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 Xuefeng thought that his new little sister would forgive him after a few minutes but that didn't happen and for the next few hours, he was being pushed to the limits while barely surviving each time. Before he thought about this idea, he didn't think that she would dislike it so much.

'I guess I will have to ask her to forgive me... It might have been rude to ask her to be my sister in the end. If I asked Liu Mei to be my sister, she would definitely be happy...' Xuefeng thought as he impaled the last shadow with his Black Flames Slayer.

After he improved the control over his Qi, he could turn off the flames on the blade as to not waste too much Spirit Qi. Xuefeng also thought about using other types of elemental Qi with his sword and it turned out he could still convert all of them into black flames, and if he connected different elements together, the flame would be even stronger.

Of course, he didn't use them too much in his training as that would be pointless and instead focused on other spells and arts to master the usage of everything. The whole battlefield was a mess as he was using the terrain to fight. There were spikes coming out of the ground and holes with the water he used in his attacks.

"Little Ming, let's end for today. I'm quite tired already." Xuefeng admitted seeing another shadow started spawning in the distance. Fortunately, Little Ming wasn't angry enough at him to force him into a new fight and listened to him. His surroundings reset and he appeared back in his home.

"Hey, I want to talk to you about, somethi..." Xuefeng took a deep breath and called out to Little Ming, thinking of apologising, but then suddenly, he felt something run into him while wrapping around his chest.

Just when he looked down as saw delicate hands hugging him, he heard Little Ming crying out, "Welcome back brother~!"

Xuefeng certainly didn't expect such welcome from her. He was just about to apologise for his earlier actions but now she acted as if nothing had happened. She was also rubbing her cheeks against his back while tightening her embrace.

"I thought you were mad?" Xuefeng asked confused as he turned around and patted her on the head as she hugging him once again.

"Why would I be mad at my brother? I love my brother!" Little Ming looked up with her big eyes and smiled cutely before hugging Xuefeng more. Her hair was tied into two side ponytails with pink ribbons and she also had two heart-shaped marks under her eyes which made her look even cuter than before.

"What happened earlier then? You almost killed me with today's training..." Xuefeng asked suspiciously. She definitely wasn't this happy before.

"Nothing happened... Why would you think like that? I just wanted to push you a little bit further today... Come sit down on the bed. Let your little sister give you a shoulder massage." Little Ming denied by shaking her head cutely, before she pushed him towards the bed, making him sit down and climbed behind him to give him a massage.

'Damn, he almost discovered me. I need to be more natural. Don't worry, you will not be able to resist my cuteness anymore soon, hehe.' She thought right after.


Back when Little Ming thought of an idea to use her cuteness to her advantage she decided to investigate further and educate herself, so her act will be believable. She already knew that the best place to learn about such stuff was from Xuefeng's memory.

Earlier when she was scanning Xuefeng's brain, she found a nice studying material that was describing her current problem perfectly. Little Ming quickly made a copy of the book she found and teleported onto Xuefeng's bedroom. She lied down on the bed and started reading.

"Hmmm, they call it manga... It was a book that Xuefeng read a few times so he must have liked it..." She said to herself while seeing the first chapter. It was a comics book that was introducing her to a family where a pretty little sister was in love with her older brother, but she didn't know how to express herself.

"Oh, so I need to slowly make him love me before I can surprise him with a sneak attack... Wait... Why is she licking his..." Little Ming commented as she read about the little sister advances in the book before she finally reached the end when the real actions started and couldn't help but throw the book away while crying, "Pervert!"


That didn't make her change her plans but she still adjusted her approach. She was not yet ready to act this fast. She decided to start with the first stage and leave the second one for later.

"What are you doing?" Xuefeng asked with his voice raised as he grabbed Little Ming's hands in time when she tried to lift his shirt up. They were very soft and pleasant to the touch, but that only distracted him for a brief second.

"I just wanted to give you a shoulder massage... Don't you need to be shirtless for that? I never had a brother, so I don't know what to do..." Hearing his question, Little Ming suddenly lowered her head and her voice quietened down to almost a whisper.

"I just wanted to help you... sob..." In the end, she even pulled her hands away and covered her face, crying. Xuefeng instantly turned around and felt bad. He thought, 'Did she really just want to help?'

"I'm sorry for doubting you... I can let you continue... Little Ming?" Xuefeng couldn't help but pat her on the head while apologising. He realised that he is doing that a lot more often recently but he just couldn't stand if a woman was crying because of him.

"Can I really?" Little Ming asked as she wiped her eyes, getting rid of her tears.

"Yes, go ahead." Xuefeng nodded and turned around while taking off his shirt for her. He felt it was weird at the start as he didn't have any love interest towards her and only thought of her as a sister. He was telling himself that there wasn't anything bad about giving massage to a sibling.

"Okay!" Little Ming exclaimed happily seeing she succeeded and touched Xuefeng's tensed up muscles. Her hands were pretty small compared to the size of his back and shoulder, but she was making up for it with her strength. She could make Xuefeng feel pressure on the spots she wanted and make his muscles feel relaxed.

To do that, Little Ming used Yiren's method of massaging by spreading an aromatic oil on Xuefeng's shoulder with even strokes before using her palms and fingers while imitating Yiren's moves.

Xuefeng was already tired from earlier training, so it didn't take long for him to actually close his eyes and enjoy before falling asleep from the relaxation.

"Good night, brother..." Little Ming said after laying Xuefeng on the bed and kissing him on the cheek. Just as she wanted to walk away and disappear, her eyesight landed on Xuefeng's crotch. She immediately recalled the perverted stuff she saw inside Xuefeng's book which made her blush and she vanished out of the room.