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 When Xuefeng got back control over his body, the first thing he did was touch his lips. His brain still felt the sensation of Little Ming's kiss. Recalling her recent week of mischiefs, he kind of expected that she might do something that can break the line that existed between brother and sister.

'Sigh and here I thought I found a new little sister...' Xuefeng thought as he sighed.

Xuefeng looked at his wrist and the bracelet that he received from Little Ming was there. Just as in her space, he couldn't take it off as if it was glued to him.

'Hey Ling, I am back. Did you miss me?' Xuefeng asked playfully in his mind.

'No. But I had a nice three days break from you. Thank you for that.' Ling replied coldly which made him chuckle.

"Do you recognize this bracelet?' Xuefeng tried to figure out its origin but Ling's answer disappointed him as she didn't know.

'It just suddenly appeared on your wrist. I tested it but I couldn't get anything from it. If it was given to you by the Wisdom Tree Spirit then it should be precious.' Ling's explanation forced Xuefeng to drop the subject for now.

He didn't meet anyone waiting for him here, so he left the Wisdom Tree Cave. The Guards got already used to Xuefeng going in and out of their sacred place, so they didn't stop or bother him.

It was already night time, so he didn't waste any time and flew straight to the palace before landing on the balcony of Nuwa's throne room, hoping to catch her still awake. Just as he was about to enter, he heard someone flying towards him. He was unlucky today as just when he landed, he was spotted by the guards who were patrolling the sky during the night.

Normally, Xuefeng would sneak undetected but this time he actually forgot about it. He stood still and waited for them to land, showing how peaceful he was. He didn't want to fight as that would only bring him unnecessary trouble.

"Who are you?! Breaking into Queen's room and even worse, at night, is punishable by death!" The guards called out as they landed.

"I'm Princess Yiren Lover. You probably can recognize me already." Xuefeng replied as he created a fireball on top of his palm, illuminating his face.

The guards' faces softened when they saw it was Xuefeng, but they still didn't back down and looked at him suspiciously while one of them asked, "That still doesn't explain Sir's intrusion into Queen's Room during the night."

"Who is making so much noise?" Suddenly, before Xuefeng could find a way to respond, he heard Nuwa's question coming from the inside of the room and the doors soon opened. Nuwa only saw two guards' faces as Xuefeng was standing with his back towards her and she asked coldly, "Do you guys want to die?

The guards felt terrified seeing the angry Queen and they quickly dropped to their knees as they tried to explain with their eyes averted, "My Queen, we were just trying to..."

Unfortunately, their Queen didn't let them finish because when Xuefeng turned around and she saw it was her handsome hubby, she cried, "Xuefeng!", and threw herself into his arms. She was in her thin nightgown and her hair was wet which meant they just caught her walking out of her bath.

She instantly forgot about the guards who were next to her and started kissing Xuefeng's lips passionately as if she hadn't seen him for ages. She wrapped her legs around his waist while she hugged his neck. Xuefeng welcomed her with his own kisses and rubbed Nuwa's bottom as he lifted her up.

The guards who were looking to the ground to prevent themselves from seeing an almost naked Queen listened to the sound of two people making out and couldn't help but think, 'We are so dead...'

Just when they thought that they were goners, Xuefeng separated from Nuwa and said with desire, "Let's go inside..."

They thanked Goddess Mingshu for sparing their lives as they heard Xuefeng walking towards the palace, only to hear their Queen voice which brought their fear back, "You two, if you tell anyone, you are dead."

After closing the doors, they didn't even walk to the Queen's bedroom which was in the side room as Xuefeng sat down on the sofa, which was hidden from the balcony view while continuing to kiss her. For her, it was three days without any physical contact but for him, it was a month without any.

He could sense that the guards quickly ran away after they entered inside which enabled Xuefeng to fully commit himself to his woman. His hands were roaming all around her body as he left kisses everywhere on her neck and face.

"Huh... You are much more passionate today... Did you miss me this much?" Nuwa asked playfully as her heartbeat increased after Xuefeng took off her thin nightgown before beginning to strongly suck on her nipples. She could feel he was much more forceful than usual, but she liked this side of him.

"Yes... I didn't know about it, but when I felt your lips, I suddenly felt like wanting more..." Xuefeng lifted his head from Nuwa's breasts as he nodded and savoured her lips once again while leading her hands towards his crotch.

They instantly slipped into his pants as they grabbed onto his precious friend, feeling its thickness. After rubbing with both of her hands, it achieved its usual hardness which she was familiar with.

As Xuefeng continued to dance with his tongue inside her mouth, he slid down his pants with his free hand and when they were finally down, he couldn't wait anymore as his pent up energy was begging to be released.

He threw his beautiful woman on the sofa, forcing her to lay down on her belly before grabbing both of her butt cheeks without holding back on his strength. Fondling with them as if it was her bosom, Xuefeng dived with his face in between of them with his tongue ready for action.

As she walked they were firm and tight, but when he could play with them as she lied down, they were soft and squishy just as he loved them. Nuwa couldn't help but moan as his tongue slipped inside of her, tasting her love juices. She was fresh out of the shower after a long day of work which made her taste and smell well.

"Mhmm, so rough..." Nuwa moaned softly as she actually enjoyed when he began to forcefully eat her up. Feeling there was not enough room for them to fully enjoy themselves, Nuwa turned her head and asked happily, "How about we move to our bedroom?"

"No." Xuefeng declined as he sat back up and lifted her butt to match his waist height. He played with his staff around her entrance for a bit before thrusting all the way inside as he said, "I want you right now."

"Aaaghh, so deep!" Nuwa cried out immediately feeling Xuefeng's staff almost breaking into her womb. Her insides started pulsing as they tightly wrapped around the invader and she begged, "Please, wait for a moment..."

"Aaah!" Nuwa cried out right after when Xuefeng pulled out before thrusting inside strongly. With each push, he shaped her walls back to the way they used to be a few days ago. Her begging for him to slow down soon turn into a plea for more.

The room was filled with constant moans and the sounds of Xuefeng's slapping Nuwa's butt as he continued to pump onto her waist. Her bottom already turned red from his repeatable slaps but she didn't care as her body was slowly reaching ecstasy.

Suddenly, just as Nuwa and Xuefeng were about to reach their limit, they heard Yiren's voice behind them crying out happily, "Xuefeng!"

Right after that cry, Yiren threw herself at Xuefeng back while hugging him around the neck. With her weight and momentum, she pushed Xuefeng for the last thrust which turned out to be the last straw for him to burst.

While Xuefeng was pouring his seeds inside of Nuwa who lay powerless under the effect of her climax, her daughter tilted Xuefeng's head and planted a juicy welcome kiss on his lips. She was woken up by their connection and knew Xuefeng had to be back, so she rushed down to meet him. His arrival meant that her day of finally leaving the Holy Land to travel with him was just around the corner.