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 "Wow, did you make this in only three days? That is actually insane..." Xuefeng exclaimed in disbelief as he opened his eyes and saw the building that the ladies wanted to show him.

After Xuefeng grabbed hold of Yiren, he wanted to go for a second round with her as he was still lively but to his surprise, he was denied entry under Yiren's clothes. She wanted to first show him the results of what they had been working on for the last few days.

Xuefeng asked them to build a shop for their future business and they made sure it would meet his expectations. She was also too excited right now about her future travels, so she wanted to save their energy for that instead.

"Yes, I was helping as well..." Yiren nodded happily seeing that Xuefeng liked it and made sure to mention her contribution so she could be praised. It was the middle of the night so there was no one on the streets which allowed her to publicly display her affection by lovingly rubbing onto his arm.

"Good job both of you." Xuefeng praised them while giving both of them a well-deserved kiss before he asked, "Can we enter inside?" He made sure to check their surroundings to see if someone can listen to them, so it wasn't a problem to talk and kiss them as they wished. He knew Nuwa was anxious about it.

"Yes, we can fly there as it is an open place. We won't keep the goods out in the open, so I thought about doing auctions instead. It will earn us much more profits." Nuwa confirmed as she explained while looking around, checking if they were seen by others.

Before they left, she put on a light dress as she couldn't leave naked. Unfortunately, her walking was still in a slight disorder after Xuefeng's intense pounding from a moment ago. Nuwa didn't think she would be able to handle another round like this today.

"Nuwa, relax, please. It is dark and no one will be able to see us." Xuefeng hugged Nuwa's waist and said playfully as he kissed her.

"See, no one saw that... I don't mind if others learn about us anyway. None of you are not going to escape from my claws." Xuefeng smiled as their lips separated and he admitted as his hands rubbed their butts.

"Hold onto me," Xuefeng whispered as his Air Qi Wings spread behind his back and he shot upwards while holding them both in his arms.

Xuefeng's words were ringing inside Nuwa's mind as she lay her head on his shoulder and allowed him to carry her. Deep in her heart, she wanted to tell everyone about their relationship but many would later say that it was unethical. It was definitely not normal but she couldn't help it.

She was also worried about Xuefeng's business as she didn't want it to suffer. If her subjects suddenly learned about their immoral relationship they could not buy their goods. Nuwa wanted to slowly introduce Xuefeng to the public so it would be easier to convince them later.

"Wow, it's so spacious here. You did a really nice job. And the view here are amazing." Xuefeng commented as they landed inside the auction house they built above the plaza. The whole construction was built above the city and the only way to get there was through flying.

"The ground floor can be used as an auction place and we could also convince auntie to move her restaurant here. There is enough space here. At normal days people can gather here for chatting and eating while once a week we can have an auction." Nuwa introduced their work and proposed her ideas.

"I like it. The only thing left is to gather enough Spirit Stones and Spirit Artefacts for sale. We can leave tomorrow and focus on it in the near future." Xuefeng expressed his satisfaction as he looked around the place, before asking, "Where does those stairs lead to? Is there another floor here?"

"Hehe, that was my idea. I made it especially for you so we don't need to stay in the palace all the time. Come, you will see." Yiren giggled as she pulled him by the hand and quickly ran up the stairs. They opened up the room on the first floor and he saw a fully furnished living room with a giant bed with a great view outside.

Yiren lay down on the bed and asked seductively, "How do you like it..."

Xuefeng laughed as he asked, noticing her temptation, "Heh, so that was your plan all along? You just wanted to do it here?"

"It will be our place from now on..." Yiren smiled and reached out to pull him by the hand which made him fall on her.


"Are we finally going out?" Yiren asked excitedly as she stood in front of the portal that led outside of the world she spent her whole life in.

Yesterday, Xuefeng was testing their limits inside their new love nest and they barely got enough sleep but she wouldn't be able to sleep anyway, due to her excitement. Xuefeng made sure to reward both of them for all the work they did and also fill Nuwa's sex drive so she wouldn't complain about staying back in the Holy Land.

After a moment of begging, Ling helped him with her ability which allowed him to play with them for the rest of the night without any breaks. Xuefeng also had his best times with Yiren when their connection brought wonders to their pleasure levels causing Nuwa to be jealous of her daughter at some times.

"Yes, but remember we are not going to play around. The outside world is much more dangerous than here, so you have to listen to me at all times. Can you promise me?" Xuefeng reminded her before asking as he hugged her from behind.

"Yes! I will be a good girl." Yiren called out happily.

"I gave you all Spirit Stones and Spirit Artefacts I had, so you can slowly start to introduce them to the public. You gave me three seeds of the Wisdom Tree which I can later use to create smaller versions." Xuefeng counted the things they did before departing and asked, "Is there something we forgot about?"

"Yes, how are you going to leave without the token you gave away?" Nuwa asked playfully while swinging the token that allowed him to go in and out of the Holy Land as he wished. She had to tease him for the exhaustion he brought upon her yesterday. She still felt pain on her butt from his repeated slaps.

"Oh, right. A goodbye kiss for the token?" Xuefeng approached her and asked while pulling her into his embrace.

"Mhmm, a good one." Nuwa smiled seeing that he understood her too much. They traded for a long time as she didn't want to let him go, but having Yiren pressing her on, Nuwa had to let go of him.

"Come back quickly!" Were the last words Xuefeng and Yiren heard as they jumped down into the hole behind the throne. Yiren hugged Xuefeng tightly, feeling quite scared of the new experiences she is about to face, but as she stayed in Xuefeng's arms, her fear was disappearing quickly.


"Don't you think that you failed big this time? We have to tell father about it, maybe he can still revert it..." The old man recalled the situation that happened yesterday and once again tried to convince his partner to accept the reality.

"No! Father will definitely punish us heavily. I don't want to go back to Middle Heaven... The air is so nice and fresh here." The middle-aged man continued to hug his knees as he disagreed immediately.

"Sigh... If you admit your mistake before anything major happens then you can still be forgiven. If she creates trouble, then it will only create more problems for us..." The Old man sighed and tried to explain, but seeing that his partner didn't react he said, "Fine, if you do not want to tell father then I will."

"Nooo... We will fix this ourselves, okay?" The middle-aged man quickly cried out and hugged onto the old man legs while begging.

The old man folded his hands and said, "Give me one reason I should do that. I will take the blame as well if I do."

"... Oh, I know! That man was a loner and he didn't have any relationships with other people, so there was no one who could help him overcome the demons. Wuying, on the other hand, is deeply in love with Xuefeng. I bet that with his help she will succeed subduing this power. Isn't that logical?" The middle-aged man quickly thought of a solution to convince his companion and found one in the last second when the old man was on the verge of leaving.

"That is true... But what if you are wrong?" The old man thought about it but the risks were too much for them to handle.

"We will pay close attention and if proven wrong, we can always interfere and stop her in the end. We can always tell father when we can't hide it anymore. You know how the father is. We have one warning anyway. There is no way we will be staying here if you tell him." The middle-aged man continued to demonstrate his points that could prove his right. He saw the hope in the old man's hesitation, so he tried to push it further.

"Sigh... Fine. But I will be the one to decide when we can stop her. If she goes out of control, I'm going in." The old man sighed and finally agreed on one condition.

"Yes!" The middle-aged man agreed instantly.