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 When Xuefeng looked at the lady behind him, he was instantly shocked. He didn't exactly know what he actually expected, but it was definitely something else compared to reality. In his imagination, Little Ming was supposed to be a heavenly being that wore a long white dress like an angel and has heaven-defying mature beauty but instead, he saw a cute teen.

Little Ming, in the end, didn't change her outfit much and bet on her cute look to win over Xuefeng. The only addition to her pink hoodie with cute rabbit ears were a pair of white sneakers and colourful knee socks. She didn't have a skirt underneath her hoodie or at least it wasn't visible as it only reached down to her thighs.

"Wow..." Xuefeng couldn't help but call out one more time as the surprise was too high and he approached her while exclaiming, "You are so cute!"

Little Ming's cheeks were already rosy from embarrassment before she showed herself to him but after she heard Xuefeng's comment, they turned bright red and she looked even cuter. Her small hands were hugging the corners of her hoodie while her eyes looked down, not daring to look towards Xuefeng.

Her long white hair was released this time as they fell gently onto her chest. She wanted to look more mature but still retain her cuteness, so she quickly looked through Xuefeng's beauty preferences and changed her style accordingly. She knew that it was cheating but she didn't mind if that could help her achieve her goals.

Xuefeng already walked up to her and lifted his hand on instinct to pat Little Ming's head as he almost couldn't hold himself back from patting such cute creature, but he regained his senses in the last moment and stopped a few inches away.

"Can I pat you on the head?" Xuefeng asked awkwardly as he looked towards her. She was shorter than him, but she still reached his chest. In Earth standards, she would easily match girls that were around fifteen or sixteen years old with her height.

When he first saw her, he didn't feel emotions that one would feel towards a woman which one wanted to be with but rather emotions a brother would have towards his sister. Seeing her petite figure and cute outfit, he just wanted to hug her and pat her on the head. He regretted right after he said it, but it was already too late.

"Mhmm..." Little Ming nodded instead of getting mad as he had expected and lowered her hood while looking at Xuefeng's face. She fixed her hair that was falling onto her almond eyes and gently licked her thin lips. Hearing her agreement, he lowered his hand and finally patted her head.

Her hair was so soft to the touch that he couldn't help but give her more than a few rubs as a brother would do to his sister which made quite a mess of her hair, but she didn't mind.

"You look so cute in this hoodie," Xuefeng admitted after he retracted his hand. He wasn't that shameless to ask for a hug and just wanted to satisfy his inner adoration for cuteness.

"Did you copy it from the one Tianshi had? I somehow recall it from somewhere. Those sneakers and kneesocks too. So cute." Xuefeng asked finding the resemblance in her outfit but he just thought that she made them from his memories and not based on his personal feelings, so he didn't mind.

"Do you like it? I wore it especially for you..." Little Ming's eyes brightened as she happily said before doing a spin, showing her whole outfit. She was holding onto her hoodie this whole time, but when she did a spin, she lifted her hands upwards and the bottom part raised.

Fortunately, she caught it in the last second before Xuefeng could see anything that was beneath it. Little Ming looked at Xuefeng to check how would he react to that, but she was disappointed to not see any reactions on his face. He acted as if he didn't even think about looking under her hoodie dress.

"Oh!" Suddenly Xuefeng exclaimed as if he thought of something and he asked excitedly, "How about you become my sister?! I always wanted to have a cute little sister!"

"What...?" Little Ming smile froze on her face as she asked him not sure if she heard correctly. Her doll-like skin returned to its normal colour as the red disappeared.

"I asked if you want to be my little sister? Don't you want an older brother?" Xuefeng repeated his question, looking at her weirdly. He didn't think it was odd to become brother and sister. They already spent lots of time together, so it might be a little awkward for him to ask, but he still would like to have such a sister.

"..." Little Ming looked down with her white face as she tried to hide her twitching smile and thought for a moment before she took a deep breath and looked back at Xuefeng with a gentle smile, saying, "Why not... Brother..."

"Great!" Xuefeng exclaimed before he reached out to rub Little Ming on the head once again, but she dodged this time and said, "The break is over, get ready to fight."

In the next second, she vanished and Xuefeng's surroundings started to change. Before he could even get ready and prepare, five shadows appeared in the circle, blocking his every direction of escape and immediately started their assault.

Xuefeng quickly dodged the spells that were shot towards him and started running as he cried stupefied, "What the heck!" He could feel that even if Little Ming agreed, she definitely wasn't happy. Unfortunately, Xuefeng didn't have time to think about it further as the shadows were already on him.

"Damn him... Sister? Really? I will give him sister... How would he even think of that?" Little Ming puffed her cheeks as her face darkened, recalling Xuefeng request. She definitely didn't want to become Xuefeng's sister.

As she walked left and right, trying to figure out the solution, she suddenly stopped and asked herself, "Wait... What if I can use it? Hmmmmm..."