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 After the whole event ended, everyone in the Phoenix city was informed about it one way or another. The news would spread anyway, so Liu Xiaobei decided they might as well not hide anything and tell everyone about the event. He only needed to tell the crowd in front of the main gate what happened, and they would do the rest for him.

The next day, everyone in the city was talking about the event and especially about the two high ranked talents, that appeared out of nowhere. One was a ten years old girl called Liu Mei and the second happened to be Liu Clan's Young master, Liu Xuefeng. One created a Purple Heaven Phenomenon and the second one increased his Talent from Red to Black with a super rare Six Petals Lotus Flower.

Because of that, he angered the heavens and triggered Heavenly Tribulation. Everyone believed that he really found the legendary Six petals Lotus Flower. Some cursed at his luck, some were jealous, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Before the people relaxed after the news, they got shocked by the other piece of news that reached their ears. Only a day after Liu Clan's Spirit Awakening Ceremony, the biggest trading firm in the Eastern Region, the Trade Union, decided to form a business relationship with the Liu Clan. This partnership will also include the military help of another party if any side descends into trouble.

This news was even crazier than the appearance of two new high-ranked talents. What does that mean exactly? It means that whoever messes with Liu Clan, is going against the giant Trade Union. Even the Azure Dragon Empire doesn't dare to offend the Trade Union.

Inside the Golden Phoenix Restaurant, cultivators on every floor were talking about the recent news.

"Do you think that the story about the Six Petals Lotus Flower is true?"

"Maybe or maybe not. It's not like we can go knock on Liu Clan's doors and confirm the matter. With the help of the Trade Union, even the Kingdom have to think twice before doing anything to them."

"Fuck, if only I was lucky enough to find a flower like that, I wouldn't have to do those shitty missions every day."

"Don't complain, it's already good enough that we can earn a living with so many cultivators in the city."

"Well, you are right. Because many of the cultivators present in the crowd near the Liu Clan's entrance yesterday, broke through. We will have higher ranked missions left, as they will be scouted by other powers and will ignore a place like the Mission Board in the future."

"Eh, if only I was there with everyone. We missed such a great opportunity."

"Yeah, that's unfortunate."

Conversations like that were very common that day.

Although the whole city was busy, that wasn't the situation for everyone.

In Xuefeng's courtyard, there was peace and silence. You could hear regular breathing in Xuefeng's room as Xuefeng was busy sleeping until he was woken up by Wuying. He was tired from yesterday's events, but he couldn't resist when his opponent was his predecessor's lover.

Yesterday, when Wuying vanished with him from the hall, he appeared in a black space where he couldn't see anything. He subconsciously hugged the person who was holding him. Even though he couldn't see, he could feel. His face was hugging something soft and he could even hear a hurried heartbeat from the person's chest.

Feeling good, he didn't change his position and asked: "Wuying, is that you?"

"Yes..." He heard a shy answer in the void.

"Where are we?" He asked confused.

"We will be in your room is a second. Just don't let go..." She tried to finish the sentence but got embarrassed when she felt his cheek ran across her nipple.

"Okay!" He said after he hugged her closer. He can always blame it on the dark later.

After a few more seconds, they suddenly appeared in Xuefeng's room. Seeing the colours back in his vision, he separated from Wuying. He turned to look at her but there was a black hood covering her face.

"What's with that getup?" He asked checking out her black fighting robe.

Wuying put down her hood and he saw a black mask on her face. She unlaced the mask on the back of her head and a red face, with an angry expression, surfaced.

"You did that on purpose?" She asked but her voice didn't sound angry. Xuefeng noticed that she was only trying to fake it by putting an enraged face.

"Well, I couldn't see anything, it was all an accident." He scratched his head and acted dumb.

She waved her hand to forget about the situation, and after a moment asked worriedly. "Are you mad at me?"

"About what?" Xuefeng asked confused.

"That I didn't tell you that I belong to the Shadow Guard..." She said dejectedly.

"Why would I be mad at you? It's so cool." He said as it was nothing serious.

"Eh?" Wuying's worried face froze.

"You know that every Shadow Guard member is a killer?" She asked confused.

"Did all people you killed deserved death?" He answered with a question.


"Then there is no problem. People kill each other often in this world, right? If you are not a bloodthirsty maniac, then I don't mind." Xuefeng already understood the cruelty of this world.

She sniffled quietly, tears threatening to spill from her eyes as she smiled bitterly.

"All these years, I was so worried you would hate me for that. Haha..." She wiped her eyes, causing them to redden. She started laughing at her stupid thoughts.

Seeing her crying Xuefeng somehow felt bad. He didn't like when girls cry, so he hugged her to calm her down.

She placed her head on his chest. After she calmed down, she left him alone, so he could rest.

After that situation from yesterday, Wuying looked much more relaxed around him.

Today, when she woke him up, she was in an excellent mood.

"Xuefeng, get ready. Your parents asked you to meet them. They are waiting in the study room." She dragged him from the bed by the legs, he didn't have a chance to fight back.

"Couldn't you be gentler?" He asked as he stood up from the floor.

After a good night of sleep, he was full of energy. He looked at the robe and the breakfast Wuying prepared for him and thought 'This life might not actually be that bad."

"I prepared a bath for you. Do you want to clean yourself?" She asked blushed as she looked at his almost naked body. He was only sleeping in his underwear.

"Yeah, that would be great." He hadn't washed in like two days. Even though as a cultivator, he can use Spirit Qi to clean himself, he was a normal person just the day before. He usually washed once a day on earth, so he already felt the urge to bathe. It's hard to fight your habits.

"Okay, then I will wait for you here. Don't take too long." She sat on the bed, prepared to wait for him.

When he went through the side door, he noticed a bathtub filled with hot water. He undressed and entered the bathtub.

Wuying who was left in the main room turned red.

'What will he do, If I tell him I can see through the walls...' She thought embarrassed as she disconnected her Spirit Vision.

Inside the bathtub, Xuefeng closed his eyes and appeared with his mind inside his dantian. He touched his Spirit and his mind entered Fate Fragment space.

'Good morning, Xuefeng. I didn't want to wake you up. Glad you came on your own.' He was greeted with a sweet teenage voice.

"Good morning... Ah, what should I call you? It's weird to call you Fate Fragment." He asked.

'Friends used to call me Ling, you can call me like that too.' Ling answered.

"Okay, then Ling it is. Tell me, Ling, what's the situation I'm in." He asked the most important question at the start.