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 Xuefeng had a nice dream in which he returned back to the Earth. Or that's what he thought. Xuefeng started pinching himself over and over again but he still felt pain and everything as if this was not a dream and he actually returned to earth.

He looked around his surroundings and it turned out he was inside the hospital, lying on the hospital bed. He was chained to the bed with thick chains with his wrist and ankles bandaged. He could feel great pain coming from those spots.

'Was this all a dream?' Xuefeng asked himself. There was no one else inside the room with only his bed in the middle. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming from the outside and he could see the voice of a doctor talking.

"Ma'am, there is basically nothing we can do about your boyfriend's condition. Every day he shouts gibberish while pretending he is in some fantasy world. I think he might have brain damage due to the fall and he is imagining everything in his mind. He is also very active sexually as he sometimes moans in the evenings and every morning as if he was doing some, cough, exercises in his mind." The doctor said.

"Uh, okay. Thank you for your time." The lady called out and entered the room before approaching the bed. Xuefeng was pretending to sleep so he was quite panicked.

"Eh, its April the first today. How about you wake up and say April Fools to me?" Tianshi asked with a tear in her eye while laughing to herself.

"APRIL FOOLS!" Xuefeng suddenly opened his eyes and cried out happily!

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Xuefeng had an amazing sleep that night as he dreamed about only nice things. He dreamed of being back in his family home and spending a nice evening with them. Too bad it had to end as he returned to reality. There was no way he could ever meet with them once again, but he still enjoyed it.

He sometimes thought of the Earth and how everyone he knew there was doing, so maybe that was the reason for such a dream.

"Good morning, Xuefeng." Just when Xuefeng got out of the bed, he heard a sweet female voice calling out to him from every direction which caused him to smile and reply, "Good morning, Little Ming. Are you ready for the next session of our training?"

Little Ming laughed and said, "Haha, it is me who is supposed to ask that question. I'm always ready as I don't need to sleep."

"So you are also a Spirit like Ling is, right?" Xuefeng asked out loud as he started stretching his body.

"Hmm, not telling you..." Little Ming thought for a moment before decided to keep any information a secret for now and informed him, "Come, the time is short. I can only increase the time here for a month until it will return to normal time-flow, so you better use this time properly."

"Oh, then we'd better get started then." Xuefeng called out and in the next second, he was transported towards the simulation room.

This was the way how Xuefeng would proceed every day for the next two weeks. He would wake up, then train for the whole day, before falling asleep from tiredness. Inside Little Ming's space, Xuefeng was only operating with mental energy and that needed some time to regenerate.

During the first few days, Xuefeng was learning many things about how to use different surroundings to his advantage, while combining different elements in his attacks. For example, inside the Volcano region which Little Ming created, Xuefeng was trying to combine Fire Qi and Earth Qi. He would manipulate lava with his assault while managing Earth for his defence.

Only after two weeks, did the testing inside the different regions work out, and Xuefeng could finally start facing multiple opponents at the same time, while also combining his sword techniques together with different arts. He had many different ideas, and this was the time he could use his brain to the fullest as failure had no consequences.

After his last fight inside the mixed environment with all possible nature Essence around him, Xuefeng was dead tired and couldn't help but sit down on the ground. It was his third attempt to beat his opponent as the shadow was just too sneaky by using different spells to trick him and mask its real objective.

Only on his third attempt did he finally learn all different ways which can be used to beat him and he won. Little Ming laughed and teased Xuefeng, "Hehe, do you need a break for a moment? That last fight seemed a little too much for you."

They were often chatting together during the breaks and Xuefeng couldn't say anything bad about her. Other than teasing him a lot, she was very nice to talk to.

"Yeah, but I finally beat him, so it is all that matters. I will try to fight against the same shadow once again later just to be sure." Xuefeng nodded not a bit ashamed that he struggled a lot with this win. He was after all still during his training so he could afford to lose.

"Mhmm, with this win, you officially passed the first stage of our training. I honestly thought that it would take you much longer but you somehow made it in only two weeks. You worked hard." Little Ming praised.

"Where is my prize then?" Xuefeng asked as he recalled something.

"What prize?" Little Ming asked baffled.

"You agreed to show yourself if I work hard. It is time to fulfil your promises." Xuefeng smiled and reminded her of the agreement they had made just before they started Xuefeng's training.

"Whaaa... I don't know what are you talking about..." Little Ming called out surprised as if she didn't know what Xuefeng was saying, but on her face, there was a panic visible as she thought, 'Aaaa, what am I going to do now... Would he like me like this? Or maybe I should change my dress...'

Little Ming looked down at the oversized pink hoodie she liked so much, and didn't know if she should change into something sexier or just stay cute like this. She had the body of a teen so it was still a viable option to dress nicely. She recalled some dresses from Xuefeng's world which would match her but still wasn't sure.

"Don't try to lie, I remember exactly what you said. Do you want me to repeat them?" Xuefeng smirked and asked looking into the sky. He was getting more and more curious the more time he spent with her, so he wouldn't waste such an opportunity.

"Ah, okay! But close your eyes first!" Little Ming called out while Xuefeng's surroundings began to change as he appeared on the ground next to the Wisdom Tree. He closed his eyes just as she demanded earlier, and a moment later, he could hear someone sneaking up towards him.

When little Ming walked up behind him and after a moment of silence, she called out quietly "You can turn around..."

"Okay, I'm turning... Wow..." Xuefeng didn't know why but he was getting excited as he did not know what to expect and when he finally turned around, he saw her for the first time. His mouth couldn't help but turn into an "O" shape from surprise.