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 "It is so boring here... When do you think Xuefeng will come back from his training?" The middle-aged man sighed as he watched the Liu Clan from the sky. He and his partner had been there for the last few days but there was nothing that was going on here.

"It should be very soon. Stop whining and enjoy your break. Do you want to go back to the Middle-heaven once again? The air here is so fresh. Mhmmm..." The old man said with his eyes closed while he continued to relax on the chair he had made from a cloud. He enjoyed the warmth of the sun and his free time.

"Sigh, I wished my favourite Wuying came back already so there is something interesting going on. I wonder if she will master the arts we gave her." The middle-aged man sighed once again and looked into the horizon.

"Not 'we', it was 'you' who acted on your own. Don't think I forgot about your attempt to frame me earlier." The old man corrected him.

"Shhh, I think I see someone coming pretty fast, and it's in our direction." Suddenly the middle-aged man shushed his partner and squinted his eyes to identify the object coming from the distance.

The old man finally opened his eyes and followed his companion's line of sight. He could only see a Spirit Beast flying at a high speed towards them so he didn't worry and laid back down to relax once more, "There is no way they can see us anyway..."

"Haha, my prayers were answered! It's Wuying and Xiao Wen that are coming back. I recognize that white tiger beast. Finally, something interesting will be happening." The middle-aged man laughed and got excited when he realised who was coming.

Only the middle-aged man was happy as the old man could only sigh, "Geez, and there goes my break..."


"We are almost back. If you look into the distance you can already see the outline of the city. You will finally meet him. " Xiao Wen turned towards Wuying as she informed her after looking at the horizon and found her smiling to herself from ear to ear and said, "Can you stop smiling like an idiot...?"

"I just can't help it... It has been three months since we have seen each other. Every time I think of him, my lips curve into a smile. He is my sunshine that warms my heart every day..." Wuying said while imagining Xuefeng's handsome face. She pictured the scene of their reunion many times and in each of them she would run up to him before throwing herself into his arms while kissing him for hours.

"Cough, cough... Please stop or I will puke..." Xiao Wen pretended to be coughing at Wuying's sweet words before looking into the sky and saying, "For me, men are just there to satisfy our desires. I've never felt the love you are feeling..."

Wuying hugged Xiao Wen from behind and assured her, "Don't worry. You will meet the one someday, and the moment you see him you will know that he is the one."

"How do I know if he is the one? What if I misunderstand my feelings and miss the chance?" Xiao Wen asked as she held Wuying's hands. They have become really close after all the time they have spent travelling together.

"Don't worry. You will know. When you will look at his smile, you will feel warm in your chest. When he speaks, you will feel like your mind is going blank. If you think of him all the time and wonder what he is doing while at the same time not being able to get rid of him from your mind, then it means you love him." Wuying explained the definition based on her own experience.

Wuying knew she loved Xuefeng even before he could cultivate and after his accident, her love for him increased even more. He changed for the better making her fall deeper for him.

"Hmm... We will see. I wonder when that will happen..." Xiao Wen thought for a moment before she decided to leave it to fate. Feeling her tigress, Lulu, lowering her flight altitude, she said while holding onto her mount herself, "We are going to land soon. Hold onto me tightly as I will turn off the barrier."

"Okay!" Wuying nodded while thinking, 'Xuefeng, I'm coming...'


"I can't find Xuefeng, did he depart somewhere again?" Wuying arrived at Liu Xiaobei's study and this was her first question. She first came to Xuefeng's courtyard but she couldn't find anyone inside. Even Tianshi was not here so Xuefeng must have come back before leaving somewhere else.

"Oh, Wuying, welcome back. Yeah, he was still here about four days ago but then something happened and he went back to that holy land. He should be coming very soon I suppose." Liu Xiaobei lifted his head from the desk and welcomed Wuying while answering her question. Recalling the purpose of her travel, he didn't forget to ask curiously, "Was your trip successful?"

Hearing that Xuefeng was not anywhere near, her mood turned sour but she didn't show that on her face. She smiled gently and replied, "Yes, it was successful. I passed the trials and gained a huge boost in strength. Uncle, I will go back, for now, Xiao Wen is waiting for me outside."

"Don't worry, take your time to rest. You worked hard. Welcome Miss Wen for me... Oh, I just recalled. If you could visit the Shadow Guard camp on your way back that would be great. Because of your long break, they decided to pick someone else to be their leader with the majority of votes. They said you stopped caring about the Shadow Guard and all you think of is Xuefeng. I left it for you to decide what to do." Liu Xiaobei informed her as he recalled the pressing issue he faced a few days ago.

Hearing Clan Leader's words Wuying's eyes turned cold and she left after leaving the words, "I will take care of it."

Just as she wondered where she can improve her mood, Liu Xiaobei saved her by giving her a perfect opportunity. There was nothing better to do to release stress than to beat up a few of her subordinates. While waiting for Xuefeng to come back she could busy her mind with testing her new Blood Qi Arts.

When Wuying left the Clan Leader mansion, Xiao Wen asked while rubbing Lulu behind her ears, "What did he say? Is Xuefeng back?" Many Clansmen who walked on the streets of Liu Clan territory were taking a big detour around the tigress as she was emitting a pressure than didn't allow them to come closer.

She was a rank six Spirit Beast which was on the verge of breaking through so it was no wonder that normal cultivators couldn't stand her pressure. Lulu didn't hide her presence and Xiao Wen didn't even think of stopping her.

"No, he is not. Xuefeng came back for a few days, before going back to that space he was trapped not long ago." Wuying passed on the news she got from the Clan Leader.

"Oh, so he can actually go back in there? I guess I need to read the report that my father sent me before I go back." Xiao Wen asked surprised and pulled out a letter which she had received from her father's servant, but still had not looked through its content.

It hasn't been a moment since she started reading when she cried, "Whaaaat? I now have to babysit him because of the Thousand Blade attack?! That bastard... I spared him from the challenge and now he dares to assassin my friends?!"