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 When Xiao Wen cried out while reading the letter, everyone on the street looked at her weirdly, but they didn't dare to say that she was too loud. She had a rank six tiger mount, who would be brave enough to face her?

"What did your father say? Are there any details on Xuefeng's assassination attempt?" Wuying whispered to Xiao Wen trying not to leak anything to the public as Xiao Wen did just now.

"I'm sorry for yelling," Xiao Wen apologized quietly before continuing, "But I know the one who tried to assassinate Xuefeng. He is a bastard who uses his power for killing people. I didn't bother him earlier as he is almost at my skill level but I guess I will have to fight him now. Father says that he might still be hiding somewhere in the eastern region, so I have to protect Xuefeng for the time being. Sigh..."

"Can you beat that guy?" Wuying asked worriedly. She knew how strong Xiao Wen was.

"Of course, I can. And if I use a certain method there is no way he can run away from me. The problem is that I would have to go back to the central region and it would probably take more than a month till our fight. He could come here when I am gone before going on a rampage here. So I just need to get rid of him when I find him here. He is not protected when he is in the Eastern Region." Xiao Wen nodded with confidence and explained the situation.

Wuying didn't understand some of the things, but she didn't delve deeper. All that mattered for he was that Xuefeng will be fine with Xiao Wen here. She didn't know how much Xuefeng's strength had increased, but it shouldn't be much more than when he got attacked by Thousand Blades.

"As long as Xuefeng is fine, then I don't care about the method used. If you are staying in the end, then you can follow me as I do some chores. Someone is revolting in my Shadow Guard that I created for Xuefeng." Wuying said with a smile. Her intention was to pass the Shadow Guard to Xuefeng so he has a small army to support him in the future, but now someone tried to ruin her plans. She was very interested who that was.

"Okay, I have nothing else to do until Xuefeng come back anyway. Let's hop on Lulu and you will lead the way." Xiao Wen shrugged as she jumped onto Lulu back. She was up for any entertainment and she sniffed a good fight by following Wuying.

They flew into the air and Wuying led her towards the Shadow Guard camp which was exactly in the middle of Liu Clan Territory. Shadow Guards needed to have access to every spot of the clan in case something like an enemy attack were to happen. They didn't bother to enter through the doors and just flew straight towards the middle of the camp.

Seeing that an unknown beast was about to land in the camp, every Shadow Guard immediately prepared themselves for battle. Only when the beast landed and they saw their previous leader on its back, did they lower their weapons.

"Welcome back Leader!" One of the nearest Shadow Guards called out and approached to greet her. Not everyone was in favour of the new self-proclaimed leader, and they were happy that Wuying finally returned.

Wuying nodded to the loyal men as her face turned into a cold one and asked them after she dropped to the ground from Lulu back, "Can you tell me what is going on? When I go train my skills, you allow someone to make a mess? I want to see who is this brave."

The Shadow Guards who didn't greet their old leader started to sweat seeing the cold look on Wuying's face. They could feel that Wuying was somehow different and probably even stronger after her training. In addition to her, there was also her friend who they knew as Miss Wen and her mount which was enough to kill them all.

Seeing the situation they were in, some made an immediate decision to change sides before it was too late, so they walked forward and cried. "It was Yan Zhi, leader! He forced his rule on us just cause he is stronger than us. We didn't have a choice but to submit."

"Yeah, we were just following him while waiting for the Leader to come back. Miss Wuying is the only rightful Leader." After the first one jumped ship, everyone else followed suit and started putting their blame on Yan Zhi.

'Bastards. You were the one who wanted me to lead you.' Hearing his new subordinates blame him, Yan Zhi, who was hiding, couldn't help but curse under his breath. He decided to take over the Shadow Guard completely so he could blackmail Wuying later. He would give back the leadership to Wuying on the condition that she become his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, his plan didn't work as he didn't expect Wuying to come back this fast and he didn't convert every member to his side yet. Analyzing the situation, there was nothing else he could do, other than adapting his plans.

Before anyone else decides to voice their opinion, Yan Zhi walked forward and called out, "Wuying, don't listen to them. I was just keeping the Shadow Guard working in the best condition possible so when you came back, you would find everything in good order. Didn't I do a good j..."

Just before he could finish, he suddenly felt a pressure in his blood, as if he wasn't in control of it anymore. He looked at Wuying and saw her hand reached out and aimed in his direction. 'Is this her doing?' Yan Zhi thought as he tried to move but couldn't lift his legs.

'This will be interesting to watch.' Xiao Wen sat down comfortable on Lulu back and looked at the scene interested. She wondered what Arts one could get from the Blood Inheritance.

Wuying walked forward towards the immobile Yan Zhi with her sharp gaze on him and asked coldly, "You called me what? I never allowed you to call me by my name without any honorifics."