the one you like. For now, you will have to wear this." Xuefeng said as he recalled his trip to the tailor with Tianshi and pulled out a black cloak for Yiren to wear for now.

"Okay! I will wear what you want." She agreed immediately, happy that she will receive something from him.

"Last thing. Here, you should hide your ears within your hair too. I don't want to know how people will react if they find out you are an elf." Xuefeng fixed Yiren's hair and hid her ears before he put on the hood on her head.

"Perfect, let's go, we will pass by the tailor before going back to my Clan." Seeing the final effect, Xuefeng nodded to himself and put on his own cloak and held her hand.

"Yes!" Yiren exclaimed happily and gripped his hand tightly. With Xuefeng next to her she thought that she didn't need to worry about anything.

It was already afternoon but the sun was still illuminating and providing warmth in the city. Cultivators walked past them on the street, busy with their everyday life, but some could still see Yiren's fair beauty. Yiren couldn't just walk with her face down and instead looked around the city like little kid, asking millions of questions which allowed some lucky men to take a glimpse at her.

Even if they took fancy to Yiren, they didn't try to mess around noticing the unknown man holding the pretty girl's hand so they could only walk away and carry on with their business.

Xuefeng couldn't forbid Yiren this much as he knew she was very excited seeing all the new things for the first time, so he replied to all of her questions patiently. They looked suspicious with their cloaks on but they somehow managed to arrive in the tailor shop.

When they entered, the young tailor looked at them and not recalling Yiren's face, he returned back to his work after calling out, "The shop is only open for picking up orders today. If you want to place a new order you will have to wait until tomorrow."

Xuefeng took off his hood, showing his face and said "Oh, perfect. We came to pick up some clothes that we ordered some time ago."

"Young Master! I was waiting for you! It is good that you are still alive after that assassination attempt. It would be a shame if those goodies didn't find an owner." The young tailor immediately exclaimed happily seeing it was Xuefeng. He would lose a lot of money if his work ended up being in vain.

"Wow, so pretty..." Yiren suddenly exclaimed when she saw the dresses designed by Tianshi and couldn't help but approach and look at them from up close.

Xuefeng smiled at her actions and asked while looking at the row of different dresses hanging on the rails, "Are those the ending products? That's fast."

"Yes, because of Young Master accident, I had more time to finish the products. I only need to add some last touches to this leather 'jacket' as you called it but the rest is ready. Hmm, the size should be the same so milady can try the dresses on and check if they fit in the dressing room on the side." The young tailor glanced at Yiren with the tailor's eyesight and smiled at Xuefeng with knowing smile before pointing at the small room in the corner.

"Cough, right. Did you prepare the lingerie as well?" Xuefeng asked as he recalled his additional request. He knew Tianshi was too embarrassed to ask so he did it for her.

"Of course. At first, I only made three pairs but with the additional time, I started making more. There should be at least ten pairs in this box. Do Young Master want them all?" The tailor pulled out a box out of his ring and presented for Xuefeng.

"Yes, thank you." Xuefeng nodded. He had four girlfriends so it didn't hurt to buy more for gifts. When he opened the box, he found ten sets of different designs and colours. The set consisted of high-cut briefs, a bra and a matching thigh-high socks.

Each set was different, meaning the tailor was experimenting with the designs he gave him. Of course, the first products were not at the level of Earth's famous brands but Xuefeng noticed that this tailor had great potential.

"I like this one... Can I really put it on?" Yiren picked a flowers design asymmetrical summer dress from a light material and asked with hope in her eyes. Xuefeng could feel her desire to wear it.

"Yes, you can wear it. If it fits, you can take it for yourself. Take those too. If you can't figure out how to wear them, you can call me." Xuefeng nodded and picked a red lingerie set for her as the dress was of similar colour.

"Okay! I love you!" Yiren exclaimed in happiness and kissed Xuefeng on the lips before picking the lingeries, and skipped towards the dressing room. Yiren couldn't wait to see herself in the dress.

"Young Master is so lucky having two lovers of such beauty. I, on the other hand, can't even have one..." Seeing the pretty Yiren, the young tailor almost felt like crying.

"Haha, yeah, I'm blessed." Xuefeng nodded as he imagined Yiren in the new lingerie.

"Young Master, when my sister saw those underwears that I made based on your design, she instantly fell in love with them. She wanted me to make a pair of them for her, but I wanted to first ask you for permission... After all, it's the Young Master's design." The young tailor asked after he steeled himself.

"Oh..." The young tailor's words caused Xuefeng to suddenly enter into the thinking process of great idea, but tailor thought that Xuefeng was hesitating so he continued, "I was thinking of only a few pairs, she has been begging me every day. If that's not okay as well then maybe I can buy those designs?"

In the cultivation world, there was no such law as copyright infringement like on Earth, so in theory, everyone could copy what they wanted, but in practice it was different.

The young tailor was only a small entity compared to the massive Liu Clan. If he pissed off such a power, he wouldn't be able to live in the Phoenix City anymore. The strength was law. Only winners could create history and it was like this everywhere in this world.

"How about you work for me instead?" Xuefeng suddenly asked after he thought it through. Wouldn't it be a great business if he started selling lingerie?

"Excuse me?" The young tailor blinked twice while asking, as he thought that he had heard wrong.

"Work for me. I will provide you with nice designs, and you will make them. We will later split revenue. What do you think?" Xuefeng smiled and proposed.

"Xuefeng, can you help me?" At that moment, Yiren called him for help just as Xuefeng expected, so he patted the young tailor saying, "Think about it for a moment. I will be right back," before going inside Yiren's dressing room.