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 After Wuying received the rewards from passing the Blood Inheritance Trial, she was much more sensitive towards Blood Element and she could feel it all around her from the distance. Not only did she feel blood when it was on the ground, but also inside the bodies of other people. She was still testing, but it wasn't hard for her to manipulate it.

From the knowledge that entered into her brain in the shape of a golden ball, Wuying learned that this art was called Ranged Manipulation Blood Art and it allowed her to control the blood around her from the distance. The only problem was that it consumed lots of Blood Qi which wasn't easy to gather. She had to kill a lot of Spirit Beasts if she wanted to fill her dantian to the brim.

Wuying also received a guide with many uses and history of this art, which she studied the whole trip from the Central Region to the Eastern Region. She was surprised to learn that this art was the signature art of the famous mysterious assassin who was killing his victims without even touching them. This art worked by sending strands of Blood Qi towards the enemies and controlling them.

She was also presented with the pros and cons of this art which would help her to use it in the future. Basically, the art would be impossible to win against if the enemy cultivator was caught by surprise. If someone shielded himself with his Qi, blocking the access to his body then this art would be pretty useless.

Yan Zhi was caught because he didn't expect such an attack from her. She was mostly a close combat fighter, so he was feeling quite safe in the distance. With each second, the consumption was increasing which forced Wuying to lower the gap between them to decrease it.

"...Miss Wuying, I just tried to help..." Yan Zhi changed his tone, watching Wuying's red eyes. She didn't yet know that as she used this art, her eyes would slowly change its colour.

"You think that I will believe that? You wanted to take control over Shadow Guard before blackmailing me, right?" Wuying looked at him with a sneaky smile and observed his reactions. Being found out about his plans there was no way he could have no reaction at all in his body and even if he tried to hide it on the outside, he couldn't stop the changes in his body.

She could clearly detect the changes in his blood flow which made her confirm her theory. She planned to interrogate him until she was right, but she ended up guessing on the first try.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to deny she stopped him saying, "You don't need to lie, I got what I wanted. You might know how to lie but your body doesn't. You don't deserve to belong to the Shadow Guard and work for Young Master Xuefeng in the future. From now on, you are exiled from the Shadow Guard. You can go."

Every member around them gasped hearing Wuying judgement words. They didn't expect she would give him the worst punishment. Being kicked out of the most elite Shadow Guard was definitely shameful and one would turn into a laughing stock in the clan.

Yan Zhi was just as shocked as the others were. He knew that he couldn't escape heavy punishment but he also didn't expect it to be this severe. He was still young and full of ambition and without the resources provided to the Shadow Guards members, it would definitely take him longer to advance.

The shock turned into confusion before pretty quickly turning into anger. He worked so hard to enter the Shadow Guards, just to lose this life-changing chance with one stupid decision. He started looking at the other members for help, but each of them who were his close friend just a moment ago, avoided his gaze by turning their heads away.

"Wait!" Yan Zhi suddenly called out to Wuying who already turned her back towards him and was half-way to Xiao Wen making her stop.

"What did you mean by saying that I don't deserve to work for Young Master Xuefeng in the future? From what I know, Young Master Xuefeng has nothing to do with Shadow Guards. Are you telling us that we were going to become his servants this whole time?" Yan Zhi recalled Wuying's words and used them against her, while yelling to her one question after another, so everyone could hear his accusations.

Just as he wanted, the other members started whispering to each other discussing it. He wanted to use the crowd to make Wuying change her mind and his quick plan seemed to be slowly working. After all, who would want to bear the status of a servant? Shadow Guard was an elite task force which protected the clan, not private guards for the Young Master.

Wuying turned around and confirmed everything before asking the members with a cold gaze, "Yes. You will all work for Young Master Xuefeng in the future. You will be his army which shares his fate, in wealth but also in misfortune. Any problems? Does anyone object?". Those who looked at her still red eyes got shivers all around their bodies. Even if someone was against it, there was no one who would want to be the first to volunteer as that would make Wuying focus all anger on him.

Wuying looked back at Yan Zhi and asked with a smile, "See? Everyone is in favour of it. For your information, Young Master Xuefeng started cultivating only around four months ago and he already reached Spirit Lord stage. You should all be honoured to work for such a genius. Can't you see how high his potential is?"

The faces of Shadow Guard members who were down a moment ago suddenly brightened when they heard Wuying words. 'Spirit Lord Stage in four months?!' was the question everyone was asking themselves. It was definitely unbelievable and even Yan Zhi was embarrassed when he realised how fast that was. He only recently broke through to this stage, but he took almost ten years to achieve that.

To be honest, Wuying didn't know what stage he was at right now but with Xuefeng's speed, he was bound to reach at least Spirit Lord stage in the last three months.

Wuying turned her back towards Yan Zhi once again after leaving the words, "You have an hour to leave from the camp, or you will be killed for trespassing into the Shadow Guard camp."

This time, he couldn't endure his anger anymore and having no other choice, he exploded, "Fuck... What are you seeing in him?! This idiot plays with other women when you are away but you still blindly care about him! I would never be with other women if you chose me ins..." Boooom!

Just when Yan Zhi was about to finish his confession in front of everyone, Wuying red eyes shone with a red hue and she reached out forward with her hand. When her palm suddenly closed into a fist, everyone heard a blast and body parts of Yan Zhi flew everywhere.

The members of Shadow Guard were not that easy to scare but they still felt horrified when they saw the scene.

"No one can call my Xuefeng an idiot..." Wuying said coldly before she commanded, Clean up the mess and get back to training. Continue your everyday routine until I give you new orders."

"Yes, Leader!" Every Shadow Guard member called out in unison, without any any more worries about who their leader was.